Greece Travel Agency; the Key to Booking the Trip of your Dreams

Melina Thalassinou
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Table of Content
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The decision has been made. You will travel to Greece, your dream vacation, and you are determined to make the most out of your Greece trip. 

You want to visit the sought-after Greek island - even indulge in Greek island hopping- and get to know the most remarkable regions of the Greek mainland.

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However, organizing and executing your Greek vacation alone is intimidating at best.

And rightly so, as traveling without experience to a place you've never been before is risky. In fact, it includes a level of risk we wouldn't want anyone taking.  

Here we will show you why you should trust the hands of an experienced Greece travel agent for your trip to Greece!

Why choose Greece travel agents and not travel alone

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By organizing your trip to Greece with a travel agency, you have the opportunity to find better package deals even at the last minute.

In addition, you feel closeness and security in your movements. Due to the experience of the Greece travel agents, you will be helped to avoid mishaps, but also to get to know the best of the destination you have chosen.

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A travel agent also helps to reduce time and effort, which are two very essential elements for a peaceful trip.

In essence, you simply provide your details and the desired dates, and everything else is sorted out, from your flights, accommodation, transport, and entertainment to where you will drink good coffee in Greece (something that is surprisingly important for Greeks).  

This way, you can save valuable time during your trip to Greece and have plenty left to indulge in Greece tours, the exploration of Greek mythology, the local cuisine, or even a day trip nearby.

The benefits of using Greeking.me travel company

You save personal time and effort - no sweating all the details.

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Organizing a trip requires time and a lot of internet searching. All this, as you understand, requires an excessive amount of personal effort.

Also, the whole process can seem useless and tedious. But no matter how one sees it, it is an important part of our journey.

By organizing and searching for information about a destination, the journey starts very early.

It continues on the days you will be at your chosen destination. And it ends when you return home and tell your friends and relatives about it. It's like a "ritual" that lasts months.

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On the other hand, by choosing a travel agency, all of the above are 'sorted out.' Private transfers, top-quality hotels, and Greece tours are booked in advance for you.

All you have to do is choose the package that suits you best or give us the guidelines to design one for you.

Especially for those who do not have enough time at their disposal, choosing a travel agency seems like an ideal choice.

You enjoy 24/7 emergency phone service.

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There is nothing worse than having any type of emergency while you're vacationing in a foreign country and having no one to support you through it.

We understand that, and as Greece travel agents, we wouldn't have that happen to anybody, let alone our customers, who we consider personal guests.

For that reason, our travel company offers travelers to Greece the opportunity to enjoy a 24/7 emergency phone service, which means you will have a number to call, whatever happens, no matter what time of the day it is.

Our utmost goal is for you to enjoy your Greece travel and have the vacation of a lifetime, with everything going as smoothly as possible.

By choosing a Greece travel agent, you are guaranteed the quality of your trip.

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There is not a single Greece travel agent in Greeking.me who doesn't take their clients' trips to Greece.

No matter if you go for an island-hopping adventure across unknown Greek islands, for multiple Greece tours, or for a few days of rest on the Greek mainland, you can rest assured that the quality of your trip will be the best.

There will be no underwhelming experiences in your itinerary, no mediocre hotels, or less-than-great regions of Greece you will experience if a travel agent has a say.

Therefore, you will save a lot of trouble and money and ultimately safeguard the high quality of your Greece vacation.

You have support in case of flight change/delay for the flights booked through Greeking.me.

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We all know how unreliable flights can be. We've all been victims of it, and we've all had a vacation go to shambles due to a canceled or ridiculously delayed flight. Therefore, we know better than to make the same mistake repeatedly.

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Travel companies can prevent you from having this horrible experience during your time in Greece.

A Greece travel agent can offer you full support in case of a flight change or delay for the flights they have booked.

You enjoy a fully customized itinerary with Greece tours and activities that fit you best.

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The biggest merit, in our opinion, in using a Greece travel agent when planning your Greece vacation is that you will be offered a fully customized experience fine-tuned to your needs and desires.

You will communicate to the travel agent or tour company how you've dreamt your best trip to be, and you will be presented with an itinerary that includes top-notch tours and activities that will upgrade your vacation to a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

A wonderful time is just an email or a phone call away!

You will relish the local expertise of your travel agent.

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No one knows a country better than its locals. They know about its hidden gems, Greece off-the-beaten-path locations, the most fascinating tours, and the best tour guides to lead them.

A Greece travel agent, therefore, has all the knowledge and Greece travel tips one needs to make a trip to our country, a wish granted. By trusting a travel agent with your trip, you will gain insight into the local secrets and avoid tourist traps you wouldn't know to avoid otherwise.

You get the best of both worlds: the excitement of visiting a new place and the wisdom of its locals!

You will be explained those details that you will look up in the FAQ to make sure I did it right.

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When choosing a travel company to organize your Greece trip with, you are left with no unanswered questions.

Whenever you're not quite sure of what to do or want an opinion on something regarding your trip, your travel agent or tour director will be there to answer all of your questions.

You won't have to spend any time googling for essential -or not- information!

You won't be surprised by any hidden charges.

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A Greece travel agent strives to offer its clients the best deals possible.

That means they use the relationships they have built over the year with the businesses in the field to ensure great prices that won't break the bank of those wishing to travel to Greece.

As a result, you will know in detail everything you will be required to pay beforehand, and there won't be any unpleasant surprises.

There is nothing we despise more than sneaky fine print!

You will enjoy the opportunity of competitive rates in high-end hotels.

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Since we already talked about the personal relationships travel companies have built that their customers benefit from, we cannot leave out one of the biggest parts of visiting a country, the hotels.  

By booking your trip through a travel agency, you will enjoy the opportunity of competitive rates in luxurious hotels that will make your stay in Greece comfortable and opulent.

You will be presented with the best hotels in the country at prices you wouldn't be able to secure on your own.

Is traveling with a travel agency budget-friendly?

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In all honesty, the budget of a trip plays one the most important roles in choosing the destination we choose. Most of us think that organizing a trip ourselves is always the most economical solution.

No, this is not always the case, and not with all destinations. Many travel agencies offer very good prices on many of their trips.

This happens because they ensure prices that can only be offered to businesses in the field and thus can offer the customer a very competitive and low price.

Especially if you are the last-minute type traveling in a group of people is the smartest choice. Airfare and accommodation prices a few days before a trip are usually quite high.

What's more, the local wisdom they offer may actually save you additional money, as they will deter you from wasting cash on bad eateries, disappointing experiences, and scams.

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Of course, in many cases organizing your trip yourself can bring you incredible financial benefits, reducing the budget quite a bit. But this requires you to be able to plan your trip much earlier.

By booking flights and accommodation 5 to 6 months in advance, the prices you will achieve will be significantly lower than those you will encounter if you go to book at the last minute.

Also, an important point to mention is that in most travel agency packages, there are more or less standard 4-star and 5-star hotel reservations, museums, and sightseeing tours. But many people are not fascinated by long tours of museums and archaeological sites!

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So organizing your own trip gives you the flexibility to choose exactly what to see, what to do, and where to stay. Staying in a cheap hostel or a room from the Airbnb platform, for example, can reduce your travel budget even more.

However, the money you might save is not proportional to the lack of quality you will have to put up with. And that is if you save any money at all, which without having local insight is near impossible to do!  

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How to use a travel agency to organize the perfect trip to the Greek islands or the mainland.

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As already mentioned, a major issue when it comes to travel is organization.

Planning a trip includes booking plane tickets, choosing an area and accommodation for our stay, choosing the Greek ruins or landmarks to visit, figuring out how to get around the city, and even looking for cafes and restaurants to eat at.

Booking a trip with a local travel agency, however, doesn't require any of that.

All you have to do, in this case, is send an initial email with your inquiry, including as many details as possible about what you want.

From that point on, you'll be a couple of emails or phone calls away from having the perfect trip laid out in front of you in detail!

Can a travel agency also include Greece tours in my itinerary

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Of course, you can do whatever you want!

You can let your travel company know exactly what you're interested in, your hobbies, your desires, and your preferences, and the travel agents will make it their mission to come up with the most compatible tours and activities for you.

The sky is the limit!

Do I have more flexibility traveling alone?

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Normally, when you choose to travel through a travel agency, you know in advance that there is a specific schedule to follow. You should know that you will need to get up at certain times to see certain sights.

Of course, this is not always binding since if there is enough notice, your travel agent may be able to change things around a bit.

Thus, the word 'schedule' may cause anxiety to some, but on the other hand, it ensures that you will see more things and will not lose valuable time. And time in travel means money.

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Traveling alone definitely gives you more freedom. Freedom to change your plans at any time.

Enter a coffee shop that looks cute and enjoy a great coffee. Also, sit on a rock and bid the day 'goodbye' by watching a magical sunset in Greece.  

However, if you take the advice of your travel agent and include enough 'free days' in your itinerary, you will still be able to enjoy the sense of freedom, without sacrificing the high level of travel a Greece travel agency promises!

Final Thoughts; what should I choose for my Greece vacation?

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While for most things in life, there are two sides to a coin, when you ask whether to travel alone or with a travel agency, there is a very easy and clear answer, and that is hands down with an agency!

The choice of the trip, but also the way in which everyone will carry it out, is a serious matter you need experience and expertise to pull off.

By explaining your desires, preferences, and budget, you can have an agency design the most lust-worthy trip of your life!

Dare, dream, and travel. Because travel is one of the few things in life that make us "richer."

Keep traveling!

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