Menta Cafe
Menta Cafe

Athens is an ideal place for people who are fancy going out in coffee shops, bars and clubs. There are hundreds of places where Athenians can enjoy their drink. If you are one of those who drink their coffee in cafeterias that they just happen upon, this list is not for you!

The 10 best cafes in Athens

1) Menta cafe

(10 Ag. Theodoron, Kifissia)

Menta is located in a peaceful and quiet street, a little away from the main shopping street of the area. The building is an old neoclassical house where the very well-known poet Sikelianos was relaxing during summertime back in old times. The atmosphere is relaxing and the sounds of jazz & lounge music persuade customers to talk in a soft and quiet voice. If you are not in mood of drinking any beverage, keep in mind that they make some tasty home-made sandwiches.

serbetospitoSome of the best desserts in town are served in Serbetospito (Nancy's Sweet Home)
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2) Serbetospito

(1 Plateia Iroon, Psirri)

It is said that this shop serves the most delicious desserts of Athens. It would be a serious emission if you were in this place and just ordered a coffee. Sweet dessert is a “must” in case that you are in Serbetospito.

kokkini-svouraKokkini Svoura

3) Kokkini Svoura

(17 Agiou Georgiou, Halandri)

Athens Orientation Tour with Greek Coffee

There are three things that everyone loves at this cozy place; its home-made cookies, Sunday’s rock & roll swing parties and its -always smiling- personnel. If you be there before afternoon and decide to accompany your coffee with some cookies you can decide about their ingredients (chocolate options, fruit options, nuts options etc). Then, you taste them warm as they bake them just for you, exactly when you order them.

little-kookLittle Kook - A place from a fairytale
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4) Little Kook

(19 Karaiskaki, Psirri)

Little kook is a fairytale in the heart of Athens. You will be sure that you are at the right place when you see a green dragon above the entrance. The personnel of Little Kook is dressed up in costumes and the menu is something we cannot describe!.. If you are a person who gets excited with fantasy stories and the magic world of tales, don't miss this coffee shop.

to-tsaiThe paradise of the tea lover
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5) To tsai

(19 Soutsou, Kolonaki)

This is the perfect place for people who prefer tea rather than coffee. Its variety of tea flavors is huge and will leave satisfied even the most demanding customers of tea shops. The most exclusive tea point of Athens offer open buffet brunch every Sunday (12:00-17:00), too.

myrtilloThe awarded as a social enterprise coffe shop in Athens - Myrtillo
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6) Myrtillo cafe

(Trifilias & Lampsa, behind the playground of the park)

Myrtillo is the most respectable and innovative coffee shop of Athens. It is the first coffee shop where only differently abled people work and was awarded as social enterprise in 2014. It is a very beautiful cafe with obliging staff which definitely worth its award.

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3-day local discovery of Athens

7) Handlebar

(8 Melanthiou, Psirri)

Handlebar is a lovely hangout for cyclists, but that doesn’t mean you are not welcome to enjoy its energizer beverages and food. It happened to become the first “bike-friendly” cafe of the city just because it is located next to a bike shop. A friendly, cool place for young people with low prices which is just perfect if you are lucky enough to find a free table.

bel-reyBel Ray 
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8) Bel ray

(88 Falirou & Olimpiou, Koukaki)

A snack bar that keeps elements of the car wash and car care products shop that had been located for years at that place. It 's a snack bar with personality. The customers of Bel-ray can browse the place while enjoying their meal at this untypical snack bar.

kimoliaKimolia Art Cafe
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9) Kimolia art cafe

(5 Ypereidou, Plaka)

Kimolia is a small art cafe located in a almost 100-year-old building. Kimolia's decoration and aura reminds us of the old times in Athens. It is rather sophisticated and transfuses an optimistic feeling to whoever enters the place. Highly recommended if you like oldies but goodies.

six-dogsSix Dogs - A garden in the center of Athens
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10) Six Dogs

(6-8 Avramiotou, Monastiraki)

Six dogs is one of the most popular garden cafes of Athens. People take a break from walking in this beautiful secret garden of Athens. One should first go down the stairs and suddenly, the garden appears in from of one’s eyes. It's a good option and the citizens of Athens love this place because it is a quite large garden just few minutes walk away from Monastiraki square.

These are our 10 favorite cafes in Athens. Interestingly, most of the aforementioned cafes become wonderful bars after evening time.

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