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Corfu, the ‘island of the Phaecians,’ is characterized by its aristocratic character and the prominent Italian presence, especially in its architecture, that was left by the long-gone Venetian rule. It is an island with a wealth of culture and local traditions that make it a fun and fascinating destination for travelers from all over the world.

Its emerald waters can be enjoyed on its numerous beaches, with Kassiοpi and Palaiokastritsa being local favorites. What’s more, among its historical sites, Mon Repo and Spianada Square are the ones you cannot omit from your Corfu itinerary. Here, you can discover more about the history and everyday life of the mesmerizing island of Corfu. Don’t miss the chance to visit this quaint Greek island and give in to its undeniable allure!

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With its distinct Venetian architecture and aristocratic ambiance, the island of Corfu is a summer destination that will reward you with amazing experiences and heart-stopping landscapes. Here is a selection of posts about Corfu that will help you get introduced to the island and discover its true beauty. One thing is for sure: by the time you've read them, you will be planning your next trip to Greece!
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