Family vacation in Mykonos - credits: TravnikovStudio/
Family vacation in Mykonos - credits: TravnikovStudio/

Who says that Mykonos is not a family-friendly island? We are here to tell you a much different story.

Mykonos is famous worldwide for its crazy nightlife and its endless parties but there is always the opposite side on a coin. Despite the fact that many considered it to be an odd choice for family-vacations, Mykonos certainly is a summer destination for you and your little ones. Follow the suggestions of this article and make sure your time on the island of the Winds will be a lovely addition to your family photo album!

Why choosing Mykonos island

Mykonos town zoltangabor shutterstockMykonos town - credits: zoltangabor/

Holidays with the family mean relaxation, comfort, efficiency, and flexibility, therefore, a destination that qualifies for those standards is the one that guarantees you are going to have a smooth, trouble-free experience. Now, add to the picture the Greek islands and the idea starts to become even more appealing. Getting to the Greek islands though could prove to be more difficult than expected, depending on your children’s age and weather conditions. If you choose Mykonos though, you definitely must not worry anymore. Due to its tourist popularity, Mykonos has direct flights from most of the international airports of the world. Forget about unnecessary transfers and ferry lines, hop on your chosen airline and find yourselves directly in the magic of the Aegean Sea. For those that have to take the ferry though, fear not! Mykonos has the most frequent connection to every port of Greece, especially Athens, with many options for you to choose from (conventional lines, fast-ferries, flying dolphins, etc).

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Choose your hotel

family in mykonos hotel shutterstock
A family of four with a beautiful view in a luxury hotel in Mykonos - credits: TravnikovStudio/

In order to avoid surprises and keep your holidays relaxing, do your research in advance and select one of the many hotel options for families. Your options are literally endless since almost all the villages of Mykonos have luxurious, modern facilities to accommodate the needs of every traveler. Despite the fact that you can find your temporary home at one of the most popular beaches of the island, it would be a much wiser idea to search for a hotel at the northern part of the island. There, you can find less crowded beaches and a more family-friendly atmosphere. Enjoy a swim at the pristine turquoise waters of the island and round up your day at a local taverna where your family can taste the riches of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Find the right beach

ornos beach mykonos fokke baarssen shutterstock compressedOrnos beach, Mykonos - credits: fokke baarssen/

Location is everything on the island of Mykonos. If you are not in the mood of loud music, beach parties, and watersports, Mykonos has other alternative options too. If you want to stay close to the main town of the island, the beach of Ornos or Aghios Ioannis might be the best choices. Located the south part of the island, these long-stretching sandy beaches are well protected from the northern winds, making them a kid’s paradise. Let yourself loose to the beauty of your surroundings and have your children play in the calm waters of those beaches. For those that want to have the extra step, the unexploited beach of Ftelia, Agios Sostis or Fokos are waiting for you.

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Have a day cruise

cruise Anton Watman shutterstockCruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea - credits: Anton Watman/

What is the best place for a family rather than the island of a divine family? Two small islands of enormous cultural and historical significance float just next to Mykonos in the Aegean Sea. The smaller one, Delos is the motherland of two Olympian Gods. According to the legend, Leto, the Titaness after getting pregnant from Zeus, she tried desperately to find a safe place to give birth, away from the fury of Hera. After many adventures, she found the island of Delos, and with the company of the rest of the goddesses, she gave birth to the Divine Twins, Apollo the Lightbringer and Artemis the Calliste (the best one). The small island of Delos quickly became a major pilgrimage site of antiquity and one of the richest sanctuaries of the ancient world. Temples honoring the miraculous birth of the twins with lavish offerings from all over Greece were to be found on the island. As Delos was one of the most sacred lands on the earth, no one was allowed to die on the island, therefore the nearby Rineia came to be a large necropolis.

delos island EGUCHI NAOHIRO shutterstockDelos island - credits: EGUCHI NAOHIRO/

Starting from the port of Mykonos, there are daily-offered day cruises that will get you to those sacred, uninhabited islands. Explore the impressive ancient ruins of Delos, and walk on ancient streets as you are witnessing villas, theatres, and temples of the ancient world. After leaving the island, head to Rineia and dip yourselves into the pristine, untouched waters of the island. The turquoise waters in combination with the arid wilderness will definitely enchant you and make your trip unforgettable.

Mykonos, the Queen of Cyclades, is so much more than just partying and celebrity lifestyle. For those that want to enjoy the beauty of the Aegean Sea with their families, Mykonos island is often a disregarded destination. Waste no more time, plan your own trip to Mykonos and pack your family suitcases to the most iconic Greek island or check out the rest of our Greece tours.

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