How to Plan a Perfect Honeymoon in Paros Island

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • Paros' picturesque beauty, charming villages, and stunning beaches make it an ideal destination for couples seeking a private and idyllic setting to celebrate their love.
  • Don't miss the opportunity to visit landmarks like Ekatontapyliani, the archaeological museum, and the Castle of Parikia.
  • Naoussa is a picturesque fishing village known for its mouthwatering Greek cuisine.
  • Don't miss the opportunity during yourur Paros honeymoon to engage in thrilling water sports or embark on a sailing trip to Antiparos or the Small Cyclades.

‘I don’t love you as if you were a rose of salt, topaz,
or arrow of carnations that propagate fire:
I love you as one loves certain obscure things,
secretly, between the shadow and the soul.’

One Hundred Love Sonnets, the famous love poem by Pablo Neruda, captures the essence of love in an accurate and delicate way. The purest of feelings, true love, therefore, should be celebrated in a place that reflects the secrecy of Neruda’s words.

A place where the sky and the sea meet in an explosion of iridescent color. A place called Paros

Paros, the Greek island of the Cyclades best known for its arresting beaches and traditional, quaint villages, can be considered an advocate for Greek beauty. The island is ideal for all ages and tastes as its versatility offers a large variety of activities for you to do in Paros.

Here, though, you will find the top things to do in Paros on your honeymoon. Love, salt, and sun go together, don't you think?

Explore the town of Parikia during your Greek honeymoon

paroikia streets Sven Hansche shutterstockThe streets of Paroikia town - credits: Sven Hansche/Shutterstock.com

The capital of Paros and the location of its main port, Parikia, is the first place you’ll take in as soon as you arrive from Athens to Paros. Despite being a busy cultural center, Paroikia has managed to keep its picturesque elegance and Cycladic charm, suiting the whimsical vibe of honeymooners.

It is built on the site of the ancient city, at the edge of the hill of the Monastery of Agioi Anargyroi, with its name dating back to Byzantine times. While walking through the traditional paved narrow streets, you can marvel at its scenic, Cycladic beauty and experience the hospitality of its inhabitants.

The streets of the old town around Kastro and the coastal road make for a setting Hollywood’s romcoms would be jealous of; a walk down Parikia’s streets will reveal the rich heritage of Paros through its traditional Cycladic houses, neoclassical mansions, ancient monuments, bridges, fountains, and small churches.

Additionally, Parikia is brimming with sights you don’t want to miss, including Ekatontapyliani, one of the most well-preserved early Christian monuments in Greece and the largest in size, the archaeological museum of Paros, and the Castle of Paroikia.

Built in 1260 by the Venetians, the castle of Parikia -or ‘Frangokastello’ as Greeks often call it- is located on the site of the ancient Acropolis of Paros, in the southwestern part of Parikia, on the hill of Agios Konstantinos, where the foundations of ancient temples and part of a tower from the Venetian castle are preserved.

Once the sun sets, the city doesn’t sleep; far from it, it comes to life with bars and clubs that promise dancing until the early morning hours, in case you and your other half choose to celebrate your love!  

Our recommendation for the honeymooners is to visit the castle of Parikia and the hill of Agios Konstantinos church during the golden hour so that you can admire the serene sunset and romantic view of Parikia bay, one of the best sunset spots in Greece, in the arms of your significant other.

After the sun has set go dancing the night away in one of the many bars and clubs in the town! 

Discover the old port of Naoussa

Naoussa port PitK shutterstockNaoussa port - credits: PitK/Shutterstock.com

A popular Greek idiom states that ‘Love travels through the stomach’; isn’t it the Greekest thing you’ve ever heard?

Test this theory of Greek culture by indulging in delicious, traditional Greek meals at Naoussa port's picturesque taverns located in the region’s emblematic square by the sea, probably also the most photographed part of the island.

Our personal favorite, due to its delightful traditional dishes and its flawless view, is the local-favorite tavern of 'Tsachpinis,' where you can get the fish and most delicious seafood of your life! Immortalize your love and your dream-like holidays with pictures taken against this magical background.

If you feel cheesy enough, you can even recreate the famous ‘Lady and the Tram’ scene with a plate of delicious seafood pasta; it’s a judgment-free zone.

Paros Highlights: Half-day Private tour with Transportation

Further to being a culinary paradise, Naoussa, the idyllic fishing village in the northern part of Paros, is a tranquil place, a lot less hectic than Parikia, which, however, doesn’t lack in restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops to explore.

Therefore, you can wander around the white and blue backdrop of classic Cycladic fashion while holding hands with your better half and taking in the carefree vibe the island exudes.  

If you’re not afraid of upping the romance scale to dangerous levels, spend your afternoon by the sea at Naoussa’s old port and catch the most magnificent sunset you have ever encountered from one of the region's most popular bars, Sommaripa Consolato. Jane Austen, who? Nicolas Sparks? Never heard of him! 

Visit a local winery

Greek wines RUBEN M RAMOS shutterstockBottles of Greek wine - credits: RUBEN M RAMOS/Shutterstock.com

Apart from the sun and the salt of the ocean, do you know what else goes well with love? Wine. Do you feel like your heart can burst with happiness and love? You drink wine. Do you feel heartbroken and want to drown your sorrows? You drink more wine.

Since you’re on your Greek honeymoon, let’s go with option number one. Lucky for you, Paros has a respectable wine production that consists of a wide selection of mouthwatering wine varieties.

Opt for an elegant and sophisticated activity for your honeymoon and taste the delectable Parian wines, and be awed by their rich, earthy taste with a visit to a traditional Greek winery

Moraitis Winery is a family winery founded in 1910 by Manolis Moraitis in Naoussa. Nowadays, the winery has found the silver lining between tradition and the benefits of modern technology, producing high-quality wines on the taste of which one can clearly detect the elements of Paro’s land!

Gaze deep in the eyes of your spouse while sipping on the local aromatic wine in the middle of a lush landscape. *insert multiple heart-eyed emojis* 

Rent ATVs and tour the island of Paros

ATV Paros Pawel Kazmierczak shutterstockATV in Paros - credits: Pawel Kazmierczak/Shutterstock.com

If you have a driver’s license, we would highly suggest you take a ride on the wild side and rent an ATV to tour the island of Paros! Renting an ATV in Paros is as easy as ABC, as rental shops for all kinds of vehicles can be found scattered across the island, with MotorLand and Chaniotis being only a couple of the choices you’ll come across.

Uncover the hidden oasis that lays about 4 km southwest of Parikia, the world-famous, fairy-tale-like Valley of the Butterflies, an absolute must-visit place during your honeymoon in Paros.

The Valley of the Butterflies is a densely vegetated biotope that becomes home to the Tiger moth, the brown-yellow butterfly with a bit of black and white and two orange-red rear wings, every June through August.

The valley invites you to appreciate the beauty of these delicate creatures, however, be mindful of the fact that butterflies get scared easily, so try to avoid upsetting them.

While on your ATV, you can also pay a visit to Paros’ most alluring villages, such as Lefkes and Prodromos. Lefkes, the first capital of the island, is the most mountainous village of Paros, as well as the one with the most vegetation.

Its arresting Cycladic pathways offer the optimum backdrop for a dreamy walk. In the village, you can also find old-time laundry rooms, which some housewives still use, and the House of Literature, the building that hosts writers, translators, and other artists, who, exploiting the tranquility of the location, devote themselves to their creations without being disturbed by exogenous factors, and various taverns and cafes with a wonderful view.

Prodromos is a typical Cycladic village dominated by white cube-shaped houses sporting blue windows and doors, where on June 23, one of the most important Greek folk festivals of Paros takes place.

Apart from the main road, you can also access Prodromos from the thousand-year-long, hour-long Byzantine path, one of the most famous paths of Paros, connecting the village of Lefkes with Prodromos.

You can be in love and fit at the same time; a win-win situation!

Dive into the world of watersports - pun very much intended

watersports Aerial motion shutterstockWatersports in Paros - credits: Aerial motion/Shutterstock.com

Speaking of being fit, if you’re looking for a fun activity in Paros that will add an adventurous flair to your honeymoon, we got you covered.

Most beaches in Paros, besides crystal clear water for swimming and golden coasts for lazily soaking up the sun, offer the opportunity for unique water sports experiences.

If you’re in favor of windsurfing and kite-surfing, the preferred beaches are ‘Nea Chrissi Akti’ (Tserdakia), ‘Chrysi Akti,’ ‘Santa Maria,’ and ‘Punta.’  

If, on the other hand, you’d like to take on a snorkeling adventure with your partner, getting to explore the depths of the Aegean sea, there are plenty of schools that can teach you the basics -along with diving, sailing, and most other fun water activities.

You can find all the information you need at Paros diving center; you can find out for yourself why Paros is one of the world's three best water sports destinations! 

Travel to Antiparos or take a sailing trip around Paros and the Small Cyclades

Antiparos Christophe Anagno shutterstockThe island of Antiparos - credits: Christophe Anagno/Shutterstock.com

Since you’ve made it all the way to Paros island, it would be a waste not to explore the little island that is located less than one nautical mile opposite Paros, Antiparos.

The unmatched allure of Antiparos, along with its old-time aesthetic and tranquil energy, make it an ideal destination for couples that look to enjoy the company of one another in a much more quiet setting than Paros.

Despite being only 35 square km, Antiparos is rich in things to do, offering striking sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters, traditional taverns, cozy cafes, tourist shops, and hip bars to its visitors. 

You can reach Antiparos in around 7 minutes by taking a ferry boat from the port of Punta in Paros, with buses from Parikia and from other areas of Paros being available to take you there.

Tickets to Antiparos are sold onboard -reservations are not possible- and cost approximately 1,30€ for passengers and 6,30€ for cars, while children can travel for free. Please keep in mind that cards are not accepted, so make sure to carry cash with you.

Despite being very short, your journey to Antiparos will be a beautiful one, with a magnificent view of the small islet of Rousamatonisi on your right.

After your arrival, you will find yourself wandering among picturesque whitewashed houses, and by taking a bus, you will be able to visit the stunning beaches of Antiparos, such as ‘Sorou,’ ‘Saint George’ or if you feel like it, the unorganized nudist beach of the island.  

Antiparos is more than worth your while; if we were you, we wouldn't miss the opportunity to explore it. Alternatively, you can embark on a full-day sailing adventure across Paros and the Small Cyclades. Give yourselves the chance to explore the riches of Paros and the Small Cyclades while sailing in the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea.  

Start from the beach of Piso Livadi and travel through the most extraordinary seascapes of the Cyclades. On your way to Iraklia, dive into the location of a WWII-wrecked plane.

Continue by exploring some hidden coves of Iraklia and Koufonisia, as your crew prepares for you a delicious lunch on board. Swim in the waters of south Naxos and round up your experience by reaching the secluded island of Despotiko. Not too shabby for a honeymoon escapade, huh?

Honeymoon in Paros Tips: 

naoussa from above paros Aerial motion shutterstockNaoussa from above - credits: Aerial-motion/Shutterstock.com

1. When to visit 

Timing is everything and that includes your perfect honeymoon in Greece! Paros, like any island of Greece, is closely associated with the summer months.

Don’t get us wrong, a summer vacation in Greece is amazing, but if you wish to avoid the crowds during your honeymoon and celebrate your love with some privacy, then you are better choosing late spring to early summer, and early autumn, for your visit.

If, however, you enjoy the cosmopolitan thrill and the buzz of the crowds keeps you going, the high season months of July and August will keep you on your toes. 

2. Where to stay in Paros 

If you wish your accommodation to be within a walking distance of restaurants, bars, clubs, supermarkets, and ATM machines, then your best options are the two cities, Parikia and Naoussa.

There you will find a wide variety of hotels, apartments, and villas suitable for every style, and you will have direct access to beaches by bus.

Lilly residence Boutique suites in Naoussa is an adult-only hotel, ideal for your honeymoon in Paros. If, however, you are looking for a more slow-paced location for you to relax and enjoy the view of the Aegean sea, then you should book a hotel in Piso Livadi, Chrisi Akti, or Aliki.

Calme Boutique Hotel in Chryssi Akti beach will impress you with its stunning view and immaculate services. 

3. Explore the island alongside local experts 

Explore Paros’ highlights with the help of our local experts. You and your significant other can have the time of your lives on your honeymoon to the Greek island, following the tips and insight with guides who know the island like the back of their hand.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make this honeymoon special by trying unique and fun activities in Paros

4. Go island-hopping 

One is never enough! Why not take advantage of the location of Paros in the Cycladic complex and experience all of Greece on a Greek island-hopping adventure? Naxos is just an hour away from Paros and an excellent destination for both families and honeymooners. 

Final Thoughts

For more tips check our ultimate honeymoon in Greece guide and our Greece trip planner! Choosing your romantic getaway destination is a big decision; it's what you'll remember through the years as your first time as a married couple.

Lucky for you, Paros is made for honeymooners. Pack your bags, wear your sunscreen, and come to this striking Greek island to bask in your love!

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