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Visiting Santorini

Santorini is no doubt one of Greece’s most famous and popular islands. That being said, visiting the island with young children can be a challenge if you don’t do your research first. Santorini is actually quite large with many villages scattered all over it; the capital town Oia may be the most graphic but is not be the most convenient place to stay with children, especially if you have strollers! We have done the research for you and comprised it all below for you to be prepared for your family trip to Santorini. Take a look!

If you recently exchanged vows of eternal love, congratulations to the beginning of your new life! What comes next is a memorable honeymoon, right? But how to choose the right place? Normally, you must have never heard of a really popular Greek song called “Cruise” by Vangelis Germanos, according to which, Santorini is the ideal destination for couples deeply in love -and especially penguins, or whatever kind of love bird you identify yourselves with. Just listen to the song & you’ll know what we mean.

The beaches of Santorini island always leave their visitors speechless, and as for those who still haven’t witnessed them with their own eyes, they are curious - to say the least. On a terrain created from solidified magma two million years ago, you can literally expect the unexpected. The common trait of all Santorini’s beaches is its deep and crystal clear blue waters as well as their rejuvenating effect. Depending on the color of the surrounding rocks and pebbles, the hour of the day and the reflection of the sunrays, you will certainly feel as if you were looking at a marvelous painting -so, bring out the photographer in you and take many, many shots!

In the southern part of the Cyclades in the Aegean sea, lies one of the most renowned islands of Greece. This is no other than Santorini or Santa Irene, which is, in fact, a cluster of islands. Always scoring high in travel rankings but most importantly in the hearts of its visitors, Santorini is labeled as romantic -given its world famous sunset and the many weddings taking place there every year- adventurous and timeless.

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