Sunset in Petani Beach, Kephalonia, Greece - credits: Rad Radu/
Sunset in Petani Beach, Kephalonia, Greece - credits: Rad Radu/

Greece is perhaps one of the best places for sunset-lovers, offering a plethora of idyllic locations to choose from and enjoy this magical time of the day. Come with us on this "trip" to show you what we think to be the best places to catch the sunset in Greece.

Without a doubt, gazing at the sunset moves everyone. The explosion of colors vividly painting the skies with all sorts of hues and tones is an experience that repeatedly people seek to live in every chance. 

Now, to that picture, add deep blue seas, unique natural monuments, and tempting beaches and you have a sunset in Greece, a sight that every sunset-hunter must experience. Here is a shortlist of the must-visit sunset spots in Greece, carefully selected for you.

Balos – Western Crete

Balos Crete sunset natalyphotography shutterstock
Sunset behind the mountain peak over Balos beach, Crete, Greece - credits: natalyphotography/

In case you find yourselves on the island of Crete this summer, do not miss the chance to visit Balos Lagoon, one of the most beautiful beaches of Crete. After your full-day trip to get to Balos, have a bite at a nearby traditional taverna and wait for the sunset. What you are going to see will definitely compensate you for any inconvenience. 

The sun sets behind the small peninsula of Tigani and paints the sky with all sorts of colors as it dives into the Cretan sea. This background is ideal for you to have a last swim at the cooling waters of the lagoon and lay on the long pinkish beaches of Balos. Especially if you’re visiting Crete on your honeymoon, sunset watching in Balos should be at the top of your Greek itinerary. 

Lindos – Rhodes

Lindos Rhodes sunset kvika shutterstock
Sunset in St. Paul's bay (Heart-shaped bay) in Lindos, Rhodes - credits: kvika/

For those who chose Rhodes as their summer destination in Greece, the impressive Acropolis of Lindos is perhaps the best spot to catch the sunset. Visit the site of the Acropolis earlier and wander around the impressive ruins of the Greek castle, coming from different time periods, reflecting that way the vast history of the island. 

Visit the temple of Lindian Athena, see from up close the huge relief of a trireme (warship) dated in the 2nd century BC, and admire the Hellenistic walls of the sanctuary and the Castle of the Knights of St. John. Do not miss the chance to enjoy the sunset through the standing columns of the Hellenistic Stoa.  

Sounio - Attica

ruins οf poseidon temple sounio sborisov depositphotos
Ruins οf the temple of Poseidon in Sounio - credits: sborisov/

At the southernmost point of the Attica region, Sounio stands as an emblematic Greek archaeological site that every visitor of Athens must attend. Just an hour away from the city center, Sounio hosts the majestic classical Temple of Poseidon, climbed on top of the hill and brutally beaten by the waves of the Aegean Sea

The place where according to ancient Greek Mythology, Aegeus fell mistakenly mourning the death of his son Theseus, is one of the must-go destinations for every sunset-lover and always included in every Athens travel guide. Relax on the grounds of Poseidon’s temple or have a swim at the beautiful beach nearby during our Sounion day-trip from Athens and enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the Attica of Greece

Santorini - Cyclades

santorini oia sunset Mila Atkovska shutterstock
Oia village at sunset, Santorini island, Greece - credits: Mila Atkovska/

Perhaps one of the most photographed, and idyllic sunset spots in Greece, Santorini is well known worldwide for its natural beauty and the iconic caldera. Find your favorite spot, either at Fira, Imerovigli, or the well-known Oia, and relax by watching the sunset in one of the most beautiful places in the whole Mediterranean Sea

For those who want to find themselves in a less touristy place, choose Therasia, the small island next to Santorini, and watch the sunset with the Therian caldera as background. For an extra special Greek sunset-watching experience, opt for our wineries visit and sunset watching tour. Our professionals will take you to the best spot to watch the sunset in the Santorini caldera, the most romantic place on the island, especially if you are visiting Santorini on a honeymoon

Meteora - Central Greece

Meteora sunset NataliaD depositphotos
Sunset in Meteora - credits: NataliaD/ 

Meteora is the second most important monastic center of Greece (after the Athos region) located at an awe-inspiring natural landmark unique to the Mediterranean region. Perhaps the best place for you to experience the religiosity and humbling atmosphere of the Greek- Orthodox tradition, Meteora also offers you one of the most impressive sunset spots you should not miss. 

After a full day of discovering ancient monasteries, secret monastic cells in small caves, and exploring the massive iconic pillars of Meteora, choose one of the designated sunset spots and witness how a sunset could be as magical as on an island, in the mainland of Greece

Naxos - Cyclades

Naxos portara sunset Stamatios Manousis shutterstock
Portara, ruins of the ancient temple of Delian Apollo on Naxos island at sunset - credits: Stamatios Manousis/

Naxos is the largest island of τηε Cyclades with a vast history and a tranquil atmosphere, suitable for anyone that wants to have an authentic Cycladic experience off-the-beaten-path. Just by visiting the Chora of Naxos, you will find yourselves surrounded by monuments dated from antiquity up until today. 

Wander around the alleys of the medieval castle of Naxos but do not miss the opportunity to catch the sunset at the small islet of Palatia at the port of Naxos. There, you'll have the chance to sit on the grounds of the ancient temple of Apollo and watch the sun setting behind Portara, the monumental gate of the temple, the symbol of Naxos!

Navagio, Zakynthos - Ionian Sea

Zante navagio sunset gorillaimages shutterstock
Idyllic sunset view of Navagio Beach on Zakynthos island - credits: gorillaimages/all/

Zakynthos belongs to the Heptanese island complex of the Ionian Sea which is located in the western part of Greece. Completely different from the Cycladic islands, Zakynthos hosts lush pine forests reaching down the beach, resulting in a mesmerizing scenery with emerald waters and long stretched sandy beaches. 

Perhaps the most iconic landmark of the island is the shipwreck (Navagio) at the northwesternmost tip of the island attracting visitors from all around the world. The beach of the shipwreck is accessible only by boat but one can enjoy a spectacular sunset from the cliffs overlooking the picturesque beach. Do not forget to grab your camera and enjoy a view taken out from a fairytale.

Lycabettus Hill - Athens

Lucabettus Milan Gonda shutterstockLycabettus Hill - credits: Milan Gonda/

If you have chosen the urban scene of Athens as your vacation spot then worry not, for we have the best spot for you to watch the sunset. Lycabettus Hill is the tallest hill of Athens, offering a magnificent view of the city that stretches for miles. Whether you choose to hike up the hill or use the cable car, which is available at the end of Plutarch Street, the panoramic view of the city that awaits you will take your breath away. Get cozy next to the small church and enjoy the mesmerizing sight of the sunset. 

From Meteora to Crete and from Zakynthos to Rhodes, Greece is a country that offers to the visitor some of the most iconic sunsets a man can experience in the Mediterranean Sea. Plan your own trip to one of the destinations listed above or check out one of our Greece tours.

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