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Greece Travel Tips

Greek hospitality has been a core element of Greece since ancient times. Therefore, in an effort to make our ancestors proud, today’s locals maintain the positive reputation of warm hospitality and do whatever it takes to ensure a pleasurable experience for the country’s visitors. From locals' secrets and authentic Greece itineraries to off-the-beaten-path locations only the locals know about and everything in between, we will share Greece travel tips that will allow you to experience the most authentic side of Greece.

Here, you can take a look at those parts of Greece that are reserved for those who want to experience it from a local’s perspective and see what most tourists don’t have the opportunity to see. Consider this your chance to get valuable insight and avoid common mistakes!

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Taxis in Greece: Navigating the Country with Ease
Key Takeaways Taxis in Greece are considered relatively safe, and incidents involving safety issues are rare. Licensed taxis display a distinctive...
Greece with Kids: Traveling to Greece for Family Vacations
Key Takeaways Exploring sites such as the Acropolis in Athens, the Palace of Knossos in Crete, or the ancient theater of Epidaurus can introduce ch...
7 Percy Jackson Locations in Greece
Key Takeaways You should start your adventure across the Percy Jackson locations in Greece in Athens, the birthplace of Western civilization and ho...
Useful Greek Words and Phrases for your Trip to Greece
Key Takeaways The pronunciation of Greek words may differ slightly, as the Greek language has various regional dialects, and . The vast major...
Weather in Greece in February | What to Know Before You Go
Key Takeaways: The weather in Greece in February is cold, with temperatures ranging between 6-14°C (43-57°F) on average. It is one of the most r...
Renting a Car in Greece: The Definitive Guide [2023]
Key Takeaways Renting a car in Greece will give you full freedom regarding the destinations you will visit and the pace of your trip. If you are a...
Money in Greece: ATMs, Credit Card Payments, Cash 
Key Takeaways Money in Greece is a significant factor you should consider when visiting the country. Greece uses the euro as its currency, and bu...
Greece Travel Tips: 15 Things to Know Before Traveling to Greece
Key Takeaways One of the most useful Greece travel tips is to plan your itinerary in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure you...
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