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2023 is the year of self-love, and what is more caring for yourself than a fantastic trip to Greece, the country of eternal sunshine and long beaches?

If you cannot think of anything, you’re in the best place you can be. Today we will have consulted our in-house team of expert travel designers and present you with Greece itineraries you can follow to ensure the most magical vacation of your life.

Regardless of your budget, preferences, or availability, you will be wowed by Greece so much that by the time you’ll have to leave, relocating will sound like the most extraordinary adventure!

But what is it that genuinely makes a Greece itinerary unique and outstanding?

See why our Greece itineraries are unique:
  • You enjoy the ideal balance between free time & unforgettable travel experiences
  • We ensure great connectivity between the chosen destinations of the itinerary
  • All hotels are inspected by our team and are strategically located
  • Flexible cancelation policy for peace of mind
  • Orientation tours in each location lead by our team of guides & archaeologists
  • An award-winning customer support team always at your disposal

Elements of a great Greece itinerary:

1. A perfect balance between free time and activities.

While we are used to a hectic schedule and a stressful way of life, your Greek vacations must be completely rid of both to be as incredible as you’ve dreamt them to be. 

Therefore, please be careful not to let your enthusiasm to see and do everything take over.

While including fun experiences, tours, and activities is an integral part of every self-respecting Greece itinerary, ensure the perfect balance between free time and days packed full of fun adventures.

They are equally important, so you must remember that relaxation and rest should be top priorities. 

In fact, they should rank higher than taking in all of the beauty of Greece, and that, coming from a die-hard dedicated lover of Greece, says a lot! This is not the time to be an overachiever!

2. Choosing destinations that can be easily connected.

A good rule of thumb to keep when deciding all the regions of Greece you want to visit is to take a couple of minutes to open a map of Greece

While in theory, island hopping to both the island of Corfu and, let’s say, Samos sounds terrific! In practice, however, it is close to impossible.

That is because they are very far apart, the same ferry routes do not service them, and visiting both will cost you almost a lot of unnecessary money and a full day in transportation in Greece, which according to our travel designer, makes for a less than perfect experience and therefore, one we don’t want you to have!.

You must be smart with your choices and aim for minimum transport time. Of course, the best way to do that is to choose destinations that have airports with direct flights. 

Alternatively, stick to the same ferry routes or island complex to ensure a smooth, safe, and effortless trip!

3. Hotels in great locations.

While staying at a hotel in the middle of nowhere might seem tempting in the movies and promises a sense of freedom and seclusion, in reality, choosing a hotel with an optimum central location is key for the success of your Greece itinerary.

If you’re on a Greek island, you should aim for a luxury hotel as close as possible to the beach or the main town, where the heart of every island beats.

What’s more, it is essential to be in close proximity to restaurants, bars, and cafes in order to minimize your need for transportation and make your life a whole lot easier. 

4. The selection of accommodations with flexible cancelation terms for peace of mind.

If the coronavirus taught us anything other than people's deep love for toilet paper, it is that life is weird and unpredictable. 

Therefore, we highly recommend you opt for accommodation with flexible cancelation terms that will accommodate your need to reschedule or cancel your stay if necessary.

Of course, we are not pessimists and think everything will turn out exactly as planned, but the phrase ‘better safe than sorry’ is a motto we live by and has got us far.

5. All our itineraries include exploration/orientation/highlights tours.

‘Highlights’ tours are the perfect way to get to know the insights of each destination and the local way of life in a time-effective manner, and with the help of expert locals that want to show you around their home city.

Whether you choose Athens, the Greek mainland, or one or more Greek islands for your Greek vacation, book a highlights tour of each region and get acquainted with it easily and efficiently.

The ’highlights’ tours should take place preferably at the beginning of your stay in each region, as they are the best way to get introduced to them and will help you plan out the rest of your days there accordingly.

Our most popular Greece Vacation packages:

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