Percy Jackson Adventures

What better way to explore Greece than through your favorite book series? Now you have the opportunity to live your own mythological adventure in Greece and follow Percy Jackson's footsteps! From guided tours of the Acropolis to mythological trips around Greece, you will discover a world of mythical tales and fascinating facts that will make you appreciate Greece from a new perspective.

Our Percy Jackson tours and trip itineraries will give your kids the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history of the country and fall in love with the interesting stories their expert guides will narrate. Through interactive tours and vivid narrations, they will watch their favorite books come to life and create fond family memories that will last a lifetime! 

See why our Percy Jackson tours and trips are unique:
  • They will take you around to the birthplace of Percy Jackson and show you the regions that are related to the books.
  • They are led by family-friendly expert guides and licensed archaeologists that specialize in the Percy Jackson series.
  • They will enrich your kids' trip to Greece with knowledge and fascinating facts about their favorite book series.
  • The private tours are completely customizable and can be adapted to your specific needs and desires.

Percy Jackson tours and itineraries

Retrace the steps of Percy Jackson and his friends and discover a world of magic in the ground of Greece. What are you waiting for?
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