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Greek History & Culture

Golden-sand beaches and eternal sunshine are not all that Greece is known for. In fact, some of the biggest characteristics of Greece are its vast history and wealthy culture that has been formed through the passing of thousands of years. Even if you’re not a history buff, you cannot stand unmoved before Greece’s ancient ruins and cultural artifacts.

The famous Acropolis Hill in Athens, Naxos’ Portara, Crete’s Knossos Palace, the sites that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, and all the fascinating museums and galleries the country is brimful with are good enough reasons to make you explore a past world full of glam and glory! Here, you will get a taste of the monuments, archaeological ruins, and cultural sights you can visit during your trip to Greece!

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What makes Greece a unique destination is not only the bright sunshine and crystal-clear waters of its beaches, but it is also the rich history and fascinating culture that provide its visitors with a wealth of things to do, see, and experience. Here are some posts that will bring you closer to Greek culture and make you realize the greatness of the country! Don't waste another minute before exploring this mystical world!
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