Girl paying attention to the tour guide on a tour - credits:
Girl paying attention to the tour guide on a tour - credits:

Does traveling with kids sound more like a challenge than a vacation? Are you worried about keeping the young ones entertained so that you can enjoy your hard-earned break? This family travel guide to Greece is designed to give you tips on how you and your family can have a wonderful time doing activities that all members love that will result in memories that will last a lifetime!

Tip 1: Choose Family-Friendly Tours

Family vacation in Greek islands d.travnikov depositphotosFamily vacations in Greece - credits: d.travnikov/

This is perhaps the golden rule when traveling and choosing tours on your vacation. Your average tour will dish out loads of information that may be interesting, but will very often be hard for children to follow. An hour in, you will likely begin to feel the children getting restless and distracted which will make the remaining tour a struggle for all family members. Not at all what you want after spending money and limited time in a city you are longing to explore! Thus, it is crucial that you choose a tour that is specifically designed to be fascinating for both you as a parent and your children. Here at, the team has acknowledged the need for such tours and has created a number of activities and tours designed just for families. The content of information on family-friendly tours is adjusted to ensure that it is suitable for all ages. Furthermore, our tour guides are very experienced with working with children and families (another very important component for a successful tour!). Our Acropolis for Families Tour is the perfect example of one of our highly entertaining (and best-selling) family Greece tours that you should not miss on your trip to our lovely country!

Tip 2: Choose Interactive Activities

kids family scavenger hunt
Kids playing treasure hunt - credits: LightField Studios/

Perhaps the most certain way to keep your kids entertained on any tour or activity is to ensure that it is interactive. In practice, this means that your kids will have a hands-on experience that will not just fully captivate them at the moment, but one that they will likely remember many years later. We have developed an interactive family activity that takes place right in the heart of Ancient Athens: Play & Learn in the Ancient Agora is the perfect way to experience this magical place! We have developed this activity specifically for children of primary and pre-school ages where they will learn all about ancient Athens through drama-oriented games and various quizzes. It is an example of an activity that is compelling, fun, and interactive as well as educational and entertaining for adults. 

Another interactive activity your kids are going to fall in love with, especially if they are little foodies in the making, is our Greek Ambrosia: Athens Market Tour & Cooking Class. It is an extended cooking class, where -after visiting the luscious Athens' food market- you will learn about the basics of world-renowned Greek cuisine and how to make traditional Greek meals - followed by eating it of course! We also offer a very similar activity in Heraklion, Crete, Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, and Nafplion. These experiences are highly rated and have often been the highlight of many families’ trips when they visit Athens, specifically because the children find it great fun!

Acropolis for Families Tour

Tip 3: Think Outside of the Box: From a Child’s Perspective

family athens NadyaEugene shutterstock copyMother and son on the Acropolis hill, Athens - credits: NadyaEugene/Shutterstockcom

One important thing to keep in mind when planning a vacation for the fam is that children often expect an adventurous experience when they are told they are going on holiday. Therefore, if their vacation consists of mundane tours and hours of walking around an unfamiliar city, they are likely to be disappointed as they expected something much more exciting. That being said, we have come up with the perfect city adventure for families which will certainly live up to and exceed the children’s expectations: the Athens Family Treasure Hunt. This is an enthralling way to learn about Athens and the city’s history while embarking on solving a series of challenges and riddles. You will be accompanied by an extensively experienced family-friendly guide who ensures that you learn loads but also have huge amounts of fun while doing so! You can be certain that this is an experience your kids will not soon forget and it is definitely a way to ensure that they remember all the history they will learn too.

Tip 4: Embrace Percy Jackson!

Cecrops and pandrosos Michael Paschos shutterstock copyCecrops and Pandrosos sculptures at the Acropolis Museum - credits: Michael Paschos/

Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson is a series of books (converted to movies) that have a base on the Greek gods and Greek mythology. If your kids happen to be fans of Percy Jackson, then be sure to take a look at our Percy Jackson Package Tours. We have invented these tours specifically to captivate the fans while doing a whole lot of teaching at the same time! We have one, three, five and seven day Percy Jackson oriented tour options as well as an Acropolis & Acropolis Museum Tour Inspired by Percy Jackson.

Tip 5: Get Out of Athens for a Day (or Two)

Cape sounio Aerial motion shutterstock copyAerial view of Cape Sounio- credits: Aerial-motion/

Perhaps one of the best ways to give your kids a sense of adventure on your vacation is to take a day trip out of Athens to one of the many amazing archeological sites in Greece that are for sure on your bucket list. Delphi, Ancient Corinth, Argolis or Cape Sounio are all great options for excursions from Athens that can be done in one day and we arrange for tour guides to be family-friendly and for the content to be child appropriate!

There are no doubt countless tours out there that will take you on the average tour of Athens. We, however, really focus on creating the perfect Athens tours for families. Our goal is for children who experience our tours and activities to learn as much as possible in a way that will ensure they have loads of fun and retain all of the information as a result!

Get in touch with our travel specialists and design the ideal family trip to Greece!

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