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Is it Safe to Travel to Greece Right Now?

Table of Content
Table of Content
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If anyone thought that 2020 or 2021 would be their year, they had another thing coming! Everyone and their dog knows that the last couple of years have been tough to deal with. The lockdowns, restrictions, and the constant anxiety over the Coronavirus outspread have taken a stroll on everyone. 

It has been a stressful period and, even though the pandemic is not over yet, there are many ways you can ensure your safety when traveling, so you and your loved ones can enjoy the summer vacation you so desperately need and deserve! 

Here is all the information you need in order to travel to Greece safely and explore it thoroughly right now! 

Entering the country

Entering Greece - credits: gtp.gr

Greece is a dreamy destination and with the end of the national lockdown, tourists from the EU, USA, UK, and Schengen Area are welcome to visit and enjoy the crystal clear seas and sandy coasts, without the need of quarantine upon their arrival. 

There are, however, some restrictions in place. In order to enter the country you need to provide either: 

  • a vaccination certificate,
  • a certificate for testing positive for Covid19 in the past 30 to 190 days,
  • a negative Covid-19 PCR certificate from a testing laboratory, for a test taken no later than 72 hours before arrival,
  • or a negative antigen (rapid) certificate taken no longer than 48 hours before arrival. 

The testing is mandatory for all unvaccinated tourists, including children over the age of 12. 

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Keep in mind though that, no matter the type of your certification, you are still eligible for a random health screening, during your debarkation. If selected, you are obliged to do the screening, otherwise, you will be denied entry to Greece. 

Last but not least, you should complete the Passenger Locator Form, which contains the details of your point of departure, the duration of previous stays in other countries, and the address of your stay while in Greece. 

Domestic flights

Domestic flights - credits: gtp.gr

Same with international flights, if you want to fly to one of the beautiful Greek islands you need to present either a vaccination certificate, issued by a public authority or a Covid19 recovery certificate, issued at least 30 days after you tested positive. 

If you have neither, then you are required to present a negative COVID-19 test with a PCR test, performed within the last 72 hours prior to the scheduled travel time, or with a rapid antigen test within the last 48 hours before the scheduled travel time.

Domestic ferries

Domestic ferries - credits: gtp.gr

In case you want to travel to an island from the Greek mainland via ferry, you need to fill out and sign the Health Statement form, in an either digital or print version. Same as before, you need to provide any type of the above-stated certifications, proving that you are safe and healthy. 

Friendly reminder that you are required to wear a protective face mask during your trip, both inside and outside of the ferry. 

Know before you go 

Greece - credits: wallpaperflare.com

1. Face masks are not required in outdoor areas.

2. You are free to visit any archaeological site or museum, as they operate with reduced capacity.

3. You need to wear a protective face mask when you use any type of public transportation. 

4. You also need to wear a protective face mask when you enter a public space such as a supermarket or store, or any enclosed space, for that matter. 

5. There are restrictions in place for nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. If you want to enjoy a meal or a drink outside, restaurants and cafes are serving only seated customers at 85% capacity and 10 customers per table.

6. When it comes to inside dining, you might come across some restaurants, bars, cafes, or cinemas with a ‘covid-free’ sign. In that case, the establishment serves only customers with a vaccination or recovery form. Establishments with a ‘mixed space’ sign serve both customers with immunity (vaccination, recovery) and those who can present a negative covid testing (PCR or rapid). 

7. You are free to enjoy an open-air cinema or a live theatre or music show as they operate with reduced capacity.

8. Please keep in mind that the fine for not wearing a mask in areas where it is required or not keeping required social distancing is 300 euros. The fine for non-compliance with mandatory quarantine is 5000 euros, in addition to possible arrest.

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Final Thoughts

Don't let the media panic deter you from visiting the destination of dreams! You can now travel safely and responsibly to and around Greece without missing out on the dreamy sunsets and shimmering beaches.

Staying safe during your trip is very important, so you can fully enjoy the beauty and fun Greece has to offer you. During your stay, keep yourself updated on the news and government announcements on the tv, radio, or social media. And above all, relax and enjoy your magical, safe summer in Greece

* For specific information about traveling to and within Greece, click on the Greek authorities-supervised travel.gov.gr and greecehealthfirst.gr

* If you develop Covid-19 symptoms, stay indoors and immediately seek medical attention by contacting the National Public Health Organization by dialing 1135.

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