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Table of Content
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Traveling to Europe from America is understandably an intimidating decision for many, as being that far away from one's country is like taking leaving behind a security blanket. However, the best things come when we leave our comfort zone, so traveling from the US to Greece will be the best decision you've ever made!

It has been a stressful period, and even though the pandemic is not over yet, there are many ways you can ensure your safety when traveling, so you and your loved ones can enjoy the summer vacation you so desperately need and deserve!   

Here is all the information you need in order to travel to Greece from the USA and explore it thoroughly right now! 

Do U.S. citizens need a visa to travel to Greece?

Entering Greece - credits: gtp.gr

No, there is absolutely no need for US citizens to issue an entry visa in order to enter Greece.

Greece and the other Schengen States, which fully implement the provisions of the Schengen Treaty and the relevant Community acquis regarding short-term visas (stay up to 90 days per six months [180 days] in the Schengen area), do not require a visa for holders of common passports of the following countries:  

Holy See (Vatican), San Marino, Andorra, Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Venezuela, Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, USA, Japan, Israel, Canada, Costa Rica, Croatia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Barbados, Bahamas, Brunei, New Zealand, Nicaragua, South Korea, Honduras, Uruguay, Panama, Paraguay, Seychelles, Singapore, and Chile.

Greece Travel Restrictions regarding Covid-19

Greek ferry - credits: gtp.gr

Greek authorities reported 54,649 COVID-19 and 4,975,067 cumulative cases, according to the National Public Health Organization and the Government of Greece.

Most of the Greece travel restrictions are no longer required, as the terror of Covid-19 has subsided. That being said, there are still a few restrictions you should know about when you enter Greece on international travel.

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Firstly, face makes are not obligatory in all public spaces and the vast majority of indoor spaces. The few exceptions are the following:

You are obligated to wear a mask in all public transportation (metro, electric railway, buses, trolleybuses, trams), taxis, and ferries.

However, masks are still not required on planes or intercity public transport, where the passengers' seats are numbered. Masks are also still obligatory in healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and nursing homes. 

Of course, regardless of whether face masks are obligatory or not in a certain place, it is always nice to be mindful and respectful of the people around you.

Therefore, if someone requires politely for you to wear a mask in order for them to be comfortable, it wouldn't be the end of the world for you to consider it.

Entry restrictions have also been relaxed, and now travelers from above don't need to show any proof of vaccination, nor do they need to complete a passenger locator form.

That being said, please note that all travelers are eligible for health screening procedures in place at airports and other ports of entry.

greek circular dance NDT shutterstockGreek circular dance NDT/Shutterstock.com

Please know that for travelers' convenience, the Greek National Tourism Organization has launched the Visit Greece app, which includes detailed COVID-19 travel updates, as well as a map of COVID-19 diagnostic testing locations. 

The Visit Greece App is available for download via Google Play or the App Store. Travelers to Greece are recommended to obtain travel insurance that includes coverage of expenses for medical care and/or extension of stay in the event they test positive for COVID-19.

Services such as grocery stores, schools/universities, religious services, air/land/sea travel, and museums are operational and face only limited restrictions at present.

There are thousands of things to do in Greece, but worrying about Covid-19 is not one of them!

* For additional information about traveling to and within Greece, click on the Greek authorities-supervised travel.gov.gr and greecehealthfirst.gr

* If you develop Covid-19 symptoms, stay indoors and immediately seek medical attention by contacting the National Public Health Organization by dialing 1135.

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Athens airplane ivan bastien shutterstockAn airplane above Athens - credits: ivan bastien/Shutterstock.com

What documentation do I need to travel from us to Greece?

Greece is an EU member state that has ratified the Schengen Agreement. The movement of citizens within the EU it can also be done by simply showing your police ID, without a passport being necessary.

However, the passport can come in handy for a number of other transactions, such as foreign exchange, shopping, etc.

Also, airlines or other carriers require a valid passport and/or police ID or some other form of official identification. A visa is also not required.

Despite the USA not being in the European Union, as mentioned above, US citizens don't need an entry visa to enter Greece. However, they do need a passport that has been issued within the last decade.

Please also note that during your stay in Greece, as visitors outside of Europe, you need to cover cases of medical or other emergencies and must have the appropriate insurance coverage.

What cruise lines travel to Greece from the US?

Greece - credits: wallpaperflare.com

Numerous cruise lines organize trips to Greece from the US. It is an alternative yet fun and luxurious way to enter Greece and the ultimate way to indulge in a Greek island-hopping adventure. Now that cruises are rid of travel restrictions, they are even better! Here are our top picks:

  • Norwegian Cruise Lines: Santorini, Greece.
  • Louis Cruises: Cruises from Greece.
  • MSC Cruises: Greece.
  • Linblad Expeditions: The Mediterranean.
  • The Daily Telegraph: Greece Summer Holiday Guide, Cruises.
  • Royal Caribbean: Santorini, Greece.
  • Disney Cruise Line: Athens, Greece.

Are there still Covid-19 Entry Requirements to enter Greece?

In general, the vast majority of Covid-19 travel restrictions have been withdrawn. There is no need for a certificate of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 or evidence of a negative test result from SARS-CoV-2 infection (PCR or Rapid Antigen test) for US travel to Greece. Your vaccination status is nowadays irrelevant to your travel arrangements.

What are the Covid-19 entry requirements when flying back to the US?

While it is recommended that you get tested no more than three days prior to your departure to the United States for Covid-19, you are not obligated to do so or provide proof of vaccination if you're a US citizen.

For non-US citizens and non-US immigrants, it is mandatory to provide proof of vaccination before boarding their flight. To be considered fully-vaccinated travelers, you must have received the third shot at least two weeks before departure.

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What do I do if I test positive for Covid in Greece?

Per the Greek Health Authorities, while there are no travel or movement restrictions in place if you test positive for COVID-19 during your stay in Greece, you must return to your hotel room and quarantine for at least five days beginning with the next day of the positive test result. 

Travelers should be prepared to cover all expenses of their quarantine period, which might be prolonged if the symptoms persist.  It is highly recommended that all travelers consider obtaining travel insurance that includes COVID-19 medical fees and expenses.  All visitors must abide by all COVID-19 health protocols in place by the Greek Government without exception. 

The U.S. Embassy in Athens cannot intervene in the mandatory isolation procedures or request an exception on behalf of the traveler when entering Greece or leaving Greece. 

Travelers may contact the General Secretariat for Civil Protection directly at +30 213-15100 or send an email to .

Do I need to stay in quarantine when I arrive?

No, no quarantine is required for travelers when they enter Greece, regardless of the country they're coming from. In addition, your vaccination status is completely irrelevant!

Final Thoughts

diving Zivica Kerkez shutterstockDiving in Greece - credits: Zivica_Kerkez/Shutterstock.com

You do not need to live within the European Union in order to visit Greece effortlessly.

You can travel safely and responsibly to and around Greece from the USA without missing out on the dreamy sunsets and shimmering beaches.

Staying safe during your Greece itineraries is very important, so you can fully enjoy the beauty and fun Greece has to offer you. And above all, relax and enjoy your magical summer in our country

Don't let anything stop you from visiting Greece!

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