Athens for Foodies: The Ultimate Gastronomy Tour

A sense-provoking, 4-hour journey into Athens’ culinary scene, with more than 15 tastings of real Greek food that will make your taste buds tingle the entire time.

4 hours
Group Type
Small Group or Private
Daily except Sundays
From €59 / person

What better way to explore Athens than eating your way through it? With an in-the-know foodie guide, you’ll enjoy 15 (!) tastings of the Greek cuisine as you walk through the non-touristy neighborhoods of Athens, to meet vendors and learn about traditional Greek recipes. From crunchy phyllo pies to cold cuts, and from stuffed tomatoes to loukoumades, your taste buds will be tingling the entire time. Big tip: come hungry.

A variety of tastings, including traditional Greek dishes from age-old recipes

Exploration of Athens' most popular neighborhoods

An expert local guide to help you every step of the way

A complimentary gift from us, as a memento of your experience

What you can expect?

Starting from Syntagma Square, where the heart of Athens beats, you will begin an unforgettable journey through Greece's flavors. After meeting your food-loving guide, set off on a city exploration that will introduce you to the local culinary scene.

In this 4-hour experience, your guide will share with you an insight into the enduring history of Greek food and culture. Starting your day with a traditional phyllo pie from a family-run shop, you will be led to hidden culinary gems inside the city that only locals know about. You will visit many different food and pastry shops, off-the-beaten-path taverns & traditional restaurants, while you will also explore the Athens Central Market, the center of Athens' gastronomy life.

Traveling with an expert local means nothing will get past you. You'll learn why food is a special element of Greek culture; the variety of fresh and organic ingredients that the Greek land provides us with during each season; how different spices have different uses and what makes Greek cuisine so special. 

This tour features 15 delicious tastings in 8 different stops, including koulouri, spanakopita, pastourma, feta cheese, among other Greek cheeses, different varieties of Greek olives, sweet pastries like loukoumades, and portokalopita, and homemade Greek recipes. You'll get to escape the crowds and taste the best of what Athens has to offer!

Unlike many Athens food tours, you won't just be sampling mouthfuls. "Athens For Foodies" is a 4-hour Greek gastronomy tour, where you will taste traditional Greek recipes -always fresh and seasonal- followed by the favorite treat of the ancient Olympic Games winners! It is not by accident, after all, that it is a best-seller and is included in all of our Greece vacation packages!

We warn you not to eat breakfast & guarantee you there will be no room for lunch! 

Inclusions & Exclusions
  • All food tastings (more than enough for lunch)
  • Exploration of the Athens Central Market 
  • Loads of culinary, cultural & historical anecdotes 
  • Services of an exceptional foodie guide
  • A complimentary gift from us, as a memento of your experience
  • We can provide food substitutions for vegetarians,
  • We can customize the tour to include gluten-free options. Please book the private tour option.
Trip Advisor
Our tour guide, Elena, was filled with knowledge about Greek culinary history, making each stop that much more meaningful. We tried a huge variety of Greek dishes, many of which I'd never heard of. It was spectacular. Not only did we leave too full for breakfast and lunch, but we also got to explore a different part of the city. I highly recommend this tour.
Sally E
Had a lovely stroll around parts of Athens sampling delicious food. Our guide Elena was very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. It was a good page. Good amount of food. Full but not stuffed and unable to walk when finished! An alternative food was offered to a person with allergy. Very good experience. Would definitely recommend.
This food tour was my favorite experience from my recent trip to Greece. The walking tour began in Syntagma Square and ended in Psirri. Most places we stopped had been operating in that location, specializing in one food item, for generations. The portions were extremely generous and there was never any pressure to purchase the products we were sampling. I highly and enthusiastically recommend this tour.
Kristen B
Our tour with Eleni was fabulous. We loved seeing parts of Athens we would never have found and tasting authentic Greek dishes. We were very pleased to receive a follow-up email with notes from our tour, some favorite recipes and even her suggestions for food in our upcoming stay in Santorini. Eleni and GreekingMe tours were a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in Athens.
The Athens Foodie Tour was exactly what my boyfriend and I were looking for. Dimitra, our guide, walked us through the best restaurants and stuffed us full of food while sharing some of the historic knowledge of Athens. I mentioned this to a friend who was born and raised in Athens and she was even unaware of some of these hidden gem restaurants!
Amazing! We learned about Greek food and its connection to Greek history. We were so full, and even went back to a few of the restaurants later in our stay. Definitely do this tour if you're interested in food, culture, and history.
Rebecca D
Getting our own food tour we were exposed to so many cultural things and places to eat, that we never would have found otherwise. It's also a huge bonus to have someone guide you that is ridiculously knowledgeable about the history and the food of Athens.
Great Athens food tour. We had a very knowledgeable guide who gave us the historical background behind the foods we tasted. We were introduced to a wide range of delicious foods, ranging from savoury to sweet. Since there was a heat wave at the time, temperatures were very high, but thankfully the majority of the tour took place in air conditioned restaurants/cafes, and also the walks from one location to the other were thankfully mostly shaded. In general, excellent experience and introduction to Athens.
We took a private food tour in Athens for the family on our second day with Elena. The tour was absolutely Great! The food was way and beyond what we would expect it to be. Elena our guide was outstanding. Very informative and knowledgeable. It was our best decision to explore Athens culinary wise!
This was our favorite tour of all the trips we did in Europe. Our only suggestion is to skip breakfast before you do this tour. We were stuffed by the halfway point, but somehow managed to eat all the delicious food Elena showed us. Elena also followed up with us after the tour giving us a recap of what we ate and did, recommendations for places to eat for our remaining time in Athens (and Greece overall) and also gave us recipes to make some of the food we tried.
Mathew G
We couldn't have expected so much fun and history to be mixed in to a food tour with such great English! It seemed we were getting the insider's version and true local culinary specialties. Dimitra is an amazing guide, and the walk around less touristy streets had enough tastings and aromatic stops to create a memorable milestone in our honeymoon.
Emile C
Elena was a fabulous guide. She is very personable and very knowledgeable. There is nothing about Greek food culture she doesn't know. She obviously loves Greek food, and it shows in her enthusiasm and knowledge. We thoroughly enjoyed our four hour trip and left absolutely stuffed and satisfied. I would recommend this food tour to everybody. Also, this is an excellent value for the money.
Ted L
We started the tour with the "koulouri bread" and ended with "Greek Coffee". Elena, our tour guide, knew all the details about the food, the ingredients, how it is produced or made, the traditions and its history. This is one of the best tours that one can attend to learn the culture of of Greek people but essipecially Athenians. Stongly recommended.
Elena our guide is a historian and languages expert and also really knew her stuff about food! An amazing tour filled with delicious traditional Greek food, different things to the usual moussaka and slouvaki that you can get anywhere. We loved it.
We did a private tour with our fantastic guide, Eleni. Unlike a typical food tour, this tour took us to all of the places where locals go. We got to taste amazing authentic food from locally owned establishments that we never would have found on our own. I would highly recommend taking a tour with Greeking.me. It was more affordable and far more interesting than most food tours I have done.
We did a private food tour of Athens and could not be more pleased! We got to eat real, authentic, local food from places we probably wouldn't have known otherwise. We tried about 10-12 different dishes and 3 different wines along with a huge (and tasty) local cheese tray. I have food allergies, so I was glad I could avoid any issues. Booking a private food tour with Greeking.me is definitely worth it!
We had the most amazing day on our Foodie tour. We tried so many wonderful Greek treats and unusual foods that you don't find everyday in the usual Greek restaurants. The tour guides not only knew their stuff about food, but we had a very informative educational tour on ancient Greece and the history of Athens. I highly recommend Greeking.me as they know how to make you feel welcome and know what you're looking for.
Princess G
We did a private tour with our fantastic guide, Eleni. Unlike a typical food tour, this tour took us to all of the places where locals go. We got to taste amazing authentic food from locally owned establishments that we never would have found on our own. I would highly recommend taking a tour with Greeking.me.
The tour guide was quite professional which made the experience even more enjoyable. At personal level expand my gastronomic and cultural knowledge, because in addition to proving good dishes, we still know a little of the history of this magnificent country.
Had a spectacular time walking the streets of Athens today as we sampled 15 traditional Greek dishes. Walked all over the city and had the chance to visit the Central Market and see all the fresh fish and meat of the day. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the history of each restaurant visited and the city in general! I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who loves food!
Ciara S
We took the Greeking.me private Athens food tour it was the best day of our trip! Heleni took us around to all the best food spots and showed us She also took the time to answer all of our questions about Greek culture and society. It was much more than just a food tour, and was a very well rounded and personable experience. In short, this is an absolute must when visiting Athens!
Jessica H
I really loved the Athens food tour. Our guide, Eve, was amazing, not only for being super professional but also for being interested in our culture. This tour isn´t only about food, you can also discover awesome places with history. Not to mention the wonderful dishes we had the chance to sample! This is the best way to explore Athens!
Magda G
Our guide, Ellen, was very personable and knowledgeable. The stops we made and the food we enjoyed was a very good introduction to Greek cuisine, which I have enjoyed and my wife was unfamiliar. If you aren't familiar with the Greek kitchen, book this tour and it will help you better appreciate and enjoy every meal you have while in Greece.
Yesterday we went on an Athens food walking tour for four hours. Eva was a great guide very knowledgeable and sincere. She made the food tour very interesting with history of the families who owned the stores from which we sampled many foods. We would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to sample Greek food.
Firstly, we used the company to book transfers to and from the airport to our hotel. This service was prompt and efficient. We also booked the Athens food tour which is definitely worth trying. Our guide Eleni was excellent. You walk through the back streets to place you may otherwise have missed, tasting various dishes. The company throughout were helpful and informative and I would not hesitate to use them again.
Pieris A
This was the HIGHLIGHT OF OUR TRIP. We sampled local delicacies and drinks from cafes, restaurants, delis and street vendors as well as visiting local sites including athens' local market and several historical churches. Throughout our meanderings, our tour guides supplied us with a wealth of interesting facts surrounding the history of the food and the local area. The entire tour was immaculately planned.
I really enjoyed the food tour, it was one of the best experiences. The guide was friendly and knowledgeable, always ready to answer any question. A great way to learn about local culture while enjoying tasty flavours. A must !
Joana C
Athens food tour with Greeking.me was lovely. My tour guide was very friendly and smart. She pointed out significant sites on our way to our different stops, and gave us really interesting facts about each food we tried and each place we stopped at. I enjoyed the variety of tastings. I walked away with my stomach full and a better understanding of Greek cuisine and culture!
karen m
This Athens food tour combine the best food in Athens with the history of the city. The guides deliver it in a well organized package with delicious tasting in a cozy atmosphere. We booked the private food tour. The best experience we had on our trip to Athens. Do yourself a favor and book this experience in the start of your trip.
Great guide and excellent choices. A great way to learn about Athens culture in a delicious way. Highly recommend!
My husband and I went on the Athens for Foodies tour! It was honestly a highlight of our holiday in Greece! We experienced delicious food from local places, that we would never have found ourselves. If you love Greek food and want to see Athens like a local, we highly recommend this tour.
Maria F
Anna lead my husband and me on a delicious adventure both on and off the beaten track of Athens. First she oriented us to the history of Greek food and the several historic contributing cultures. She took us to the very best shops and kitchens for the most authentic and well prepared dishes. Highly recommend this tour and, most especially, Anna!
Our tour went for four hours at a very leisurely stroll tasting the most delicious pastries, cured meat, olives, delicious pork, coffee. The thing I especially loved about this tour is we very quickly got out of the tourist areas. I think we went to 10 shops and tasted so many different things. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Greeking.me tour for anyone who truly wants to experience the real Athens.
Trish B
I did this tour with my friends, but I also recommend to do it as a couple. It's surely a really fun tour where you'll get a taste of typical food but also of the history of culinary and food culture. The guide was amazing and very helpfull and infromative overall.
Fred D
We sent an inquiry for the "Athens for foodies" tour. We had a 4 hour walking tour in Athens, visited traditional bakeries, shops & taverns and numerous tastings of Greek food. Christina was a really knowledgeable foodie guide and it was an amazing tour, in general. Highly suggested. Thank you very much guys!
Sarah M
This was really a highlight of our trip in Athens! We walked around to places where most tourist don't go, and discover good traditional local food. Everything that we eat got an explanation about where it came from and how it is still a part of the Greek culture today. We ate sweets, cheeses, meat, veggies....and everything was really delicious! We all had a blast and felt that we saw another real part of Athens, its culture and cuisine!
We had a wonderful time in Athens thanks to greeking.me. We did a morning tour of the Acropolis followed by a food tour with Marialena. And on another evening, a tour through the hills and streets of Athens with Theodore that ended with a delicious meal of mezes in Psirri. Both Marialena and Theodore were extremely knowledgeable. It felt like we were exploring Athens with friends.
Leianne V
Nikos at Greeking.me was a godsend. They arrange late evening transportation from the airport to our hotel in downtown Athens. The next day Marina gave us the best city food tour we have ever encountered (and there have been many). The 4-hour walking food tour went by very quickly. Believe the reviews and avoid breakfast before taking the tour. This is a winner that should not be missed!
Greeking.me was amazing from the moment I first contacted them to the follow up email after our tour! Marina was fantastic on our food tour. She guided us around the streets of Athens, visiting nooks and crannies on a gastronomic romp! This was my second visit to Athens and I must admit with the help of Greeking Me I enjoyed this time around so much more!!
Eva L
Our trip with Greeking.me was a 4-hour tour of tastings from more then a dozen non-touristy Greek venues. Everything we tasted was wonderful. We would have never been able to find such places on our own or have any idea of what various foods were or what we should try!!! So much fun and so tasty!!! I loved that it was a small group and walking through the Central Market! That was quite an experience! If you love sampling foods from another country & wouldn't have a clue how to go about it, then this is the tour for you!
We booked the Athens for foodies tour and it was the best part of our trip! Christina, our guide was very fun and took us to many different shops around the city. We tasted so much traditional food, savory and sweets and visited local places where we couldn't have found on our own. It was so fun and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see the real Athens and taste the delicious Greek food!
This is a great Greek food tour! It included around 10 different stop as places frequented mostly by locals. Some of these places had been in business since the early 1900s. The food was excellent and were were able to sample many different types of Greek food. Also, we went to the main market and had a chance to look around at where the locals before eating in small restaurant located in the market.
Samantha V
We enjoyed an amazing Athens food tour with Greeking.me last week. The tour lasted about 4,5 hours and we tasted many different Greek foods, visiting some traditional shops and restaurants that a visitor can't find. It was the highlight of our trip as we learned so many things about the Greek gastronomy. No need for lunch and highly recommended!
I can't say enough good things about this tour. We got to sample over a dozen delicious food items and beverages. And by sample, I don't mean one tiny bite per person. We had very generous servings at all of our stops. Anna and Nikos were perfect tour guides- extremely friendly, very knowledgeable about Athens history and Greek food.
My wife and I booked a food tour with Greeking.me and it was the highlight of our trip to Athens! Highly engaging, we ate so much -real- food, learned a lot about the Greek cuisine and visited many local places we wouldn't have found on our own. A truly wonderful experience, absolutely recommended!
We went on this food tour on a first full day in Athens. It was a great way to orientate ourselves in the city and to try local delicacies that visitors would never find on their own. Our knowledgable guide Marina was friendly, fun and full of information about food and local history. Highly recommended.
We looked at other Food Tours which seemed to be very large numbers, not personalized and more expensive.Well look no further, Greeking Me is absolutely fantastic.We were met by Elena, who had so much knowledge,knew so many local people it was great.The food Tour was excellent!Elena will listen to what you want and accommodate your food tastes.
Our tour covered so many different foods, all local and very tasty. You get to meet the makers and experience their warmth and hospitality. I highly recommend the foodie tour in Athens! P.S. come hungry!!
Our guide, Elena, was fantastic! She gave us a brief history of Greek food, and took us to so many amazing places in the city that a tourist would never even know about. She was sensitive to our food allergies and preferences.We are a family with 3 kids in 3 different age groups and this was an activity that everyone enjoyed. One of the best tours we've ever done.
If you come to Athens, you MUST do this food tour! How do I even begin to describe how amazing experience this was....first and foremost, our guide, Elena, was the best tour guide we've ever had. Her VAST knowledge of the entire country, its gastronomy and history made the tour totally unforgettable. We ate the most delicious food!Elena went above and beyond to make us feel like local Greeks.
The Athens for Foodies tour was incredible! Our guide, Elena, was so sweet, gentle, with a great understanding of Greek culture and food! She took us to several amazing spots where we enjoyed great food and great conversations with the shop owners. I learned so much about the different historic aspects of the locations we visited and the greek food culture.
My wife & I have traveled to almost 40 countries and done countless food tours and our food tour with Elena and Greeking.me was the BEST! Elena was AMAZING! She was patient and knowledgeable and taught us so so much about Greek History and the local food culture! We seriously felt like we were locals in Athens! It's been weeks since we took our tour and we STILL talk about it!
Josh H
Our guide was wonderful -- clearly loved sharing Greek culture and delicacies with our group. After the tour, she emailed us a list of the places we visited as well as some extra recipes (that we can't wait to try). More than enough food for lunch (we ended up only eating a snack for dinner because we were still full). Loved the variety of dishes that we tried as well as the parts of Athens that we explored.
Great tour around Athens visiting famous eateries, the markets and local restaurants. Wide variety of Greek delights with informative and interesting details. Nice way to see a different side of Athens in small groups. Our guide was Elena who was fun to spend 4 hours with. No need for a big dinner after the tour!
Linda 0
The tour was absolutely superb. Great range of things to try, a knowledgable and friendly host and a perfect city. We have been on a few food tours and this one was our favourite. It was like having a guided history tour, tapas style Greek dinner and day out with your friends exploring, all rolled in to one. Would strongly recommend!
James B
did a food tour in Greece Athens. It was one fo the best food tours I have ever done. My guide Elena was so knowledgable of art history and culture of Greece and how it tied into the food. She later send me details of the foods we had tried and names of a couple of places to try in Athens. Thank you Elena for making it so special.
Durey S
Helena was our guide and she did a spectacular job for us over the four hours of the tour. She was smart and ever so knowledgeable. I really wish we could have scheduled this on the front end of our Greek vacation because it was a wonderful primer, not only on Greek cuisine but also history, culture, and custom. I highly recommend.
John J
We thoroughly enjoyed our ‘Athens for Foodies’ tour with Tiama. She was knowledgeable, entertaining and an intelligent ambassador for Athens and Greek food. The amount and variety of food tasted was excellent. Exceptional value for money, all in all. Highly recommended people take this tour, especially early in their visit to Athens. We give it 5 Stars!!
Our tour guide was Elena who took us on a marvellous trip through Athens food, culture and history and gave us a real insight into day to day life for Athenians. Thoroughly recommended, lots of delicious food and our guide as well as being incredibly knowledgeable was also superb company
We had a great time with two tours with Greeking.me. First was the walking foodie tour of Athens — we saw (and ate at) many small restaurants and shops and the Athens Central market. Our guide was super knowledgeable, patient with our questions, and was kind enough to send a summary of our tour with recipes. A fantastic way to introduce yourself to modern Greek culture (and it served as a foundation for the meals we had later on our trip).
Our guide was Helena and she had exceeded all the expectations i had for a foodtour. She didnt only bring us to the best place to enjoy the real authentic greek food, but she also gave us a history glimpse of Athena and a lot of interesting tips to enjoy the city. After the Tour she emailed us the recipe, the information about the food that we tried!
Our tour guide was Maria and she did an excellent job of making the tour informational and fun! We went to a great variety of places and was more than full at the end. She recommend some of her favorite places along the way during the tour, making it personable and useful. Highly recommend you to do a food tour while you're in Athens, it helps you learn about the culture through its food!!
Darlene S
Our guide was Maria, and she was fantastic! We went to many different areas of Athens and tried many delicious foods. We walked through areas that were more touristy, but we also explored areas that felt very authentic. It felt like we were locals! Overall, the four hours were very enjoyable and gave us real insight to the cuisine and neighborhoods of Athens. I definitely recommend!
Tony D
My friends and I had a food tour last week and it was amazing! This was one of the first food tours that I have been on; however, it will be hard to top! Throughout the trip, we were able to visit places in the city that we have passed many times but would have never stopped to try. I also had the chance to visit every neighbourhood in Athens that was on my to-do list. It really felt like we were experiencing the city like locals!
Eleni, took us to a huge variety of food venues, from street vendors, delicatessens, to restaurants. She brought the tour alive for us, with anecdotes & stories, putting each food type into it's own historical & cultural context. As well as being heartily fed, we also came away with a large bag of cheese & olives, to nibble later in our hotel room. After two weeks of travel, our family unanimously agreed that the 'Athens For Foodies' tour was one of the highlights of our Greek odyssey.
We were so excited about this tour and loved everything we tasted. We started at 10 am and i would recommend that you come hungry. There was so much food to taste. We started out in Syntagma square and tasted Koulouri, then moved on to Baklava, Cheese pies, Loukoumades (dounuts) with honey, meats, cheeses, a meal at Stou Meidani. Such an amazing time. Eleni was our tour guide and she was very knowledgeable and made the entire trip a lot of fun. Would love to do this again.
This was so much fun and our guide was incredible. The food was awesome and we left the tour so stuffed we didn't even eat dinner that night.
Erin R
First of all, the tour wasn’t four hours as advertised—it was FIVE hours! That says everything about this tour: personal, informative, unrushed, yummy. Our guide Tiama was phenomenal. She gave us cultural and historical information in a friendly but professional manner and took us to truly local off the beaten path places for sweet and savory dishes. My favorites were the cheese pie, the moussaka and meatballs in the food market, the yogurt with sour cherries and quince, and the three digestive tastings. We had so much fun and left happy and full. Go!!!
Thee food tour with Greeking.me was a unique experience. Not only did we learn a lot about Greek food traditions, but she also kept us informed about Greek history and culture. Throughout the tour, Elena always made sure we were fine with everything and pointed out important sights which we passed on the way. The food stops we made all offered delicious and authentic Greek cuisine and friendly service. Such an extrovert personality, you cannot not like her!
This tour was an incredible experience! It was not just a food tour. Elena used food as a way to teach us about the culture of the city. I felt like the day before, when I toured the Acropolis, I learned about the history. And with Elena, I learned about the Athens of today. What a fantastic pairing! The instructions for the tour say to show up hungry, and they are not kidding. We tried so many different kinds of foods. What a day!
We went on three tours with Greeking.me and can not fault the wonderful staff or itineraries. Excellent communication from office staff when making the bookings as well. Vera and Alina were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and attentive- we can not recommend them enough! So much better to do small group tours than hanging off the back of a mass group!
Very nice Athens for Foodies walking tour. Unusual way to discover the town and its areas. Elena is a great guide, who enjoys doing her job and happily shares her knowledge about Greece and greek food. Well organised, customers are taking care of.
We just completed our walking food tour and had a chance to explore places we would never have found on our own. We very much enjoyed the tour, the company of our tour guide, Tiama, Elena’s friend, and her recommendations. This is a must do experience while in Athens if you are a true foodie.
What a great “food” tour guide!. Four hours of food, fun, and great company. Elena has a wonderful passion for all things Athens and brings that passion to the tour and all the various food venues. Come hungry! Thanks Elena for such a great tour!
In addition to being a great food tour, it serves as a great introduction and orientation to the different areas of Athens. Elena was warm and passionate about providing a great food experience. She went the extra mile and provided the names and places of all the foods we ate and where we ate them! Book the tour and go while you are hungry, you'll be glad you did.
We have done food tours in other cities and this was by far the best. Our guide met us at our hotel and we walked and ate for the next 4 1/2 hours. She was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. The tour was designed for our needs and wants and was outstanding. Great introduction to the center of Athens. It was just the guide and the two of us.
Jim S
The Gastronomy tour was spectacular! Penelope was very accommodating and knowledgeable about Greek cuisines. We loved going to all the best pies, Koulouris, grilled meat places, shops we wouldn't have found by ourselves. She even went out of her way after the tour to take my kids to the best ice cream shops and walked with us how to get back to hotel. She also followed up with an email on where to get the best Christmas cookies! She's the best. She's a great example on how nice Greek people are.
We booked the Athens for Foodies tour and spent 3-4 hours with our lovely guide Penelope. This tour is excellent value with numerous stops to sample Koulouri for breakfast, Greek pies, cheese, olives, meats and dessert. We visited the colourful central market and neighbouring shops specialising in spices and olive oil. Penelope was also an archeologist and was able to provide lots of information about the city and its buildings and sights. We were lucky to have friendly and curious food tour companions. Would definitely recommend as a lovely way to explore the city. Definitely do not eat breakfast first!
Penelope was very knowledgeable and very friendly. Showed us a lot of great things. All the food tastings were great and showcases Greek Culinary Culture very well. She was very kinds to us and took us out for Greek coffee which I have been really enjoying with my stay in Greece and told me where to purchase a Briki. Thank you so much from Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada.
We were very fortunate to have Elena as our guide, she was charming and very knowledgeable and we thoroughly enjoyed our food tour with her. We learnt a lot about Greece, Greek history and - most importantly - The food choices were great and for each stop Elena had a story, a history lesson or an anecdote to keep us informed and entertained. We would like to congratulate Greeking.me for their wonderful tour, and especially to our guide Elena who is a real gem.
Eleni was fantastic. She provided us with lots of information both about food and Greek history. She was able to answered a variety of questions as she is quite knowledgable. We went to a variety of places and had the opportunity to sample several different kinds of Greek food. Definitely don't eat breakfast before the tour!
We enjoyed a great Foodie Tour with Eleni. We tried lots of different Greek dishes, savoury and sweet, different cheeses, cold meats, olives and breads and coffee. Wear walking shoes for better comfort. Eleni is very knowledgeable of the culture and the history of foods, and was very easy to understand. Highly recommend Eleni as a Foodie Tour Guide in Athens.
This tour was the highlight of my recent trip to Greece! Our guide, Eleni was Amazing! Her extensive knowledge of the history of both the city and the local food was very impressive. She made the whole experience interesting and fun for everyone. I would highly recommend this tour, especially early on in your trip to Athens.
Met the group in Syntagma Square and walked to 7 or 8 venues where we were treated to traditional Greek breakfast pies, donuts,cheeses,sausage,olives ,lunch , and a wonderful tour of city market area as well as the shopping district. Penelope was very friendly as well as knowledgeable. Hated to separate to come back to our hotel.
Ed S
We had a great foodies tour with our tour guide whose name is Penelope. She knows her food and where to go. If in Athens this would be a great tour. Tour is highly recommended.
I was very surprised to find that our guide Tiama was our private guide. I was expecting at least a handful of tourists in our group but it turned out to be just me and my son. It was a great experience not only tasting the unique and delicious foods, but also travelling to the places where they were sold. From restaurants inside a meat market to tasting cheeses in a dairy shop, the whole tour provided an insider's glimpse into everyday life in Athens. Tiama was extremely professional and outgoing, and personalized the stops to our tastes. This tour is a must for anyone visiting Athens.
My partner and I absolutely loved the food tour. Elena was an amazing guide and we really appreciated her taking us to spots that tourists wouldn't normally see (i.e. spots where Anthony Bourdain has his picture on the wall). We learned SO MUCH, and even discovered new foods that I never would've tried before. It was the perfect way to spend the morning/early afternoon and I will definitely be recommending this to any friends that visit Athens.
I can't rare thus tour highly enough. My guide, Eleni, was absolutely amazing. She knew so much about the food, culture and history of Greece and was so friendly. One of the best tour guides I've ever had. And the food was delicious! From start to finish the tour was brilliant. Eleni was so helpful, she took me to places I'd never have gone on my own and gave me tips on where else I could go in Athens for food, drinks, music etc. I highly, highly recommend this to anyone visiting Athens. If you don't do this tour you'd really be missing out.
We booked the Athens for Foodies tour and spent 3-4 hours with our lovely guide Penelope. This tour is excellent value with numerous stops to sample Koulouri for breakfast, Greek pies, cheese, olives, meats and dessert. We visited the colourful central market and neighbouring shops specialising in spices and olive oil. Penelope was also an archeologist and was able to provide lots of information about the city and its buildings and sights. We were lucky to have friendly and curious food tour companions. Would definitely recommend as a lovely way to explore the city. Definitely do not eat breakfast first!
We really loved this tour on our first morning in Athens. A perfect combination of sweet and savoury food, taking us to some of Athens' renowned bakeries, restaurants etc. It was also a great way to explore the centre of Athens, wandering the street of several neighbourhoods. We really felt that this tour was pivotal in helping us understand Athens, its people and their culture. We visited quite a few of the shops and areas again during our visit in Athens. Our guide was Elena and she was very friendly, helpful and knowledgable. There is really quite a lot of food provided. We would highly recommend this tour.
Tiama was our fabulous guide! She was a wonderful source of history, culture, and Greek food knowledge! The tour is just as amazing as everyone says. You HAVE to arrive hungry. If you eat anything before you won't be able to eat the very generous amounts of food given to you by the Greek vendors. Dishes served can either be classic Greek dishes that you can get anywhere (only the better, more authentic version in Athens) to special Greek dishes you can only have in Athens.
The best experience we had in Athens! before the tour we thought 4 hours is too much but the time flyed and we didn't want the tour to end. Penelope was so nice and with a lot of patience. her knowledge is very wide and she gave us many explanations about greek culture and history. She has such a good vibe and she is a very special person. sha did a great effort to suit our expectations with out giving up on all the "must see places". Thank you for a wonderful memory to take with us. Shani, Tal, Keren and Gabi
We did the foodie tour today with Max, a knowledgeable and very personable guide. There were five in total on the tour and he made everybody feel welcome. We sampled at least 15 types of food and plenty of it. We learned a lot about Greek history and culture and took in some interesting sights and architecture. We cancelled our meal for the evening we were so full. Do not eat breakfast before you go! All in all probably the best food tour we have been on. Thank you Max.
It was a wonderful tour, we got to taste a ton of different greek food and learn the history behind them as well!! An absolutely wonderful tour!!!!
The tour began at syntagma square and was yummy. We had a small group with three other people who were a family and we walked through Athens to try the kolouri, pies, pastries, cheeses, olives, mezes, tsipouri líquor, and more food. We were stuffed by the time the tour was over. Lunch was a mix of stews and soups, both vegetarian and with meat. The tour ended with lokoumades pastries lashed with Greek honey. Our tour guide was Penelope who was a lovely lady, and she followed up on the tour with a summary email of the foods we'd tried along with recipes for the main foods in case we wanted to try eating them.
Three generations of my fam - my dad, me, and my 12yo - SO enjoyed this tour! Its more than just a foodie tour - its a real tour of Athens outside the rails of the Acropolis, etc. Our tour guide, Max, could not have been better - knowledgeable, friendly, timely, etc. Group is small enough to keep it easy. You do cover a lot of ground - but not super strenuous. I can't recommend this tour enough - absolutely made our time in Athens! Many thanks to our awesome guide!
The Athens for foodies tour was one of the most memorable things I did in Athens. Our guide Max took us through some very interesting markets, gave us a glimpse into the Greek food history and made us sample an array of local Greek cuisine! Clearly we did not have any room for lunch:) The best part of the tour is the way it’s spaced out with conversations, information & a variety of different kind of dishes.
Thank you for a great food tour of Athens. Our guide Max was friendly and very knowledgable about the area and the food. No breakfast was good advice! We are recommending the tour to any friends who plan to visit Athens.
I have little to add to the favourable reviews below however we found our Guide (Max) excellent, knowledgeable and interesting. The tour is about basic Greek food rather than high end cuisine which of course is the traditional fare. Max was also knowledgeable on the interesting landmarks that we passed and so, for us, that was a bonus. Certainly we were taken off the beaten track, away from the hoards of tourists. We booked last minute and loved it!
We really enjoyed our tour, Penelope was a great guide, she’s very knowledgeable on almost everything in Athens, the food was also great! But please do not have breakfast beforehand :-)
Max was a wonderful host for our Greek food tour. He showed us great snacks, food, and even taught us history behind the food as well as various landmarks around the area as we walked from location to location. After the tour we asked for other recommendations on where to eat and weren't disappointed by any of them. Would highly recommend due to Max's amazing knowledge and friendliness.
Our family (2 grandparents, 2 parents and 2 kids) had an amazing food tour with Penelope. We learned a huge amount, ate so much, and had tons of leftovers for dinner! Penelope was great with our kids and very adaptable. She is a passionate and interesting guide! Highly recommended.
I booked this trip last minute for a few hours after my flight landed as a way to jumpstart my day in Athens, and was so glad I did! As a guide, Eleni was fantastic- incredibly knowledgeable and kind. This was a perfect activity as a solo traveler and our group (8 or so) was the perfect size.
The Athens for Foodies tour was the highlight of our trip to Athens! Max was a fabulous guide and took our group to wonderful local shops, markets, and restaurants. All the food was delicious and Max's love for food and the local culture was evident in his tour. We highly recommend, just make sure you go hungry!
Suzanne D
We booked a private food tour with greeking.me and had Penelope as our guide. She was absolutely outstanding. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable... not only about the food we were eating but also about the history of Greece and Athens itself. It was so nice to haven open dialogue to get a really in depth view of the city and its culture - Penelope made you feel like you were roaming the streets with a friend. While we knew were going to eat, make sure you come hungry!
I’m that strange person that does not like cheese or yogurt which can be a challenge in places that are cheese and dairy heavy. Penelope was great in finding options that would work for me. I loved the deli at Miran and the market was awesome. She was very flexible and took us to get some Greek coffee earlier than usual. This was s great experience and led by someone with an engaging personality and good knowledge. I highly recommend it.
Wonderful! Eleni was awesome. She is so knowledgeable and accommodating. We had a good sampling of traditional Greek cuisine.
Eleni, our private guide, spoke perfect English & took us from a food cart for traditional koulouri or sesame, round, snack bread to lunch at Ipeiros in the fish agora where celebrity chefs have eaten. For good reason.The food was delicious. I highly recommend this tour with Eleni. She paced the tour well and was lovely to us and our sons, ages 15 and 11. It was worth every euro.
My first thought...really four hours ? After the first stop it was clear, heck yes! You need those hours and the walking to make it through all the goodness Max will expose you too. Tour and guide were absolutely amazing!
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