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Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • Ensure that your travel insurance includes comprehensive medical coverage, covering medical expenses, hospitalization, doctor visits, and emergency medical evacuation.
  • Look for coverage that protects your investment in case you need to cancel or cut short your trip.
  • Choose a policy that provides compensation for travel delays, including additional expenses for meals, accommodations, or transportation if your trip is disrupted due to circumstances like flight cancellations, severe weather, or strikes.
  • Make sure your insurance covers loss, theft, or damage to your baggage and personal belongings.

man in airport Netfalls Remy Musser shutterstockA man in an airport- credits: Netfalls Remy Musser/Shutterstock.com

We've established plenty of reasons to visit Greece, as it is a holiday paradise. We don't like to brag, but let's brag a little.

It has incredible weather.

It has amazing beaches.

It has a rich culture.

It has friendly and welcoming locals.

couple in hotel corridor Gergely Zsolnai shutterstockA couple in a hotel corridor - credits: Gergely Zsolnai/Shutterstock.com

And as if those weren't enough, due to the country being sought-after, it has become one of the world's top countries regarding tourist infrastructure.

Increasing numbers of tourists are requesting travel insurance to ensure that their trip to is as smooth and safe as possible, protecting themselves against small mishaps or big emergencies. As experienced travelers ourselves, we always choose to purchase travel insurance, as the motto 'better safe than sorry' is wise and has saved people from a lot of trouble.

Here is everything you need to know regarding travel insurance for Greece, from the reasons why it is so important to have it to what it covers and how much it costs.  

Enjoy your travels safe and sound!

Why do you need travel insurance?

hammock Petar Paunchev shutterstockCarefree vacation in Greece - credits: _Petar_Paunchev-shutterstock.com

With postcard-worthy islands as well as delicious local cuisine, tourists will never be bored when traveling to Greece. In fact, most travelers say they feel right at home in the golden stretches of Greek coastline and vineyards. Not to mention that solo travelers, and other types of travelers with an eye for history, in addition to enjoying the sunny setting, are more than grateful for the tradition of ancient Greek mythology and the striking archaeological sites and museums.

For many tourists, Greece provides the best opportunity for carefree travel. However, carefree and careless are different from one another. In fact, for your trip to Greece to be completely carefree, you should be the exact opposite of careless when making your traveling arrangements.

So why do you actually need travel insurance for Greece?  

No matter how careful one is in life, mishaps happen. From even the slightest misfortune that will be annoying and interruptive to your dreamy Greece vacation to the biggest emergencies we wish away, travel insurance for Greece will provide you with a protective net you can "fall" on when things go not as planned.

Read also: SafetyWing is our recommended travel insurance program for Greece.

What does it cover?

A view from the streets of Athens Yasemin Olgunoz Berber ShutterstockA view from the streets of Athens - credits: Yasemin-Olgunoz Berber/Shutterstock.com

Travel insurance packages vary, but they usually offer travel insurance coverage for three things: financial protection, protection for your health and physical integrity, and protection for your personal belongings.

When shopping for insurance, look for these benefits:

Trip cancellation insurance coverage

Your travel insurance may refund the non-refundable deposits you paid for your trip if it is canceled for any of the reasons covered by the Greece travel insurance. Expenses covered by the insurance may include airfare, hotel rooms, rental cars, tours, and cruises.

Examples of acceptable reasons for canceling a trip include illness, injury, or death of the traveler, a close relative or fellow traveler, military conscription or civil unrest, a family emergency, and even unscheduled jury duty.

wine with acropolis view kanuman depositphotosDrinking wine with a view of the Acropolis - credits: kanuman/Depositphotos.com

Additional acceptable reasons for cancellation: the travel provider does not provide its services for 24 hours due to a natural disaster, extreme weather, or strike, your home or destination is no longer habitable, or you or one of your fellow travelers loses your job after purchasing travel insurance.

Please keep in mind that, in general, you cannot have trip cancellation insurance coverage for any insignificant reason and expect to be refunded. For example, if you fall out with your friends and no longer want to travel with them, or if you change your mind about a long-haul flight, these reasons are not covered by the insurance.

Delay coverage

If you experience a minor setback on your trip, your Greece travel insurance may provide you with monetary compensation. Delay coverage covers compensation if the traveler is delayed for any of the reasons covered by the insurance. Usually, the compensation covers food, accommodation, and travel expenses resulting from the delay.

Commonly covered reasons for delay include extreme weather, aircraft maintenance, or civil unrest.

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Trip interruption coverage

If you need to return early from your trip due to illness or injury during your trip, or if there's a family emergency at home, your Greece travel insurance may refund some money you've prepaid, and you won't have to spend as you return earlier.

However, not all return reasons are covered. For example, if you want to come back because it's raining all the time, you'd like to be at the beach on your vacation, or if you're missing your puppy, trip interruption insurance won't cover you.

Medical expenses

If you're traveling abroad and specifically visiting Greece, your personal health insurance will provide little or no coverage, so it's a good idea to add extra coverage by getting travel health insurance. Domestic health insurance is usually not accepted abroad, so it is especially important to get travel insurance that covers medical expenses as well as includes emergency medical evacuation coverage and emergency medical transportation. If you become ill or injured during your trip, the insurance can cover medical costs, including doctor's fees and hospital charges. Even more expensive than medical costs is emergency medical transportation, which the right travel insurance can take care of and cover.

Loss of luggage

greek suitcases MarinaD 37 shutterstockLuggage in Greece - credits: _MarinaD_37/Shutterstock.com

If your checked baggage takes an extra trip and doesn't reach your destination, travel insurance can prove to be a lifesaver. If your travel insurance package covers baggage, then it can compensate you up to the maximum amount shown on the insurance certificate for loss, theft, or damage to your baggage and personal belongings.

Your personal belongings are also covered in the insurance plan should they be lost or stolen during your trip. Greece travel insurance can compensate you for cash value, repair, or replacement – ​​whichever is less, based on the limits stated on your policy.

You must report the loss to your airline, the airport, the police, and any other relevant service provider, such as your travel agent or hotel. You will need the corresponding documents to be compensated. 

Travel insurance does not cover all personal items. For example, they won't compensate you for the loss of money, and many packages don't cover very expensive jewelry, art, antiques, or heirlooms. To reduce the risk of losing an irreplaceable item, don't take it with you on vacation. And always make sure you read carefully what your insurance covers.


How much does Greece travel insurance cost?

Acropolis photoshoot NataliaD DepositphotosA tourist on the archaeological site of the Acropolis - credits: NataliaD/Shutterstock

Greece travel insurance costs, are dependent on the length of travel and the coverage needed in Greece. For example, the travel insurance cost for a week's vacation to the Greek islands can potentially come up to as little as 20 euros per person.  

cliff jumping into ocean EpicStockMedia shutterstockk compressedCliff-jumping in Greece - credits: EpicStockMedia/Shutterstock.com

The cost of travel insurance varies depending on the scope of coverage and how expensive the trip is. Whichever package you choose, read all terms carefully so you know what you're paying for. Greece travel insurance coverage can be redeemed as useless if it doesn't include health insurance and medical expenses.

When should I purchase my trip insurance?

ATV Paros Pawel Kazmierczak shutterstockATV in Paros - credits: Pawel Kazmierczak/Shutterstock.com

It comes as no surprise that you need to purchase a travel insurance plan from your chosen health insurance providers before you visit Greece. In fact, we would highly suggest you buy your international travel insurance 15 days prior to your Greece trip at the latest. This way, it will also apply to your flights and protect you from travel or flight interruptions, including flight cancellations and postponements. 

Where can I buy travel insurance for Greece?

boy cooling down Kzenon shutterstockA boy on water slides - credits: Kzenon/Shutterstock.com

It's very easy to get travel insurance in Greece online. There is a wide selection of travel insurance companies with years of experience in the field you can choose from and trust. European companies such as Europe Assistance and Mondial Care provide a wide range of insurance policies with affordable rates. You can find one that covers Greece and the entire Schengen Area and fulfills Greece's Schengen visa requirements (if needed).  

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Specifically, we suggest that travelers purchase travel insurance via SafteyWing. It is our favorite as it is an experienced company. Their policies are tested and accepted at all of Greece's overseas embassies, and the company is professional and trustworthy.

Best Sites to Compare Travel Insurance for Greece

car in Greece Krivosheev Vitaly shutterstockRoadtrip in Greece - credits: Krivosheev Vitaly/Shutterstock.com

A key step in determining a suitable vacation travel insurance policy should be to suit a person's travel plans and holidays. If you are a doubting Thomas and you want to do research for your travel medical insurance or other insurance plans on your own, there are excellent sites that compare travel insurance packages for Greece.  

Our favorite is Compare the Market, but you could also give iContract a go.

Is Greece safe to visit?

Yes! And here is all the information you need in order to travel to Greece safely and explore it thoroughly right now!

Entering the country

Greece is a dreamy destination, and with the end of the national lockdown, tourists from the EU, USA, UK, and Schengen Area are welcome to visit and enjoy the crystal clear seas and sandy coasts without the need for quarantine upon their arrival.

From May 2022, you also don't need to have a vaccination certificate or proof of a negative test, while the Passenger Locator Form, which contained the details of your point of departure, the duration of previous stays in other countries, and the address of your stay while in Greece, is a thing of the -not so bright- past.

In short:

Domestic flights

Same with international flights, if you want to fly to one of the beautiful Greek islands, you don't need to present a vaccination certificate issued by a public authority, a Covid19 recovery certificate, or proof of a negative test.

Domestic ferries

If you want to travel to an island from the Greek mainland via ferry, again, you don't need any of the above-stated certifications. Covid 19 restrictions are no longer valid in any way, type, or form.

Know before you go

1. Face masks are not required in indoor or outdoor areas. However, we suggest you use them for your own protection and the safety of your Greek trip.

2. You are free to visit any archaeological site or museum; they no longer operate with reduced capacity.

3. You need to wear a protective face mask when you use any type of public transportation.

8. Please keep in mind that the fine for not wearing a mask in areas where it is required is quite steep.

Staying safe during your trip is very important, so you can fully enjoy the beauty and fun Greece has to offer you. During your stay, keep yourself updated on the news and government announcements on the tv, radio, or social media. And above all, relax and enjoy your magical, safe summer in Greece.

* For specific information about traveling to and within Greece, click on the Greek authorities-supervised travel.gov.gr and greecehealthfirst.gr

* If you develop Covid-19 symptoms, stay indoors and immediately seek medical attention by contacting the National Public Health Organization by dialing 1135.

What you need to know about Covid-19 coverage and travel insurance

When it comes to Covid-19 coverage, travel insurance packages differ, so you should read carefully and ask your provider if you have any questions. In addition, travel regulations have changed during the pandemic, with some countries requiring specific travel insurance for entry into the country. 

Final Thoughts

diving Zivica Kerkez shutterstockDiving into the Greek sea - credits: Zivica_Kerkez/Shutterstock.com

Nothing is worth ruining your Greek vacation. Holidays are one of the biggest motivators for getting through mundane everyday life, and everyone deserves to enjoy them to the fullest.

Don't let little mishaps, oversights, and accidents keep you from making the most out of your visit to the destination of your dreams! You can now travel safely and responsibly to and around Greece without missing out on the dreamy sunsets and shimmering coastlines!

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