Naxos Town - credits: leoks/
Naxos Town - credits: leoks/

Naxos might be an ideal Greek Island destination for families, but that doesn’t mean that it is not packed full of fun things to do whether you’re traveling alone, with a group of friends or as a couple! Of course, you must’ve heard about the must-visit attractions of Naxos for first-timers or Naxos’ top beaches, but now it is time to think a little outside the box; here are 5 fun things to do in Naxos to make your trip to this striking Greek island a smash hit!

Sweat the daylight away with a hike up Mount Zeus

villafe of halki Nicole Kwiatkowski shutterstockThe village of Halki - credits: Nicole Kwiatkowski/

It might sound scary, but this activity is not only made for fitness fans but for anyone looking to experience from up-close the magical landscape of Naxos and discover the beauty of its mountains, a beauty that often gets neglected. In the semi-mountainous village of central Naxos, Filoti, Mount Zeus stands tall, reaching the height of 1003 m -or 3290 ft-, which makes it the highest point in the Cyclades. Mount Zeus is allegedly the place where Zeus was taken after its birth to be raised, and it couldn’t be anything short of breathtaking! The hike up Mount Zeus -or Mount Zas as it is often referred to- is not too long, but it’s rather tedious. However, whoever chooses to make the effort will be rewarded with an unmatched view out to the island and the Agean Sea that will make it all worth it! There are two routes for the hike. The easiest route is from Agia Marina that is a 7 km round trip, while the second route starts at Aria Spring. Do your research, take the necessary gear and equipment, and you’ll be able to conquer the challenge of hiking Mount Zeus like a pro!

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Explore the island from the back of a horse

naxos island panoramic saiko3p shutterstock Panoramic photo of Naxos - credits: saiko3p/

Being away from the city opens up the opportunity for you to become one with nature. How about you take this literally and join the fascinating activity of horse riding across Naxos? As Naxos combines an imposing mountainous landscape with beautiful sandy beaches, you will have the chance to enjoy a ride on the back of a horse across Naxos' smooth coast for a day to remember. You can even schedule your horse-riding adventure to take place during sunset so you can rejoice in the ultimate Greek sunset experience; an experience no picture will be able to commemorate. If that sounds like a good idea and you are looking forward to meeting your new four-legged friend, you can rely on Naxos’ horse riding club to make your dream come true with all the information you can possibly need. Ye-Ha!

Become a domestic god/goddess with a Naxos cooking class

cooking lesson Dragon Images shutterstockCooking lesson - credits: Dragon Images/

You are guaranteed to become enamored by Naxos cuisine, who wouldn’t? However, tasting Naxos’ mouthwatering flavors is not the only way you can get in touch with Greek gastronomy. Indulge in a Naxos Organic cooking class combined with a Greek family feast and get a full insight into the diet of Naxos’ locals. Visit and take a picturesque walk across Kaloxylos Village, 20 minutes away from Naxos Town, before being taken to a traditional local home for your first taste of Greek hospitality. You will be welcomed with a cup of Greek coffee, fresh fruit, and homemade cookies, before kicking off your 2.5-hour cooking class, where you will prepare a luscious three-course Greek meal with the help of an expert cook. To top it all off, your Naxos cooking experience will also include a visit to Naxos’ folklore museum as well as a Greek feast, where you will be able to taste the fruits of your labor along with a Greek salad, a variety of Naxos’ cheeses and local wine! Can you think of a more fun and delicious way to spend your time in Naxos

Ready for a sailabration? 

catamaran sailing Milan Tomazin shutterstock copyCatamaran sailing - credits: Milan Tomazin/

Who wouldn’t want to spend their Greek holidays living a luxurious lifestyle? Now you can do so by joining a Naxos sailing day-trip that will take you to the neighboring islands of Koufonissi, Iraklia, and Schoinoussa. Starting from the port of Naxos and with the help of the friendly staff of the sailing boat, you will get to discover the breathtaking beauty of the less popular islands while stopping for swimming or snorkeling in the magnificent blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Of course, no day-trip would be complete without a variety of drinks and snacks and a delicious, traditional Greek lunch onboard. Your journey back to Naxos will also include a light dinner of fresh fruit and an incredible view of the sunset that will elevate your sailing trip on a whole different level. Living the big life while getting wind of the impeccable whereabouts of Naxos is a winning combination; after all, we like big boats and we cannot lie!  

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If you’re artsy and you know it, take a marble-carving class!

If you have a creative spirit, and arts and crafts are your thing, a marble-craving class will be right up your alley! Let the marble of Naxos become your creative outlet and learn how to carve on it with locally forget tools, the history of which you will learn about from the expert that will guide you through this experience. At the end of your class, you will take with you as a memento the block of marble you have carved your art on; a perfect souvenir from your trip to Naxos and a proud possession you will proudly show all your friends and family. This unique experience will be unforgettable and a venture only a few of Naxos’ visitors have the pleasure of being a part of!  

If fun is what you’re after for your trip to Naxos, we have your back! Delve into the 5 fun and unique things to do in Naxos we have listed above and your time in this magical Cycladic island will transform into fond memories and stories you will narrate for years to come! 

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