Greece in the Fall

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • Greece in the fall is characterized by mild temperatures, making it a comfortable time to explore the country.
  • As the peak tourist season comes to an end, Greece tends to be less crowded in the fall. This means shorter queues at popular attractions and a more peaceful ambiance.
  • During fall in Greece, you may find accommodations, flights, and other travel services at lower prices. This can make it more budget-friendly to explore Greece and enjoy its attractions and amenities.
  • Fall is a time of harvest in Greece. It's an excellent opportunity to indulge in the flavors of the season and sample the authentic local cuisine

According to French philosopher and writer Amber Camus, autumn is a second spring. We have no intention of disagreeing with this opinion, considering the sheer beauty of the fall season in Greece.

Spring and summer may be the most popular seasons of the year, offering people countless travel memories every year. However, one can not ignore the lures of the lack of the overwhelming summer crowds.

In the fall, the colors have a different look, and often, the landscape resembles a painting, especially in the corners of Greece, where lush vegetation dominates the scenery.

Expectedly, Greece remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in autumn for tourists worldwide. Here, we will give you the reasons why Greece is an excellent fall destination and suggest the best places to visit in Greece during the fall.  

Greece never fails to inspire its travelers with its culture and unspoiled natural beauty, regardless of the time of year they decide to visit it for their Greek vacation!  

Reasons why Exploring Greece in the Fall is a perfect choice:

The Weather

Visit Greece, Autumn beauty - credits: flickr.com

The summer season is considered by most the perfect season to visit the Greek islands and swim to your heart’s content on picture-perfect beaches.

Winter, on the other side, is considered ideal for snow sports and is not seen as the best time to visit our county - I could make a whole case of why this is not true, but I digress. 

Autumn holidays, however, are perfect for exploring the beautiful landscapes and engaging in outdoor activities without being burdened by too high or too low temperatures! 

With Greece having mild, warm weather most time of the year, fall offers temperatures that actually favor both swimming in the sea and exploring the land without the suffering of the excessive heat and the high prices of ferries and hotels. 

Pristine Waters

Greece, Autumn waters - credits: wikimedia.org

Humans litter. It is a fact that cannot be disputed and is why the more people one comes across on a beach, the less likely it is for the particular beach to have clean waters.

With that in mind, it is easy to assume that since in fall the crowds are not as large throughout Greece, if you visit our country during the autumn months, you will have the opportunity to swim in pristine waters that have not been touched by the destructive human hand. 

From mid-September or early October, when the fall season starts, the Aegean or Ionian Seas, along with all the Greek bodies of water, are in their top condition.

Crowds & Costs

Fall in Greece - credits: discovergreece.com

Holidays during the Greek autumn can honestly be a dream come true. Fall is, in fact, a very diverse season that combines the best elements of most seasons, despite having earned a bad reputation due to its association with the return to everyday obligations.

Apart from offering Greece’s visitors much more manageable temperatures to enjoy, fall also allows people to book tickets for ships or planes and rooms in hotels or any other kind of accommodation at much more affordable prices.

If you visit Greece during the fall, you are most likely to manage to find the exact same services and facilities you’d like to book in August in as low as almost half the price. 

Vacationing in the fall is easier in many ways but even more so because not many people choose it. So if you want to visit the best museums of Athens -or any other place in Greece- or book a table at a famous Greek restaurant, you will not come upon long queues and hordes of tourists!

Hiking and outdoor activities

Outdoors activities during fall - credits: discovergreece.com

Instead of lying all day on the beach -which by the way, is a perfectly solid choice!- the lack of body-melting heat allows people to indulge in many more outdoor activities, with hiking being the most popular, but not the only, one.

Autumn offers enchanting landscapes, making it the ideal time to visit one of the many natural parks in our country. There are many different routes, so finding one that suits you best is not difficult.

With the transformation of the foliage to yellow and ocher, there are green roads that transform in the fall. And why not explore them by bike? They say bikes are for summer, but autumn temperatures are much more enjoyable to indulge in this hobby, don't you agree?

Rafting in Greece is an activity mainly for autumn after the first rains and, of course, in spring and winter. When the rivers drop a lot of water, as the snow melts, you will experience unique moments rafting on Lucius, Alpheus, Acheloos, Tavropos, Voidomatis with their bright, crystal clear waters. Landscapes of incomparable beauty and masterpiece arched bridges await you. 

It is not the rushing waters nor the difficult passages. It is the nature around you that combines with the action and gives you incredible experiences. Continents with vertical walls, dry or with waterfalls, the gorges of Greece welcome you for a unique experience. 

In Greece, the experience of river descent reveals incredible images of nature, gurgling waters, the biodiversity of the Greek land, but also cultural ornaments, such as the arched stone bridges. 

Seasonal specialties

Local produce of fall - credits: Couleur/Pixabay.com

Food is always an important factor in a Greek trip. There is no denying that; anyone who says the opposite is a downright liar.

When visiting the country in autumn, don’t forget to taste the seasonal specialties and discover the mouthwatering dishes that have made the riches of food in Greece famous worldwide. 

Each season has its own taste, so during fall, you will gate to try delicious recipes with vegetables and fruits that people find in grocery stores in September, October, and November.  

Kiwis, pears, grapefruits, sweet potatoes, turnips, pumpkins, cauliflowers, Brussels sprouts, apples, parsnips, pomegranates, and dates are some of the fall favorites you will enjoy both alone and incorporated in traditional recipes!

Olive and grape harvest in the fall

Visit Greece during the wine and olive harvest season - credits: traversejourneys.com

The much milder weather of the Greek fall allows for the olive harvest and grape harvest season -also known as the most popular Greek products-  to take place during those times.

If you visit our country during this time, you will have the opportunity to see up close all the production stages of olive oil and winemaking if you want to. Moreover, you will get to favor olive oil and wine-tasting experiences that will make your trip unforgettable.  

Don't pass up the opportunity to learn about age-old practices that have shaped the culture of Greece and the entire world!  

Best Places To Visit In Greece In Fall 


Milos - credits: discovergreece.com

With more than 70 beaches, you will find yourself among beautiful places to explore, beaches and sandy shores without crowds. Milos is the dream island for any traveler, regardless of their preferences. Lie on a sun lounger and relax. 

The island's capital is Adamas, where you will eat, drink and have a great time. One of the most idyllic holiday destinations in September and the whole of fall since it is quiet, idyllic, and incredibly gorgeous. 


Monemvasia - credits: JustinW/Pixabay.com

 Another option for visiting Greece in the fall is to visit Monemvasia in the Peloponnese. It is like taking a Greek vacation back in time, admiring the area's sights, the medieval castle, the old churches, and the mansions that decorate this corner of Greece with grace.  

Outside the castle, you will find beautiful beaches and picturesque fishing villages that you can explore just as well as you would in the summertime.



It is famous worldwide, and travelers from all over the world have appreciated its enchanting sunsets. Santorini, one of the most popular islands in the world, will steal your breath with its charm and mystical character that sometimes gets overshadowed in the peak season.

Anyone who has visited it knows well that the wonderful Cycladic island is much more than its partying ways and stunning beaches.

A tour of the island during fall will fill you up with all kinds of emotions. The cave houses in the volcanic soil look like small tiles in the work of art that spreads in Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, or the touristically advanced Oia, with the legendary sunset.

In Fira, do not miss a visit to the museum of Prehistoric Thera to make a virtual trip through time and get to know the history and heritage of the island. 

It may be in most people's minds one of the ultimate summer destinations, but Santorini is irresistibly charming and wonderful in the fall as well. 


Corfu - credits: discovergreece.com

When you hear the name Corfu your mind does not go to beaches and clear blue waters, as is the case with the islands of Zakynthos or Kefalonia. Corfu is associated with rich cultural events and awe-inspiring sites.

If you decide to go to the island of Faiaka for your fall holidays to escape the summer's heat, you must not miss the opportunity to visit a palace built in the ancient city, Mon Repo. Then you can wander in the neighborhood of Campiello -taken from Benini's film- where the locals spread out their clothes.

Explore Corfu's Beaches; a Shore Excursion to Paleokastritsa & Glyfada

After taking photos of the locals' laundry, we suggest you head to the imposing New Fortress to see the panoramic view of the city and the gate with the Venetian Coat of Arms depicting the Lion of St. Mark. Afterward, you must go to the well-preserved Doric temple of Kardaki. 

With so many centuries of history hidden in the cobbled streets of the Old Town, the braces of Corfu will be the last thing on your mind!


Rhodes - credits: greeka.com

Rhodes is not an island that gets deserted when the tourist season passes. On the contrary, there is even more to see when the tourist crowds subside.  

The truth is that you will not even go to Rhodes in the fall for swimming. Rhodes is a bit like Budapest. You have the modern city and the castle joined by stone bridges. Then you have buildings dating back to the Middle Ages, adorned with heavy iron doors.

You have to see the gothic churches, tall towers, and marble renaissance masons. You also have to see the palace, the Palace of the Grand Master, which has eighty rooms and is nothing like you’ve seen before.  

After your cultural exploration, you can go shopping in the colorful bazaar of Socrates. And if your eyes are not yet satisfied with magic, you can also go to the aquarium, a hydrobiological station built like a cave with 28 tanks that host various kinds of fresh and seawater creatures. 


Crete - credits: greece.terrabook.com

The island of Crete is located in the southeastern part of the European continent, where from September to November, the temperature does not fall below 20º C, with the average sunshine time reaching seven hours per day, while on its south coast, in the Libyan Sea, the water temperature reaches 23º C and the average temperature of the atmosphere at 26 ºC!

As a result, your trip to Crete during autumn will offer you the opportunity to combine relaxation with visits to rare historical monuments and numerous museums, providing you with unique experiences which are exclusively associated with this time of year. 

The mild temperatures favor the acquaintance with Crete’s "hidden" hinterland and its diverse and fascinating flora and fauna, either by visiting the picturesque villages of the lowlands and mountains or by hiking, mountaineering, and crossing magnificent gorges, such as the famous Gorge of Samaria, which is one of the top sites in Crete!

Harbor of Chania Crete Neirfys depositphotosHarbor of Chania, Crete - credits: Neirfys/Depositphotos.com

From the end of the summer, the agricultural activities start with the harvest, the spreading and the drying of the raisins, while in the autumn, the plowing and the sowing of the fields, the pressing of the grapes, and the production of the wine and raki of the year, follow.

So at this time, you have the opportunity to experience up close the traditional agricultural work which takes place during these months: to participate, together with the locals, in the harvest and the "pressing" of the grapes and the picking of the olives, to watch the ritual of ‘rakokazano’ when the Cretans light their cauldrons for the production of the famous raki with the process of evolving each time into a traditional feast or to discover the local products and the way of their production.  

And of course, we must not forget the world-famous Cretan cuisine, which during fall is "enriched" with the products of the new crop.


Kefalonia - credits: kefalonia.gr

It is impossible to get to know Kefalonia in a single trip. Its villages are more than its beaches and, apart from a beautiful coastline, it is full of caves and caverns, paths and remarkable landscapes.  

Following the high-season summer months, when the villages are quiet but the waters are still warm, the wineries welcome the new harvest, and on the paths, you will see the colors of autumn, you will understand why Kefalonia is the ultimate destination for this season. In addition, as people dwindle, the chances of seeing Caretta caretta turtles or Monachus Monachus seals on beaches increase. 

Away from the heat of summer, the weather is also suitable for coasteering, ie, for coastal hiking that alternates with diving and swimming under the rock arches and inside small caves.


The Greek island of Naxos, Autumn in Greece - credits: kimkim.com

 Away from the tourist crowds of its neighboring Greek islands and free from the signs of alternative and often superficial bohemian Cycladic sanctuaries of the former barren line, Naxos is perhaps the most authentically hospitable island of the Cyclades.

The one that lives at perfectly normal rhythms even in winter, without being isolated and without being abandoned by the inhabitants of the summer season.

Naxos bynight Heracles Kritikos shutterstock edNaxos by night - credits: Heracles_Kritikos/Shutterstock.com

Its viability is based mainly on agricultural production and livestock, while its villages, scattered mainly inland, strengthen the unadulterated and hospitable character of the island, which is not trapped in the "norms" of mass tourism.  

Hidden on secluded slopes and others off the radar of travel guides, the picturesque villages of Naxos retain their traditional element and natural beauty, thanks to the dedication and effort of their inhabitants. 


Andros, Autumn in Greece - credits: 9musesandros.gr

 Do you want to enjoy beaches with clear waters, nature walks, picturesque villages, and good food? The solution is located just 2 hours from the port of Rafina, on an island that is quite different from the rest of the Cyclades. In Andros, countless surprises and hidden treasures await you.

 The rich vegetation and the abundant waters coexist harmoniously with the dry Cycladic landscape. Impressive houses of shipowners and captains, Venetian castles, old monasteries, waterfalls, caves, hiking trails, and sandy beaches will convince you that you have found a little paradise on earth. The walks in the aristocratic Chora of Andros are some of those that remain unforgettable.

It is also worth seeing the village of Stenies, walking in Batsi -especially during sunset- and visiting Korthi, which is an entire island in itself! 

To Pidima tis Grias, which is the most famous beach on the island, Achla, Chrysi Ammos, Kypri, and Zorkos, are just some of the beautiful beaches that are waiting for you for a refreshing swim. If you love hiking holidays, you will be thrilled with the many ancient trails that run through the island almost along its entire length and breadth. 


Syros, Autumn in Greece - credits: aptravel.gr

Syros has a different beauty from the other islands of the Cyclades. It has the finesse of an island in the Ionian Islands. Don’t say I told you so, but maybe Syros is more beautiful in autumn or any other time of year when the weather allows endless walks.

There is so much to explore. You should take a walk through the municipal market, make a stop to admire the Apollo Theater, and at some point, the alleys will take you to Miaouli Square. If you are also courageous, you will climb up to Ano Syros of Vamvakaris. 

You will also go for a walk from the picturesque Vaporia, to see traditional sailors' houses. You do not go to Syros for the beaches. You go for its architecture, for what it has to teach you, and of course, for one of its countless festivals. 


Aegina, Autumn in Greece - credits: cmalikakos/Pixabay.com

Aegina is the closest of the Greek islands to Athens and a classic solution for lightning escapes with a sea breeze. And autumn, therefore, is an ideal time to enjoy the atmosphere of this island, which has something from an old-time glamor that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Here, you will be drawn to the colorful neoclassical buildings of the port, the pine-covered hinterland, the coves, the archeological sites, and Paleochora, the medieval capital of the island.

Saronic Escape: 12-Days in Athens, Peloponnese, Spetses & Aegina

Do not forget to buy pistachios from Aegina from the shops and kiosks next to the port and dine in one of the seaside taverns in the picturesque port and the famous fishing village of Perdika! 


Athens, Autumn in Greece - credits: fodors.com

 If you ask any experienced travel agent what the best time to visit Athens is, they will answer that it is the first two months of Autumn, September, and October, specifically mid-September to mid-October.

At this time of year, most visitors can enjoy all the good things of summer: swimming and sunbathing, getaways to nearby islands, outdoor cafes and restaurants, performances at the Herodion, Epidaurus, and Lycabettus, but with much milder and pleasant weather, and far fewer crowds. 

Athens is beautiful all year round, and every season offers something different. Autumn in the capital is one of the sweetest seasons, without too much cold or rain, where you can enjoy hidden shops, cozy hangouts, adjoining neighborhoods, and weekend getaways. The Museums remain open, the nightlife returns to Athens’ city center, and you can enjoy the city in its truest form. 

Athens is full of cozy and beautifully decorated shops where you can enjoy your coffee and hot chocolate, eat breakfast and brunch, and taste both domestic and international cuisine.

From the famous hangouts in Pagrati, the hidden shops in the urban Exarcheia, and the vintage corners in Koukaki, the capital offers you countless options for entertainment.

When the weather starts to dimmer, Autumn is the right time to visit an exhibition, or one of the many museums in the city, combining it with a walk. 

For example, a good choice is the Museum of the City of Athens, where after finishing the tour, you can enjoy a coffee in ‘Black Duck,’ which is literally in the yard of the Museum. After that, you can take a walk in the shopping streets of the area, do your shopping and enjoy Athens’ street food at its best. 


Volos, Autumn in Greece - credits: dimitrisvetsikas1969/Pixabay.com

 Probably the most beautiful and certainly the most popular city of Thessaly, with a rich history that takes you back to ancient Iolkos, the city of the Argonauts.

Volos owes its charm mainly to its beautiful beach, the good road plan, the neighboring Pelion, and of course, its famous tsipouro restaurants. This institution was probably started by the refugees from Asia Minor in 1922 and remains popular today. 

The city preserves several monuments and has beautiful corners for walks, both in the center and the suburbs.

It is necessary to take a walk in the district of Palea to imagine how beautiful Volos was until the earthquake of 1955, the Tsalapatas complex, the medieval castle, and the square, but also in the picturesque alleys of the refugee settlement of Nea Ionia. 

The walk on the beach starts from the west, from the Municipal Theater of Volos. A little further from the front of the beach, but overlooking the sea, the neoclassical Municipal Conservatory and behind it, the modern, in the form of a glass tower, Art Center Giorgio de Chirico will leave you in awe.

The Achillion cinema also stands out. Built in 1925, it still operates today. The silver domes of Papastratos tobacco warehouses dominated the postcards for years. Today, the University of Thessaly is housed here. 

At the beach's eastern end, you will come upon the church of Agios Nikolaos with the park. Built in 1936, it became a reference point for the modern city. The many bicycles the people of Volos use for their travels give a special color to the already picturesque city! 

Although the city is alive all year round, spring and autumn are ideal times for city break in Volos, in combination with an excursion to Pelion. 


Pelion, Autumn in Greece - credits: dimitrisvetsikas1969/Pixabay.com

Nowhere else in Greece does the sea harmonize as perfectly with the mountain as in Pelion. This green village with its four districts -Agioi Taxiarches, Agia Paraskevi, Agios Stefanos, and Agia Kyriaki- the stone cobbled streets, and the picturesque squares, is one of the most beautiful regions of Greece, perfect for a trip in fall.

Nearby, Kissos and Mouresi, villages spread in an area of ​​exceptional natural beauty, attract nature lovers like a magnet. The east side of Pelion, above the Aegean, is a place that can lead you to the forest to discover the magic of Pelion nature, at the same time, can send you to wonderful beaches for a refreshing swim.  

The exotic and beautiful Mylopotamos, the tiny bay of Fakistra, Damouchari -best known from the movie Mamma Mia-, Plaka, Ai-Giannis, Papa Nero, Agioi Saranda, and Horefto, are just some of the must-visit spots that prove that Pelion is the ultimate Greek destination. 


Mani, Autumn in Greece - credits: travelspot.com

Impressive tower houses, landscapes of wild beauty, and traditional settlements of incredible charm. The capital of Laconian Mani is Gythio, a beautiful seaside town built amphitheatrically, with colorful neoclassical buildings reflected in the sea.

Continue to Areopolis, the liveliest town in Mani. The whole old fortified settlement is characterized as traditional, while its cobbled streets are full of taverns and nice bars. Descending from Areopolis to the sea emerges the enchanting Port, one of the most picturesque settlements in Greece, where the transparent waters reach the stone houses.

Itilo is another beautiful traditional settlement with stone tower houses, which harmoniously combines the mountain and the sea. After stopping at the famous Diros Caves, continue further south to the seaside Gerolimenas with its turquoise waters.

kardamili messinia PNIK shutterstockKardamilli, Messinia - credits: PNIK/Shutterstock.com

At the southern tip of the Mani Peninsula is the imposing Vathia. Built in a wild and imposing landscape, with its stone tower houses perched on a slope, it is perhaps the most photographed village of Mani. The last stop in Mani should be the southernmost tip of mainland Europe: Cape Tainaro, where, according to mythology, was the gate of Hades.

Final Thoughts

Greece is beautiful all year round, as its Mediterranean beauty, which combines mountains and sea, makes it irresistible to travelers from all over the world regardless of the time of their visit.

Explore Greece's islands, cities, and mountain villages that are perfect during the fall season, and enjoy wonderful walks on their cobbled streets. Don’t let the fall give you the blues; your next trip to Greece is waiting for you!

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