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Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • Greece offers a treasure-filled adventure with rich culture, exciting attractions, and beautiful landscapes.
  • Planning a trip to Greece requires attention to essential travel information. Navigating the highs and lows of traveling abroad is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  • Considerations for planning a Greece vacation include transportation options such as car rental, buses, ferries, and trains.
  • Necessary documentation, including a valid passport and visa application, is required for entry into Greece.

 gavdosGavdos Island - credits: Georgios Tsichlis/Shutterstock.com

A Greek adventure is a treasure-filled trip worth exploring in a land filled with culture, exciting attractions, and beautiful landscapes. If you're looking for reasons to visit Greece, you'll come up with plenty!

While planning a Greece trip is exciting, the nitty gritty of basic travel information is essential to conquering the highs and lows of traveling abroad.

Unsure how to plan the Greece trip of your dreams? We’ll guide you through the fundamental information to note before experiencing this Balkan country.

We promise our Greece trip planner will be a treat!

Planning a Trip to Greece - Essential Information

Acropolis hill Athens GreeceAcropolis Hill, Athens - credits: lefpap/Depositphotos.com

While jet-setting to visit Greece on vacation is a fun, spontaneous decision, you’ll need to know what is required to book your trip and how to navigate your surroundings while there.

That is true regardless if you're visiting the Greek islands or mainland Greece, both of which are full of Greek mythology, ancient sites, spectacular ruins, rich culture, idyllic beaches, and breathtaking scenery that ensure a wonderful trip.

12-Day Trip to Athens, Tinos, Mykonos & Naxos

Take a look at a few things to consider to get you started on your Greek journey ahead, especially if it is your first trip to the sun-drenched country and you want to have an amazing time:


agios dimitrios beach alonissosAgios Dimitrios Beach, Alonissos Islan - credits: Constantinos Iliopoulos/Shutterstock.com

There are various ways to travel throughout Greece, which are mainly dependent on your movements and trip itinerary or vacation package requirements.

Here are a few travel transportation options to consider before planning a Greece vacation:

  • Car rental - This option is an excellent choice if you are planning to explore a region or city in-depth. While this pick might be pricier than the rest, it’s a fantastic option for travelers looking to hit the road on their own schedule to explore central Greece or any other part of the mainland.
  • Bus transport - This travel pick is one of the most popular methods of public transportation for travelers looking to explore neighboring towns from Athens, the Greek capital famous for its ancient ruins, like the ancient temple of Parthenon, and museums, such as the Acropolis Museum and the Archaeological Museum, or other big cities.
  • Ferries - A must for island hoppers, a ferry ride is perfect for seeing several Greek paradises in one day. Any Greek island you choose from, and of the island groups, like the famous Cyclades Islands and the Ionian Islands, can be included in your island-hopping Greece itinerary.
  • Trains - This option is best for travelers with more time on their hands to travel through the natural scenery of Greece via a slower transport method. While the train fares might be a budget-friendly option, buses are a far more practical and faster method to travel.

Necessary Documentation

AndrosAndros Island - credits: Kite_rin/Shutterstock.com

As with most international travel, your passport and visa application validity is essential to entering the country, like in all countries of the European Union and island hop.

Residents and passport holders from the USA, AUS, UK, USA, and NZ may enter the country for 90 days. Travelers with the mentioned passport staying longer than the allotted time frame would need to apply for a visa extension.

Best of Athens in One Day: Acropolis & City Tour with Transfer

Travelers without a passport from the list above would need to apply for a Greece Schengen visa to be allowed to enter the country.

There are a number of requirements to get the visa application approved, so be sure to peruse the list before booking your trip.

Packing List

astypaleaAstypalea Island - credits: Milan Gonda/Shutterstock.com

As Greece is known to be the ultimate summer destination for travelers, your suitcase will benefit from a steady stream of lightweight clothing and a good pair of walking shoes.

If you find yourself in the mountainous regions of Greece, be sure to pack in warmer options to brave the cold evenings in style.

As Greece has an extensive array of religious sites and monasteries, you’ll need a few clothing pieces to cover up any bare body parts to enter the premises.

Final Thoughts on How to Plan a Trip to Greece

greeceGreek aesthetic - credits: Igor Tichonow/Shutterstock.com

From the sparkling blue waters of the beautiful beaches to the ancient relics sprinkled through its plains revealing an incredible history, when planning a Greek trip, you’re in for a splendid time.

By planning your own visit to Greece ahead of time, you’ll have the opportunity to sit back for a few days, relax and enjoy the ride of an epic adventure that awaits you.

Our Tailor-Made Trip Planning
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