Enter the Magical World of Andros Island

Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • Andros is a unique island, sophisticated yet traditional, and not influenced by mass tourism.
  • It is the greenest Cycladic island, with lush vegetation, waterfalls, and abundant springs.
  • It boasts gorgeous beaches, hiking trails, monasteries, and cultural attractions to explore.
  • Andros Island is also easily accessible from Athens, ideal for affordable weekend getaways.

Sophisticated and manorial, without having sacrificed its traditional beauty and character to mass tourism, Andros is not the most typical of the Cycladic islands but rather an extraordinary one that happens to be the northernmost island of the complex. 

The Cyclades are not known for their lush vegetation but rather for the contrasting combination of white and blue. Wonderful nature is not their trademark; it is, however, an amazing added bonus only a few Cycladic islands have.

What’s more, there is also the perception that the farther from Athens an island is, the better it is. Thus, the top tourist destinations among the other Cycladic islands remain Mykonos, Paros, and Santorini, while alternative holidays in Ikaria and Koufonisia stand out.

greek androsAndros beach - credits: pixabay.com

Coming in contrast with all those stereotypes, however, Andros is not only the greenest compared to other Greek islands in the Aegean, full of waterfalls and greenery, gorges and slopes full of vegetation, but it is also not even two hours away from Athens, being an ideal destination even for weekend excursions. 

If you are looking for an island that will combine everything you can look for from your vacation, the ideal place is Andros. It is a classic destination of the Cyclades and not unjustly so. From Chora to Batsi, with the countless beaches, small villages, and leading quality trails, Andros will be unforgettable!

The history of Andros

A panoramic view of Andros island - credits: booking.com

The history of Andros is connected with that of the other Aegean islands. The name of the island goes back to Greek mythology. The prevailing version claims that the first inhabitant of the island was Andros -or Andrew- of divine origin. His father was Anios, son of the god Apollo, and his mother Creusa or Roio, daughter of Stafylos, son of the god Dionysus. 

The mythological origin of the inhabitants of the island interprets the dominant worship of the god Dionysus and the presence of the gods-ancestors in their coins. Other names of Andros are: ‘Hydrousa’ -meaning 'with plenty of water' due to its many springs, ‘Epagris’, ‘Noagria’, and ‘Lasia’, meaning 'with rich vegetation'.

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The island has rich geographical contrasts and combines the dry Cycladic landscape with rich vegetation and abundant water. It is the only Cycladic island whose spring waters form into rivers that spill to the sea that run all year round. 

The geographical position of the island between the mainland of Greece and the complexes of the Greek islands of the Eastern Aegean and the East, the many natural beauties, and the abundant waters made favorable the position of Andros in the spiritual and cultural influences of many cultures.

Reasons to visit the charming Andros, Greece

Andros island - credits: aegeanislands.gr

1. Andros has many beaches that are worth visiting and enjoying its natural landscape. Some of them are Chrysi Ammos, Agios Petros, Batsi, Agios Kyprianos, Plaka, and the well-known Tis Grias to Pidima.

2. It is an ideal island for those who love hiking and endless walks in nature.

3. The island has monasteries dating back to the Byzantine era and the last years of the Ottoman Empire. You can visit them and see up close the tranquility they offer.

6. It is relatively affordable. Prices are not extreme. You can find yourself staying in a hotel with quite affordable prices and wandering in cafes and food shops that are for all tastes.

7. The food is amazing. In Batsi, where we highly suggest you choose for your accommodation during your stay, don't miss the chance to eat at 'Ammos' restaurant. Its shrimp spaghetti is a treat!

8. Andros has many beautiful attractions scattered throughout the island, which are worth seeing. First, we have the Goulandris Archaeological Museum in Chora of the island, which houses findings from excavations in Andros. The Pythara Waterfalls are also beautiful, which you can photograph but also take a dip in if you are daring. The monument of the Invisible Sailor in Chora is the trademark of Andros.

9. Another important attraction is the Maritime Museum in Chora, which was founded in 1972 and is a donation from the Goulandris family. Not to mention the Cairo Library, with rare editions of books, manuscripts, historical archives, works of art, and a small archaeological collection. Finally, another characteristic attraction is the Lower Castle, or rather its ruins and what is left of the Venetians who ruled the island for 250 years.

10. Its picturesque beauty is otherworldly. It is difficult to describe the beauty of Andros. It is an island that you must visit to be able to see for yourself how beautiful it is. Chora is incredibly picturesque, but at the same time majestic since it has shipowners' houses. On the other hand, you have paving, squares, picturesque alleys, beautiful churches, interesting museums, and wonderful bougainvilleas in bright pink.

11. The authentic hospitality of the inhabitants of the island is a reason to visit Andros. The locals have a long tradition of hospitality and you will feel it from the first moment.

12. Do not forget that Andros is located very close to the port of Rafina, which means that you can arrive very quickly to enjoy a refreshing visit to the island. 

13. Andros is a meeting place for artists. Every year there are festivals, exhibitions, concerts, and performances. No one is left with the impression that he has gone to a place that will be deprived of something that a big city has to offer.

How to get to the Greek island of Andros

Boats in Andros island - credits: @george__dimitriou

You can reach the beautiful island of Andros easily from the port of Rafina. Unfortunately, the island is not connected to the port of Piraeus like most Greek islands.

From the port of Rafina, Gavrio, the port of Andros is only 2 hours away by conventional ferry. There are daily itineraries that fluctuate in frequency depending on the popularity of the destination, with the summer months being the busiest and the most expensive for ferry tickets.

If you want to reach the port of Rafina from Eleftherios Venizelos, Athens International Airport, you’ll be glad to know that it is only 10 km away. You can use the bus line of N. Attica to Rafina, which departs from the Arrivals Level, between Exits 2 and 3, opposite Athens airport hotel.

In the case that your starting point is the center of Athens, there are bus routes of the KTEL  bus from Athens to Rafina that start from Mavromateon Street in Pedio Areos. 

Of course, the fastest, easiest, and most direct way to get to the port of Rafina is by your own means of transport via Attiki Odos - Ymittos Ring Road following the signs to Rafina. You can also drive your vehicle through Marathonos Avenue, and turn right towards the port of Rafina. The only difference between these two routes is that if you use Marathonos Avenue, you won’t have to pay tolls.

The best towns and villages to explore on this gem of the Greek islands


Gavrio, Andros island - credits: greektravel.com

From the moment you reach the port of Andros, Gavrio, you will catch the magnificent view of the white houses from afar; the sign that will make you know that you are in the Cyclades. The port of Gavrio is beautiful, small, and clean, with tourist shops along the coast, and car rental offices that one can find in all of the Greek island ports. 

Despite its beauty, Gavrio doesn’t offer a lot of things to see and do. Once there, you will quickly realize that just a pass-through will suffice. It is essentially the starting point for a tour of the island!


Andros Chora - credits: angelfire.com

Andros is a large island and you will need several days to explore it. Its big centers, however, are two. First Chora in the east of the island and then Batsi in the west.

Andros' Chora, the island's capital town stands out, without looking particularly like a Cycladic capital. Despite the cobbled streets and the classic houses with blue windows, it has a manorial, Venetian aura that is from a bygone era.

The naval past is evident in the neoclassical aesthetic with the green courtyards and in the houses of the captains, while the cultural element is also strong with the many museums that dominate the area with their classical architecture.

In the island's capital town, you will come upon the Kairo library, the Empirikeio high school -being named after the famous Greek poet Andreas Empirikos, who was originally from Andros-, and the impressive Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Of course, there are countless cafes and restaurants, as well as many shops with special local pastries. In Andros' Chora, you will never get bored. You may get lost in its scenic alleys, but you will enjoy every minute of it!


Batsi, Andros, Greece - credits: chryssiakti.gr

Batsi, which is the most touristic part of Andros island, is nothing if not simply gorgeous. Apart from its characteristic golden sand beach that has been awarded a ‘Blue Flag’ time and time again, it consists of cobblestone alleys, with houses with traditional courtyards and huts. When dusk falls, the view from the marina to Batsi is simply dazzling, while the sunset there is unique.

Batsi is once again far from the respective tourist centers of other Cycladic islands, such as Mykonos or Paros. It is essentially an amphitheatrically designed, traditional village, which is so beautiful that anyone with an eye for photography will realize that it is a postcard waiting to happen.

The night turns Batsi into the heart of the island's nightlife, but around it is several villages such as Aprovato and "hidden" beaches like Anerousa and Agia Marina. Therefore, it caters both to those who one to spend their Greek holidays caught up in a partying wind whirls and those who are looking for a much more relaxing and peaceful time. Another asset of Batsi is its close proximity to the port of Gavrio.


Korthi, Andros island - credits: greece.com

The southern center of Andros island is the area of ​​Korthi, in a fertile valley with an imposing gorge and abundant running water. It is dominated by the Venetian Castle of Faneromeni, an old medieval fortification, with an impressive view of the Aegean Sea.

In Korthi, you will find many beautiful sandy beaches in small and large coves, with the most famous being Tis Gria to Pidima, which will talk about below. Following the old paths, you will see windmills and watermills, pigeon houses, monasteries and chapels, bridges, beautiful mansions with flowered balconies, and lush gardens. Korthi is well worth a visit if only for eye candy


Menites village - credits: @andros_secrets

This village in Andros, with its mesmerizing springs, is spelled Menites or Mainites, if one accepts the etymology from the ‘Mainades’ and the Dionysian cult of the area during the years of antiquity.

It is one of the most picturesque villages on the island. It is mountainous, full of plane trees and walnut trees, with cobbled streets.

It is neat and charming. Although it is not the highest of villages at an altitude of 200 meters, from its top, straight down to the East, you can see Chora. The view is particularly appealing and undeniably romantic at night.

Menites village has maintained a strong connection to tradition, which is evident in every corner of the village. It is a protected traditional settlement that impresses visitors from all over the world.

Walking in the narrow cobbled streets you will see old mansions, verdant orchards, Byzantine churches, tower houses, old olive mills, watermills, and of course the springs for which the village is famous.

The village square is one of the most beautiful places you’re eyes will feast upon, as it is full of age-old trees and fountains from which plenty of water runs during all seasons. There are sights of great interest in the village, with our favorites being the churches of Agios Georgios of Vathia, Panagia Vergi, and Agios Ioannis of Prodromos.


Stenies - credits: greece.com

Another mountainous village of Andros in Stenies, also a picturesque region, known for its old mansions, the houses of shipowners, and captains. It is worth a short walk in its alleys, especially if you’re interested in architecture.

The road from Stenies that descends to the sea, next to a series of cypress trees, ends at two of the most famous beaches of the island, Gialia and Piso Gialia, which are separated by a rock.

The village is located only two kilometers from Chora, and it is perfect for walks from Palamidi to Katochori, between the tall square towers of the 17th and 18th centuries, from which the three-story Bisti-Mouvela tower stands out. 

 Agios Petros 

Agios Petros - credits: andros.travel.com

Leaving Gavrio, at a very close distance from the port, lies the small village of Agios Petros. The trademark of the village and its biggest attraction is a tower dating from the Hellenistic period. It is speculated that the tower was used as an observatory bak in the day. 

Continuing your exploration of Agios Petros further from the tower, you will be enchanted by the beautiful and relaxing route with the green landscape on one side and the sea shimmering on the other!


Messaria trail - credits: commons.wikimedia.org

Mesaria or ‘Mesa Meria’, as the locals used to call it, is a green village in the hinterland of Andros, at a distance of only 4 km from Chora. It is the medieval center of the island, which hosts Taxiarchis Michael, a great Byzantine church built in 1158. The area, as seen from the sights, has been inhabited for many centuries. 

Mesaria has many cultivable lands. Its beautiful landscapes catch the interest and appreciation of nature lovers and offer them unforgettable walks surrounded by lush vegetation. If you want to stay in this traditional village, you’ll be glad to know that you call find several rooms and apartments for rent.


paleopolis androssimera.blogspotPaleopolis - credits: androssimera.blogspot.com

Paleopolis, is the ancient city of Andros as its name suggests -‘paleo’ means ‘old’’ in English. It is without a shadow of a doubt one of the must-regions of the island, especially if you’re a history buff. 

Today it is a beautiful green village on the slope of Mount Petalo, at the highest point of which there are perhaps the only waterfalls in the Cyclades. Here, you can visit the Archaeological Museum, where important findings from the excavations of the wider area are exhibited.

The best beaches in Andros

1. Vitali Beach

Vitali Beach - credits: @upgradedgreece

Vitali beach is about 15 km from the port of Gavrio and is located in a village of the same name. To get there the road is narrow and requires attention especially when two cars intersect.

The last kilometers is a passable dirt road that will lead you to the beach. Vitali is a small bay with emerald waters and white pebbles. At its edges, there are rocks that are suitable for diving, and inside them, there are caves that you can explore.

It is organized with two beach bars that offer coffee, soft drinks, and snacks, as well as sunbeds and umbrellas. Right beside Vital beach, there is a second, more secluded beach that is not visible from the mainland.

2. Achla Beach

Achla Beach - credits: mlvbphotography.com

Achla beach has been described as one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. It is located northeast of Andros, below the village of Vourkoti. The beach has fine white pebbles and golden sand, while it is windless and the waters have a unique emerald color.

Here flows the river Achlas which springs from the slopes of the mountain of Vourkoti. At the back of the beach, there is a green ravine and a forest of plane trees. At one end of the beach, lies the small church of Agios Nikolaos and at the other end, you will find an imposing lighthouse.

Access is quite difficult by car unless you are driving a 4x4. The route of about nine kilometers is a dirt road that starts on the right from Vourkoti and which in some places becomes dangerous. It is much better, as long as there is this possibility, for the beach to be accessed by boat.

3. Neimborio Beach

Neimborio Beach - credits: mygreecetravelblog.com

Neimborio beach is located just a few meters from the commercial road of Chora of Andros. It lies close to the Nautical Club, while it is protected from the winds and boasts shallow waters. As a result, it is ideal for families with small children.

In the old days, when most of the beaches of the island were accessible only by boat, Neimborio was the most cosmopolitan beach on Andros. Even today, however, it remains a point of reference for the locals. It is organized with sunbeds, showers, and changing rooms and you will find taverns, cafes, and bars on its premises.

4. Paraporti Beach

Paraporti - credits: pennyinwanderland.com

Paraporti beach is located on the right of Chora. It is a large sandy beach quite exposed to the wind and especially to the north winds. It is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds while there are tamarisk trees that offer shade.

You can get there by car following the road from the entrance of Chora or on foot from Kairi Square. However, because the waters in Paraporti deepen sharply and, as already mentioned above, the beach is exposed to the winds, it is not suitable for families with small children.

5. Tis Grias to Pidima Beach

Tis Grias to Pidima Beach - credits: andros-guide.gr

Tis Grias to Pidima is the most popular and characteristic beach of Andros and is located right next to Korthi. Tis Grias to Pidima is considered inaccessible due to its location and the route through the narrow streets of Korthio confuses and disorients the visitors, especially if they are visiting Andros for the first time. 

In detail, you should drive north from the bay of Korthio to the port of Vinji. At the crossroads towards Rogos, you will continue straight for a while. The last meters of the route to Tis Grias to Pidima is a dirt road, but quite passable, so don't worry about it.

From this point, Tis Grias to Pidima beach is not visible and if there are no other cars parked, there is a risk of passing the point without realizing it. You will have to leave the car and find the path that will lead you down to Tis Grias to Pidima. The view from above is unique.

6. Korthi Beach

Korthi Beach - credits: andros.gr

Korthi is located in the southern part of Andros. It is quiet and picturesque with several taverns. If you cross the village from its left side, towards the end, you will find yourself on a small but very beautiful beach which in fact has a lot of shade.

It has sand and crystal clear waters and gathers a lot of people, mainly locals of the village. Because it is located at the edge of the bay, it is windless and protected from the wind. On the right side of Korthio, there is the sandy beach of Mylos, which is large, with clear blue waters.

Mylos beach is exposed to the winds but is ideal for those who like surfing. Korthi is about 33 km away from Gavrio and the route is very beautiful as the road that leads there is high above the sea.

7. Apothikes Beach

Apothikes Beach - credits: @alluring_andros

Apothikes beach is located on the west side of the island and is a small windless and picturesque cove. It has fine pebbles and wonderful emerald waters.

To reach it, you will need to cross a dirt road for about two kilometers, but for any difficulty you encounter, you will be compensated by admiring the awe-inspiring landscape.

On the beach, there is a beach bar which, in addition to music and snacks, provides sunbeds and umbrellas. But at the same time, there is plenty of space to put, if you wish, your own umbrella.

8. Batsi Beach

Batsi Beach - credits: @orodland

Batsi is one of the most charming villages of Andros and as long as you are on the island it is impossible not to visit it. It is built on two hills above its natural harbor. The beach is just as beautiful and charming as the village.

Sandy, large and relatively protected from the winds, Batsi is popular with locals and visitors to the island. You can get there even by bus. There, you will find many taverns, but also various types of shops. Next to the beach, there is a comfortable parking space.

9. Kypri Beach

Kypri Beach - credits: @thomaschrisohoidis

Kypri beach is located in the western part of Andros and is one of the windiest on the island. It has soft sand and blue crystal clear waters. There is a parking space and, of course, it is organized.

There are all the amenities from umbrellas, sunbeds, and a beach bar that offers light meals, snacks, and cool drinks to the guests who want to stay several hours and enjoy the sea. Finally, there is the possibility of access to the beach by bus, which is very useful if you are on the island without your own car.

10. Chryssi Ammos Beach

Chryssi Ammos Beach - credits: tripadvisor.com

Driving north and after passing Kypri you will meet the beach of Chrysi Ammos. It is a large golden beach that provides all the comforts of an organized beach. On the main road, there is a small plateau where you can park. In the high-season summer months, however, this space is not enough, so you have to park along the road, like most of the visitors.

The beach has a bar with sunbeds but there is plenty of free space for you to spread your towel on. The waters are crystal clear and shallow, which makes it ideal for families with young children. Due to its location, it is also protected from the strong north winds.

11. Agios Petros Beach

Agios Petros Beach - credits: @ariadne_andjustthat

The beach of Agios Petros is located on the main road that leads from Batsi to Gavrio. It is the largest beach on the island with a length of about one kilometer. As a result, even in the days of August, you will hardly see it full of people.

It is an organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas. At one end there is the beach bar, 'Kalyva', where you will enjoy cool drinks or a snack from the kind and welcoming staff. You can easily get there even by bus.

It has shallow waters, and for that reason, it is often chosen by families with small children. At the same time, because it is exposed to the winds, it is ideal for sailing and windsurfing.

12. Fellos Beach

Fellos Beach - credits: @travel_recipes.gr

Fellos beach is located northwest of Andros, immediately after the homonymous village. It is about four kilometers from the port of Gavrio and access to it is easy and comfortable. It is sandy and has crystal clear waters and several trees that protect it from the sun.

It is not organized so you should have made your supplies in water and snacks. While it is not organized, on the beach, there is a tavern that serves if you want to order coffee and soft drinks.

13. Zorkos Beach

Zorkos Beach - credits: @andros_daily

Zorkos beach is a large sandy beach that is organized but at the same time quite quiet. There is a small dirt road to access the beach but the destination is worth it. In the only tavern on the beach, there is you can enjoy delicious local appetizers. 

Getting around the island

Andros' streets - credits: @angevour

Due to the considerable size of Andros, you will need a means of transport during your stay on the island. Because its distances are quite long, whether you live in Gavrio, Batsi or Chora, you will need a vehicle to transport you from one place to another. 

If you cannot have your own car with you, or you’re afraid of driving it and the dirt roads of Andros, in case it breaks down, you can opt for a rental. You can rent either a car, a motorcycle, or an ATV in one of the many rental places that are scattered all around the island and especially in Gavrio port.  

In general, the road network of Andros is good. The main axis runs along the southern coasts and connects Gavrio with Batsi, Chora, and Korthi. From there and beyond, several secondary country roads and dirt roads end on secluded beaches.

The KTEL bus of Andros offers transportation with regular itineraries within the island. Most itineraries follow the arrivals and departures of ferries to and from Rafina and connect mainly the 4 urban centers of Andros, the port-Gavrio, Batsi, the capital Chora, and Korthi.

sea androsAndros sunset - credits: pixabay.com

Departure points of the buses are Chora, Korthi, and Gavrio while the buses pass through Batsi. The buses run along the main road that connects these 4 urban centers of the island and make several stops.

During the summer months, extra routes of the KTEL are planned in nearby settlements and destinations of Gavrio, Batsi, Chora, and Ormos Korthio, for which you can find information at the local KTEL stations.

There are also private buses that can be rented for specific routes.

Andros has not yet been sufficiently developed as a hiking destination. There are no special parking spaces for hikers. The transfer to and from the paths can be done alternatively by private means that you will bring to the island or that you will rent, by taxi and/or bus. 

Many of the trails start from the urban centers of the island so usually you do not need transport at the beginning but mainly at the end of a route since it is not circular. Alternatively, you can start by taking a taxi to the farthest end of the route you have chosen in order to reach one of the urban centers you are interested in. 

Things to do in Andros 

Andros island view - greece-is.com

1. Visit its festivals. No, you will not see small traders but instead, it has traditional island music with local artists while you can enjoy traditional food and drinks and mingle with the locals.

The best are: in Makrotantalo from the homonymous club on the 6th or 7th of August, in Ammolochos on the 15th of August, in Katakilo shortly after the 15th of August, and in Ano Gavrio on the 17th of September on the courtyard of the church of Agia Sophia.

Do not forget to take with you a cardigan or a sweatshirt because it will probably get cold at night, even in the middle of summer. That is unless you know how to dance the traditional dance of the island, in which case you will warm up!

2. Go to Chora to walk to the statue of the ‘Invisible Sailor, which is a tribute to the lost and fallen sailors. The view you will have the opportunity to see will reward you; don’t hesitate to take as many photos as you can. On the way there, you will notice picturesque mansions of sailors, and captains while at the end of the small roads you will always see the sea.

3. In case you are religious, or interested in churches in general, you can visit three monasteries: Zoodochou Pigi, above Batsi, Agia Marina, where every year a large number of Cypriots flock from a miracle that happened relatively recently, and Agios Nikolaos which is located just outside Vourkoti.

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4. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Vassilis and Eliza Goulandris Foundation in Chora. Every year it hosts very important exhibitions, such as that of Toulouse Lautrec. If you have time, we highly suggest you make an additional stop at the museum of Paleopolis.

5. Of course, Andros has many options for entertainment. The bars in Batsi are many and have the best cocktails and great views. ‘Vrachos’ is a bar built on a rock with a variety of ice creams, sweets, and cocktails.

On the other hand, you can opt for ‘Veranda’, which has the best profiteroles on the island, but also ‘Skala’, a bar with cool cocktails to the sounds of Latin and reggae music. Finally, ‘Capriccio’ is a neat bar with a beautiful view, which plays mainstream music, but occasionally hosts various DJs and has a wide variety of drinks and cocktails.

androsAndros - credits: pixabay.com

6. Take a look at the captain's houses in Korthi and Stenies. All the villages in the hinterland are wonderful, but these two gather the lion's share in Andrian mansions and occasions for afternoon walks. Korthi, however, also has its sea version, the famous and cosmopolitan Ormo Korthiou, which is also definitely worth a walk.

7. See the green side of the Cyclades in Apoikia. Whoever dares to tell you that the Cyclades are rocky islands with no greenery, take them for a walk in Apoikia of Andros, to see Neraidotopos with its running waters and its green landscape.

8. Follow one of Andros’s incredible paths. The network of trails, which are over twenty, is probably the best way to get to know the island. They are mapped, accessible, and with varying degrees of difficulty, and if you walk them, you will come upon beautiful images, such as stone arched bridges, caves, and excellent views of the Aegean.

Two of the many spectacular routes of the island are the one that starts from Apoikia and ends at the beach Piso Gyalia, and the one that crosses the gorge Dipotamata, passing next to twenty-four watermills and an arched bridge, to reach the village of Kochili. 

9. Visit the archeological site of Ypsili. Perhaps the most important archeological site on Andros island, and the only one that is organized, Ypsili is one of the most important cities of the Iron Age in the Aegean. 

In Ypsili, you will see the sanctuary of Demeter, as well as parts of the wall, and remnants of ancient houses. You will find Ypsili in the village of Aprovato, going from Batsi to Chora.

What to eat & drink

Food in the Greek islands - credits: ORLIO/Shutterstock.com

One of the island's most famous dishes is the local version of the omelet, called ‘froutalia’ or ‘furtalia’. It is made with eggs, potatoes, local sausages, and chopped fresh mint. It is fried whole - and not scrambled - and carefully turned over to be cooked on the other side in a covered pan, until a well-formed, fluffy and delicious omelet emerges.

In many parts of the island, they make delicious meatballs and potato meatballs, zucchini fried with batter, and a very nice dish of braised rooster with spaghetti.

A famous seasonal dish of Andros island, is the ‘labriatis’, the Easter lamb or goat that is stuffed with chopped liver, onions, eggs, and cheese.

In terms of confectionery, the island is known for its famous macaroons, flavored with flower water. In fact, some confectioners enhance their flavor by adding almond bitters. In addition to macaroons, in Andros, you can find wonderful nougat - on the island they have a tradition of almond-based sweets, such as ‘pastikia’, a type of cookie with almonds, pastels with sesame or walnuts, and pastries.

Finally, another product that you will find mainly in villages around the area of ​​Gavrio is ‘ponzi’, the Andrian version of rakomelo with local honey that smells of thyme!

As if by magic, the best ‘furtalia’ is consumed exclusively in Andros and although its authentic version is considered that of Chora, it is worth trying it on the ‘Balcony of the Aegean’, in Aprovato, near Batsi. You won’t be able to tell which is better: the food or the unique view of the Aegean.

Apart from the delicious traditional food, you can eat at ‘Skalakia’ and ‘Paraporti’, in Chora, you will also find exceptional sweets. You can find the best macaroons and ‘pastikia’ in ‘Laskari’, which has been the leader on the island since 1906. You will find authentic high-quality ice cream in ‘Ermis’ and homemade pastries in ‘Rodozachari’.

In Batsi, we suggest you try the food of ‘Thalassa’, ‘Stamatis’ and ‘Giakoumis’. In Gavrio, our favorite eateries include ‘Sails’ and ‘Giannoulis’, while in Ano Gavrio, ‘Kossi’ is perhaps the best tavern on the island. 

For a relaxing and refreshing drink, we suggest you visit ‘Capriccio’ and ‘Skala’. In general, Andros does not have the most exuberant nightlife. Usually, at night, everyone gathers in Batsi and has fun in one of these two bars. 

Final Thoughts

cyclades androsAndros - credits: pixabay.com

It is regal, and cosmopolitan, has a long naval tradition, excellent infrastructure, lively cultural movement, and lush vegetation!

It is located very close to Attica and the Evian land. It has a good road network, plenty of sandy beaches, and a separate hinterland suitable for all kinds of explorations.

This is Andros Island, and although you won't find it in our Greece vacation packages like most other noteworthy Greek destinations, we promise that a tailor-made trip to it, will steal your heart!

Visit Andros, and you'll soon wonder why you have overlooked it for other islands for many years!

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