Little Kook cafe during Christmas - credits: Milan-Gonda/
Little Kook cafe during Christmas - credits: Milan-Gonda/

Christmas is around the corner, finally! Yes, the time of the year when all the streets sparkle from the Christmas lights when the smell of cinnamon fills the air when jolly jingles can be heard everywhere; the most wonderful time of the year is upon us! Regardless of age, you can’t help but get giddy at the prospect of the holiday season. Although Greece is mainly known for its wonderful beaches and perfect weather, it isn’t lacking in Christmas attractions. So, whether you have been naughty or nice this year, we will help you get your Christmas vacations in Greece sorted!

Visit a Christmas Park

Syntagma Square during Christmas - credits: PitK/ 

Visiting a Greek Christmas Park is always a good way to get in the festive mood and, in the center of Athens, you can find one of the best Christmas Parks in Europe, the Christmas Factory. There, you and your kids will have the opportunity to, among others, enjoy the great Christmas market situated in magnificent wooden houses, ride the carousel, the impressive Christmas wheel and the eco-train, as well as watch numerous children's performances, concerts, choirs, and interactive workshops. If you are planning your trip to Athens and Christmas Parks tickle your fancy, you can an unforgettable visiting to the Christmas Factory that will not disappoint you!

Embrace the magic of Nafplio

The water castle of Bourtzi in Nafplio - credits: Takis ks/

 Another excellent choice, if you want to spend Christmas in Greece, is to visit the magnificent coastal town of Nafplio. Located only 2 hours away from Athens, Nafplio, which is a striking town year-round, becomes simply enchanting under the Christmas lights. The Old Town of Nafplio is captivatingly charming, due to the cobbled streets lined with Christmas decorations, and it is the ideal place to take a stroll, in order to find hidden gems and shop unique memorabilia. In the heart of Nafplion lies the impressive Syntagma Square, full of monuments and historical buildings and at Christmas boasts an impressive Christmas tree. If you are up for some exercise, you can try climbing up the legendary 999 stairs that lead to the Palamidi Castle, 216 meters above the city, in order to enjoy the breathtaking view. Nafplio is frequently described, as the cultural capital of Greece. Therefore, at Christmas, you can expect to find a variety of festive happenings, performances, and events, in order to enrich your stay.


Sing the carols in Arachova

Snowboarding and skiing at Parnassus - credits: 2londoners1bike

At around the same distance away from Athens, Arachova is another town, perfect for a Christmas adventure, which is waiting to be explored! The Christmas celebrations in Arachova have an undeniable element of magic. It is arguably one of the most visually attractive and popular winter destinations in Greece. Visitors are offered the opportunity to go skiing in the morning and enjoy a little après ski at the picturesque bars of Arachova in the evening. With the ski center minutes away in a breathtaking landscape, it is glamorous and elegant while staying true to its traditional roots. At Christmas, it is truly an idyllic site with snow-capped mountains, log fires, and the sounds of festivity echoing through the cobbled streets. A golden glow effuses from the windows of small tavernas serving local red wine and warming traditional fare. On Christmas day, you can watch, along with the locals, the Christmas traditions at the Byzantine church of St.George and admire the snowy slopes of Mount Parnassus. Also, if you want to explore the surrounding villages, you can combine your stay at Arachova with a day trip to the spiritual heart of ancient Greece, Delphi, where you can discover wonders such as the Temple of Apollo, once home to a legendary Oracle.

Play with the elves in Trikala

Trikala during Christmas - credits:Dimitrios Vlassis/

No post on Christmas would be complete without mentioning a Christmas village. About 4 hours away from Athens, at the scenic town of Trikala, Mylos ton Ksotikon -The Elves’ Mills- opens its gates every year to reveal Santa’s magical world. There, from 10 am to 10 pm there are fun, original games to keep the children busy and delicious, local food to keep the parents going! Rumour has it, that the famous Elves’ Mills work in order to produce the coveted material for all the tasty Christmas creations. At this magical village, Santa and his innumerable helpers are waiting to offer you a unique Christmas experience. The Fun Parks, the Christmas decorations and the abundance of free activities will excite you whether you’re young or young at heart!

Christmas in Greece is a wonderful experience whether you chose to spend it by the sea or in the mountains. Here, you will have the opportunity to visit Christmas Villages, Christmas Parks and enjoy scenic landscapes both in Athens and out in the countryside.

The fairy tale, festive season charms both locals and visitors alike, offering countless entertainment options. Theatrical performances, music concerts, outdoor meetings and Christmas bazaars, all contribute to the Christmas glee! Are you interested in a totally different and unique Greek Christmas? We could make your dream come true! Click here to find out how! Happy Greecemass everyone!