Fine Dining in Athens; the Best Restaurants

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways:

  • Athens fine dining boasts a vibrant scene with a variety of restaurants serving both traditional Greek cuisine and international dishes.
  • Fine dining restaurants in Athens tend to be more expensive than casual eateries, so be prepared to pay a higher price for a memorable dining experience.
  • Wine is an important part of the fine dining experience in Athens, and many restaurants have extensive wine lists featuring both Greek and international wines.
  • Reservations are highly recommended for fine dining restaurants in Athens, especially during peak tourist season.

Fine dining is a more formal style of dining. The excellent menu and expensive dishes usually characterize fine-dining restaurants. The food is served by the staff in a formal manner. The service is of a superior standard and exudes an elegant and calm atmosphere. The lighting, the decorations, the staff, the style, the overall design, and the establishment's architecture all come together to create a fine-dining experience.

A fine dining menu will offer luxurious and unique foods not often found in other Athens restaurants. The food is prepared by certified chefs with many years of experience. Therefore, it will also be pricy.

Greek gastronomy has been an endless inspiration for mouthwatering gastronomic creations almost since the beginning of time. As a result, when visiting Greece, apart from the fascinating ancient ruins and the striking sandy beaches, one of the most valuable things to do is indulge in its culinary culture through a visit to at least one fine dining restaurant.

It looks as though Athenian cooking seems to be becoming more familiar with its culinary roots, which may also be in response to the excellent local products. The fine-dining restaurants below were carefully selected and tested to give you an extraordinary culinary experience.

We mention only the best fine dining restaurants with at least one Michelin star or have earned a 'Golden Chef's Cap' award, which are Greek gastronomy awards hosted by a famous local paper.

Kali orexi (Bon apetit)! And don't forget to check out our Athens Night food tour page, it is one of our most popular experiences.


spondi.grSpondi - credits: spondi.gr

If you're looking for the ultimate fine-dining experience, you don't need to look further than Spondi. It is by far the most sophisticated and upscale restaurant in Athens and has been ranking at the top for over 20 years.

Spondi can be found in an offbeat corner of the Pagkrati neighborhood, away from the rest of the bars and restaurants of the otherwise vibrant neighborhood, in a beautiful neoclassical with a blue facade and the nice logo of a female figure, perhaps of Egyptian origin, making libations.

It's a top-notch restaurant overall, and the main reason is the kitchen of chef Angelos Landos, who has applied his love for traditional Greek food, wit, and flawless technique to coming up with a number of great dishes currently served at the restaurant.

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Two main advantages make the dishes of Sponda exceptional. First of all, the restaurant relies on top-quality ingredients, and apart from its immaculate technique, it has managed to strike a balance between sophistication and creativity. Please keep in mind that Spondi offers private dining as well. 

From the most elegant dish, such as the lobster tartare with lemon, Daurenki Petrossian caviar, grapefruit, and celery, to the most exuberant, such as the egg with potato, truffle, caramelized onion, and bacon or venison with Grand Veneur sauce, they all combine the refinement of haute cuisine with the intensity of aromas and flavors with the "warmth" of deep deliciousness. And that is a rare virtue that earned it its Michelin star and 'Golden Chef's Cap' award.


deltaDelta - credits: facebook.com/Delta

Delta is a modern Greek fine dining restaurant operating on the premises of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Culture Center (SNFCC) since July 2021 that serves exquisite organic food that is a revelation to the palette.

It was created with the initiative and donation of SNFCC with the aim of becoming a model culinary destination worthy of its high standards and has succeeded in doing so, earning not one but two Michelin stars and, of course, a 'Golden Chef's Cap' award.

With a basic principle of 'no loss - no waste,' it adopts a sustainable operating model that respects nature's resources, at the same time highlighting, in the public's consciousness, the importance of sustainability in gastronomy. With contemporary Greek culture as the starting point for the restaurant's architectural design, Delta fully aligns with the vision of SNFCC architect Renzo Piano.

delta 2Delta - credits: facebook.com/Delta

The concept is the expression of the cultural diversity of Greece today through an architectural atmosphere that evokes the modern Greek identity. This is achieved not by the use and projection of historical motifs or objects but by the architectural approach to the issue of Greek identity. 

With a deep love for traditional Greek dishes apparent, the menu includes a cosmopolitan, conceptual, sustainable, nature-loving cuisine with feet firmly planted in the local grounds. The bar offers Greek tapas, cocktails by the legendary Athenian bar Baba au Rhum, and a wine list with approximately 685 labels from Greek and international vineyards.


hytra.grHytra - credits: hytra.gr

The Hytra restaurant in Neo Kosmos is located on the 6th floor of the House of Letters and Arts. Greek - Creative cuisine, fine ingredients, an air of luxury, elegant design curated by the award-winning architectural office, gastronomic diversity, and a stunning view of the Acropolis make Hytra restaurant one of the best meeting points for good food and great cocktails.

In 2010, the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star, which it still retains. At the same time, it annually receives enthusiastic reviews, evaluations, and other distinctions.

Hytra restaurant beautifully combines Greek tradition with modern gastronomy, offering a meal of the highest standards. During the warm months of the year, it is moved to the 7th floor of the building to enjoy a unique outdoor setting with a panoramic view of the Acropolis, Lycabettus Hill, and the city skyline. 

One of its top creations is the rooster cooked in two ways, accompanied by mashed potatoes on the base, chive mayonnaise, and mustard seed mousse, and the chocolate bar and Greek coffee ice cream of amazing execution. Hytra is one of the city's great dining destinations.


Soil - credits: facebook.com/soil

Another one of the best fine dining restaurants in Athens, Soil, is housed in a beautiful mansion on the scenic Ferekydou Street and is owned by an excellent chef who has been starring in the Athenian scene for years as the head of the aforementioned Hytra restaurant.

Now, together with his business partner and friend Alex Mourides, they have created a cozy place where the chef can unfold his culinary philosophy, which is mainly based on the Greek land and its products.

Inside the mansion, which dates back to 1925, you will find a spacious living room and a kitchen that, despite painting its old-time charm, it is ultra-modern and functional.

Making it stand out from the restaurants in Athens in more than one way, Soil boasts a beautiful garden full of orange trees and beautiful corners, while it also has a bar and two dining rooms with light vintage decor, artwork, and beautiful lighting.

In terms of food, don't miss out on the amazing Valley Prawn that comes on a ceramic plate along with tangerine slices, pecans, clam cream, and pink marigold petals, accompanied by a handmade pouch, hiding herbs and spices. Another excellent dish is the mushrooms that come in an elegant ceramic, also in the shape of a mushroom, accompanied by "mushroom tea," which will flood your table with aromas of fir, chestnut, lemon thyme, and myrtle. 

All of Soil's products come from the privately owned estate in Alepochori village, they also emphasize collaborations with other small producers. The restaurant's philosophy is based on respecting the environment and having minimal food waste.

The Zillers Roof Garden

The Zillers 11 scaledThe Zillers - credits: facebook.com/thezillers

Right in the heart of cosmopolitan Athens, the Zillers Roof Garden is a must gastronomic destination in the city. A shaded dining terrace with a wonderful view of the Acropolis and the urban beauty of Athens, a wonderful spot to enjoy creative dishes of authentic Greek cuisine and much more at all times of the day.

The talented, award-winning Executive Chef Pavlos Kyriakis and his team take a creative approach to Haute gastronomy by composing inspired menus that combine Greek influences with international cuisine.

Excellent quality raw materials and innovative techniques and touches make every dish special and every taste unique. In its delicious lunch menu, you will find imaginative creations such as fava croquettes with apaki and caper jam, "spinach pie" salad, and Black Angus. The new "Going Abroad" menu flirts with the connection of haute cuisine and Greek tradition with dishes such as fresh pasta with lobster or teased flavors such as the traditional "Kozouni" otherwise.

The Zillers 13The Zillers - credits: facebook.com/thezillers

The Zillers restaurant is a meeting point with international, multi-awarded, and acclaimed chefs, events of exceptional culinary importance and high prestige. It has earned a Michelin star and 'Golden Chef's Cap' award. 

A unique place in the gastronomic scene of Athens, the lovely, peaceful urban garden of Zillers Roof offers a complete taste journey that starts in the morning with coffee and ends in the evening with excellent dishes and signature cocktails under the light of the imposing Acropolis.


ctc restaurant.grCTC - credits: ctcrestaurant.gr

The name of CTC restaurant is an alliteration of the word 'sitisi,' which in Greek means 'alimentation.' The choice of the name is, in fact, a statement of how the classic can meet the modern in a new creative gastronomic setting.

The Michelin star awarded restaurant is housed in a modernly decorated hall from which classic details stand out, such as the glass trolley, with all the necessary wine accessories used by the sommelier.

The staff is a very pleasant group made up of young people with fresh smiles, who immediately make you feel comfortable, but who do not lack that aristocratic politeness.

Dishes with an inventive presentation, modern textures, and original flavors make up a top gastronomic experience, one of the best fine dining restaurants you don't want to miss. 

Among our favorite dishes, we must highlight the variation of the Athenian Salad with rhubarb tartar, tomato mayonnaise, and crispy tomato bread, topped with a mastic tear and citrus jelly, and the Lobster Flavored Corn Veloute, centered by a truffle and bergamot foam. Its magical texture and bouquet of incredible flavors are harmoniously interwoven.

Varoulko Seaside

varoulkoseasideVaroulko Seaside - credits: facebook.com/varoulkoseaside

Pioneer chef Lefteris Lazarou's restaurant has been a star for decades in the country's creative fish cuisine, while every year it is awarded a Michelin star. Each dish, each recipe has been created guided by the freshness of the raw material that the famous chef knows how to handle better than anyone.

It's worth coming back to Varoulko again and again until you've tried every delicious dish on the menu. However, we suggest you start your culinary exploration by trying the crispy bream fillets on thinly sliced ​​sourdough bread, smoked aubergine mousse, pea puree, and tomato-carrot jam, the grouper fillet with beetroot cream, colored beets, broccolini, black garlic, and béarnaise sauce, and definitely the calamari with Genovese pesto, the emblematic dish of Lefteris Lazaros. 

You accompany all of the above with a nice wine label, as the Varoulko sommelier has done an excellent job creating a wine list with 250 wine labels for a perfect wine pairing or with fine spirits that Lefteris Lazarou has personally chosen to go perfectly with his dishes.

Herve Restaurant

herverestaurant 2Herve Restaurant - credits: facebook.com/herverestaurant

An arrival in 2021 in the fine dining category is in Petralona and awaits you for a journey of flavors that will truly be unforgettable.

The Franco-Italian chef Hervé Pronzato had previously worked in the biggest Greek restaurants such as Hytra and Spondi. He took a break from traveling for 6 years in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and he returned bringing with him everything he was taught. The impressive result is Herve restaurant in Petralona.

Before we even get to the food, forget everything you know about the best fine-dining restaurants in Athens. If you want to taste the creations of the chef, you will make a reservation and enter the code that will be given to you at the entrance of the restaurant. The space's interior consists of a large luxurious bar and a family table next to it, but you also have the option of a beautiful garden inspired by the technique of Patrick Blanc.

herverestaurantHerve Restaurant - credits: facebook.com/herverestaurant

Hervé's menu reflects the great chef's life journeys. The diversity of the plates of different origins is a playful treat to the palate. The tasting menu changes seasonally because it follows the products and raw materials that are in season. As a result, the cuisine of Herve cannot fit into any category; it just uses classic techniques presented in a modern way and Mediterranean ingredients that elevate the fine dining experience. 

What's more, its cocktails are not something simple and ordinary. Here you will find the classic Old Fashion cocktail with a twist: with pancetta and hazelnut, gorgonzola, port syrup, and bitter chocolate. One of our favorites is the Chorizo ​​Margarita, which consists of white tequila, French vermouth, passion fruit, yuzu juice, oyster sauce, agave, and chorizo. For the less extravagant, there are, of course, wines from all over Greece, France, and Italy. This restaurant serves dishes and drinks you've never tasted before!

Matsuhisa Athens

matsuhisa athensMatsuhisa Athens - credits: facebook.com/matsuhisaathens

Matsuhisa Athens may not be the spot to experience authentic Greek cuisine; it is, however, one of the most wonderful, high-class dining establishments you can find in Athens that transforms into a wonderful summer oasis in the warmer months.

The international press describes Nobu Matsuhisa as the emperor of sushi. Both for his inspired cuisine and business acumen. From his first restaurant, back in 1987, in Beverly Hills, to the Athenian version of its international chain, Matsuhisa, he offers innovative yet timeless cuisine and the best and freshest seafood.

The food of Matsuhisa lives up to the reputation of the active Nobu chef. The signature dishes such as Salmon Karashi Su Miso, Black Cod, and Yellowtail Jalapeño will not disappoint. The sushi is juicy, an ideal choice for nibbling accompanied by sake or one of the signature cocktails. Among the hot dishes, our favorites include the wood-oven octopus with mushrooms, yuzu lemon, and chives, salad with a variety of hard-to-find mushrooms, steamed sea bass with miso powder and olive oil, tongue with chili sauce. Interesting are also the ceviche dishes, while the desserts are to die for: fudge with green tea ice cream, "cappuccino" with Suntory whiskey, and cheesecake with mandarin sorbet.

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Hot sake is a sweet drink and must accompany Asian flavors. But if you insist on wine, the cellar is not lacking. The cocktails inspired by the talented mixologist are also exceptional, with the Apple Martini, Matsuhisa Martini, Sakura Martini, and Kyoto Kiss standing out. 

One of the most upscale restaurants in Athens, Matsuhisa offers much more than food. The head chef serves lifetime experiences the Athenian public will have the opportunity to treasure!


patioPatio - credits: facebook.com/patio

The Margi hotel has one of the most upscale restaurants in Athens, and this is your sign to visit it and taste its delicious creations! Under the name 'Patio,' in the hotel's atrium, it offers a pure culinary delight you don't want to skip!

The famous Greek chef is a devotee of the international culinary movement 'From Farm To Table' and has designed a menu focusing on raw ingredients, many of which come from The Margi's farm.

The menu includes à la carte options and two tasting menus: 'Still Life With Artichokes & Sea Urchins,' influenced by Greek tradition, and 'Still Life With Avocados & Scallops,' based on Mediterranean flavors. Food & wine pairing and a cheese trolley with Greek and European cheeses are also available, along with weekly wine tastings or special themed culinary events. 

The dishes indicated the chef's intentions, with the tiny foie gras pastel sandwich, the sea urchin mousse with roe, and a dense but airy lemon ouzo foam being the stars of the starters. For the main course, the oyster with light horseradish cream, onion and bacon chips, and mustard seeds; the lobster, with carrot puree and a small salad of mango, cashews, coriander, and mint; and the quince fricassee with mussels, glazed with sea urchin and caviar are just delightful!

Tudor Hall

tudorhall.grTudor Hall - credits: tudorhall.gr

Tudor Hall Restaurant, located on the 7th floor of the King George Athens Hotel, features unique neoclassical decor, unparalleled views of the Acropolis and the bustling city, modern Greek cuisine, and original cocktails.

A key element that makes Tudor hall stand out among the best restaurants in Athens is the use of fresh seasonal vegetables and raw materials. This is also the reason why the restaurant's menu is constantly changing, in order to be consistent with the natural products of the season.

Tudor Hall has always been one of the upscale restaurants in Athens that carry a noble aura, as the food and service are characterized by old-fashioned luxury and everything effortless dominance.

On Fridays and Saturdays, entertains its guests with lounge Greek and Italian music, adding to the restaurant's unmatched ambiance and enhancing the already excellent gastronomic experience on a whole different level.

As soon as the dinner starts, five different pieces of bread, homemade breadsticks, and multi-seeded crispies with three appetizingly flavored kinds of butter, including green mushy fennel, sweet and sour capers, and black olive-lemon, fish roe, along with citrus cream, and strips of prosciutto land on the table.

herveHerve Restaurant - credits: facebook.com/herverestaurant

The restaurant offers a generous dégustation menu we highly recommend you opt for. Alternatively, our favorite dishes include the cherry tomatoes marinated in a blueberry and tomato dressing combined with tsalafouti cheese, the combination of grilled crayfish with lemon gel and pistachios, along with crayfish tartare, and champignon flavored with seaweed.

In addition to these more modern approaches, there are also more classic-minded specialties on the menu. At the same time, the pastry chef has come up with interesting combinations, such as the elegant meringues combined with mango, passion fruit, rum, and lime powder, the strawberry sorbet paired with basil cream, strawberry stock syrup, and a bold crunch of phyllo with capers and sorrel. 

The scenic rooftop proving class and fine dining in Athens go together will not disappoint!

GB Roof Garden

herverestaurant 2GB Roof Garden - credits: gbroofgarden.gr

The unsurpassed elegance, luxury, and excellence of service of Great Britain, plus an amazing view of the Acropolis, Syntagma, and illuminated Athens, make the dining experience in GB Roof Garden so much more than an offering of high-end Mediterranean cuisine created by excellent chefs.

The GB Roof Garden restaurant on the top floor of Hotel Grand Bretagne is an emblematic haute cuisine restaurant in Athens. Its inspired menu has been created by the collaboration of two world-acclaimed local chefs and represents a modern outlook of Mediterranean cuisine.

The two chefs have put in all their talent and technique, and together with high-quality ingredients, they create unique flavors in a luxurious environment that matches the opulence of the premier hotel.

In addition to the menu, the wine list, carefully selected by an experienced sommelier, which contains wines from all the wine-producing regions of the world, also stands out. 

The exquisite desserts of the award-winning French Pastry Chef, who signs the dessert and sweet menus in a range of 4 seasons, combined with the high-level service throughout your stay at the restaurant, make it unforgettable.

Final Thoughts

gbroofgarden 2GB Roof Garden - credits: gbroofgarden.gr

Here you have it! We have chosen some of the best high-end restaurant options around Athens that give a whole new meaning to the term 'fine dining.'

Athens has excellent cuisine based on fresh local food. While fine dining in Athens highlights traditional Mediterranean food, there's also a variety of food options from other parts of the planet. The gastronomic elite can experience a culinary experience like no other, and now you can too!

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