Kolonaki - credits: Yasemin Olgunoz Berber/Shutterstock.com
Kolonaki - credits: Yasemin Olgunoz Berber/Shutterstock.com

We love blogging about the neighborhoods of Athens. Each one has its own beauty and it’s great to spend some time discovering their unique characteristics. We advise people visiting Greece to find time and explore some places like Nea Smyrni, Kolonaki, Exarcheia or Gazi. These are some of the best districts to spend your morning or evening in Athens like a local. Of course you have to visit the Acropolis area and the other touristic spots, but it is always great spending your day in some places often skipped by visitors. This is a nice way to taste the real Athens.

Kolonaki is one of the most historic districts of Athens. It’s a district that covers a huge area, from Syntagma Square and Vasilissis Sofias avenue to the edges of Lycabettus hill. Last Sunday, we decided to spend our evening in Kolonaki and we had a marvelous time, as it is an Athenian neighborhood that will never disappoint you; there is always something to see, do and experience in its superb streets. And let's not forget about its biggest "competitive advantage": It is easily accessible by foot from Syntagma Square.

Kolonaki, which translates to 'little column' in Greek, has taken its name from a little column that can be found in the center of its square. In modern Greek history, Kolonaki is regarded to be the most aristocratic district of Athens. This is due to its strategic location, which is within walking distance from the building of the Greek parliament. The region is additionally known for hosting the most important Greek businessmen for a business meeting or a cup of coffee after work.

View from Kolonaki - credits: Satu Kapral/Shutterstock.com

Nevertheless, that's not all there is to Kolonaki. This luxurious neighborhood offers one of the greatest shopping markets of the city, with its streets being decorated with hundreds of unique high-end shops hosting famous Greek fashion designers. However, be careful, if you wish to shop in Kolonaki, you might have to break the bank, as the prices tend to be pretty steep. Apart from its shopping scene, in Kolonaki, you can also find many cafés, bistros, bars, and restaurants. Depending on your budget and preference, you can make online research for a luxury or a more affordable restaurant in the region.

Our advice for visiting Kolonaki would be to make sure to visit Charitos street. Charitos street is a narrow picturesque street, where you can find all sorts of restaurants and bars for delicious food and drinks. The bars here are housed on the ground floor of apartment buildings and due to them being close to one another, the atmosphere reminds us of a Greek island! Good music and affordable prices make this narrow street a local-favorite hidden treasure. It's one of our favorite Kolonaki's streets and we find it to be a really special and authentic place!

Kolonaki is one of the most luxurious and stylish neighborhoods of Athens, far away from the tourist traps, and a place that is definitely worth your visit regardless of your budget. Browse its streets, sip your drink in one of its cozy bars, and have the time of your life like a true local! You can always use our Athens travel guide.