Acropolis for Families Tour: An Award-Winning Kid-Friendly Experience

Bring your loved ones together on this specially designed family tour of Athens’ most iconic site; the Acropolis! Your kid-friendly guide will take you on a journey back to ancient times and mythical wanderings.

2 hours
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From €35 / person

Join us for an unforgettable family tour of the Acropolis and gain intriguing insight into the fascinating tales that surround the world-famous Parthenon temple. Follow your family-friendly guide through the secret pathways of history, while keeping your little ones engaged through entertaining puzzles and animated story-telling. Marvel at the famous masterpiece of the Acropolis for a fascinating experience that every family member will enjoy!

Services of a family-expert licensed guide

Guided tour to the monuments of the Acropolis Hill, including the Parthenon and the Erechtheion

An engaging experience for the whole family

What you can expect?

Follow our expert guide on a unique Acropolis family tour and discover the legendary myths of the 'cradle of western civilization'! As you walk past the sacred rock, the sights rise up to greet you through revealing stories at every spot encountered. Learn about the Propylaea, the marble gate of the Acropolis, and stand in awe before the Temple of Nike, the goddess of victory in ancient Greece, as your guide keeps your little ones spellbound!

A carefully developed booklet will complement the guide's story-telling while serving as a source of information that will introduce children to the rich history of the hill. Follow the battle between goddess Athena and Poseidon for the naming of the city; who won and why? Uncover the stories behind the first mythical king of Athens and spot the sacred olive tree that has been a symbol of power for the ancient city-state throughout the centuries. Marvel at the real Greek maidens – Caryatids – that support the Erechtheion and find the secret spot where Zeus stroke his thunderbolt according to the legend! The mythology around the monuments of the Acropolis combined with interesting puzzles and captivating questions included in the booklets will make the little ones stop dead on their tracks!

Inclusions & Exclusions
  • A 2-hour guided tour of the Acropolis
  • Services of a family-friendly licensed guide
  • Specially-designed educational material for the Acropolis shared after the tour via email, as a memento of the experience
  • Transportation (hotel pick up can be arranged on foot)
  • Entrance fees (skip-the-line access) can be purchased during the booking process, as an add-on. Please note that these are subject to availability and are non-refundable, in case you decide to cancel your tour with us.
  • This is a tour with a licensed expert guide: As we want to offer the best service to our guests, we have carefully selected expert licensed guides to ensure the best experience possible. Our team consists of a group of young professionals of high expertise in the fields of Archaeology, History or graduates of the official "Greek State School of Tour Guides." Hence, they are well-trained to share their knowledge with the public in an interesting and fun way. Their academic background works as a springboard immersing you in the wealth of Greek culture and holding your undivided attention for the whole duration of the tour. Despite the aforementioned assets, though, it is their enthusiastic character and passion for their field of study that unquestionably guarantees you a memorable tour experience.
Trip Advisor
If you are planning to visit the Acropolis with young children and you are hesitant, I beg you to reconsider!
Had we not taken the full day tour, we would not learned about interesting facts in the Acropolis and the different districts of Athens. The tour gave us a very good perspective and overview of Athens so much so that we were walking to our destinations on a daily basis. We felt like we were locals! I wholeheartedly recommend booking a tour with Greeking.me.
We did a private family tour of the Acropolis, museum, and Agora. The email communication from the company during booking process was superb. This company does a great job with children. Our guide was impressive, Eva. She was an archeologist full of knowledge. We loved it.
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