Mykonos Nightlife; Where to Party in Mykonos

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • Mykonos is home to numerous iconic beach clubs that offer a unique party experience. Clubs like Paradise Beach Club, Super Paradise, and Scorpios are famous for their DJs, live music, and beachfront settings.
  • Mykonos Town, also known as Chora, is filled with charming bars and clubs that cater to different tastes.
  • The nightlife in Mykonos is known for its all-night dancing. The partygoers often dance until dawn, and the music keeps playing non-stop.
  • Mykonos has a reputation for being LGBTQ+ friendly, and places like Jackie O' and Babylon are popular LGBTQ+ venues, hosting lively parties and events.

180 sunset bar180 Sunset bar - credits: facebook.com/ 180 Sunset Bar

Mykonos is a famous tourist destination due to its spectacular landscape, fantastic climate, and clear waters. This Greece island has much to offer as a destination.

Among those things is its thriving Mykonos nightlife, which is comparable to the best party destinations along the Mediterranean coastline, and a reason alone to travel from Athens to Mykonos as soon as you can!

Mykonos nightlife offers everything from confetti-dropping mega-club experiences to intimate live-music bars; you will leave your hair down and enjoy the carefreeness the Greek islands gift their visitors with.  

Here we will provide you with all the information and insight about where to party in Mykonos to get the full experience of Mykonos' nightlife. Have fun!  

The best bars


astra mykonosAstra bar - credits: facebook.com/Astra Mykonos

One of the most famous bars of Mykonos nightlife, located in the area of ​​Tria Pigadia, opened its doors in 1987. From then until today, it welcomes every year the most elite people who visit it to live the ultimate entertainment experience. For years, it has been a meeting point for Greeks and foreigners who are looking for a combination of a chic atmosphere and quality music.

Astra bar in Mykonos was founded by a well-known figure of the local night scene in the 1970s and designed by the world-renowned artist Minas. The latter integrated 2,500 lights into the ceiling to compliment the rhythm of the music, thus creating a dreamy-retro effect reminiscent of the starry sky.

Some of the top DJs have played the hottest music there in an unrivaled atmosphere that impresses even the most demanding. At Astra, you start early with drinks in the beautiful alleys of Matogianni street.  

Alternatively, you can visit it later and have fun until the wee hours of the morning. In any case, the experience is unique, and the only thing certain is that you have to experience it firsthand.

Queen Champagne and Cocktail Bar

queenofmykonosQueen of Mykonos - credits: queenofmykonos.com

Queen of Mykonos is a cult-classic bar, which is also located in the famous street of Matogianni that has entertained the visitors and locals of the island for years. While it was for its time a pioneering new entry, today it is a cocktail and champagne bar that is considered a hallmark of the Mykonian nightlife.

This didn't happen by accident. The owners of the legendary cocktail bar traveled to metropolises of the world and exotic destinations to research the market and people's desires and design a champagne bar that will reflect the experiences, the people, the cultures, and a high standard of service.  

Thus, they can always satisfy the cosmopolitan public of Mykonos island, offering an exemplary wine cellar and innovative and classic cocktails, among which the molecularly refined ones! As for the trump card that makes Queen of Mykonos remains on the nightlife agenda after all its years of operation, stronger than ever!


negritaNegrita bar - credits: facebook.com/Negrita Mykonos

The striking Negrita Cocktail Bar is located at the waterfront of the famous picturesque settlement of Mykonos, Little Venice. With a unique bohemian aesthetic and incredible music choices, it attracts both young and older crowds who want a taste of Mykonos' vibrancy.

The energy and ambiance of the Negrita bar in Mykonos are unmatched, making it the perfect spot to spend countless hours on its cobblestone alley that stands between its guests and the shimmering blue of the Aegean sea. After all, Little Venice is known for its picture-perfect quality.

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In Negrita, you will find a wide variety of exotic cocktails and high-quality drinks you can sip on while gazing at the magical sunset before you. Of course, it is worth staying in Negrita far later than the sunset, as its Latin character promises a memorable nightlife experience.  

With a view of the wave breaking in Little Venice, what more you ask for?


Galleraki.grGalleraki bar - credits: galleraki.gr

The iconic casual lounge bar Galleraki in Mykonos Town, also with a stunning view of the windmills and Little Venice, is decorated with colors that enhance its very friendly and warm atmosphere.

Housed in a typical building of traditional Cycladic architecture Little Venice is known for, in Galleraki, you can enjoy your cocktail together with the sunset either if you sit upstairs on the balcony or in the outside area of the ground.

The famous Galleraki cocktail bar has been in operation since 1989 and wins its guests over with its uplifting dance music and smiling staff. Its owner is one of the most exciting personalities on the island, and very often, you will find him on the decks playing music.

Apart from being an integral part of Mykonos nightlife and Mykonos Town, you can also visit Galleraki cocktail bar in the morning to choose from its rich breakfast menu. Moreover, there is no better way to enjoy the sunset than to sit on Galleraki's balcony and accompany the unique spectacle unfolding before you with a wine from its highly curated list and small bites.

Please note that Galleraki sometimes also transforms into a piano bar, so if you're interested, make sure to keep your eyes on its schedule to figure out the best time to visit it! You didn't know a piano bar was a part of the wild Mykonos nightlife circuit, did you?


baosmykonosBaos - credits: facebook.com/Baos Mykonos

Revolutionary and adventurous, Mykonos keeps its legends alive. The small island you see directly across from Little Venice was once the stronghold of the Mykonian pirate Georgios Bao.

One of the most significant figures of the first revolution that took place in 1770 with the help of the Russians, George Bao, fought vigorously against the Turks and protected his homeland. From the desert island, he began his attacks and plundered the ships of the Turkish conquerors when they anchored them in the strait between the two islands.

The island was granted to him as a reward for his heroic services and has been named after him ever since. Just one nautical mile from Mykonos, on the island of Bao, a small church of Agios Georgios has even been built in honor of the legendary fighter who conquered the shores of Little Venice.  

Drawing inspiration from the figure of the brave Bao, the homonymous bar took shape, aspiring to write its own glorious story for Mykonos nightlife. In the spirit of the hero's namesake, Bao's, with a revolutionary mood, bold cocktails, and deep knowledge of music from all over the world, can be the starting point for your adventures on the island of the winds.  

The best night clubs (and not just in Mykonos Town)


monimykonosMoni - credits: facebook.com/Moni Mykonos

One of the hippest and hottest clubs on the Mykonos nightlife scene is Moni, a modern and cosmopolitan hotspot of Mykonos' nightlife that makes its guest return to it again and again.

To endure Moni's guests have the night of their lifetimes, Moni offers trendy DJs and avant-garde stage music for dancing until sunrise.  

Moni creates the perfect atmosphere for your nights out if you want something sophisticated and opulent during your Mykonos nightlife experience.


void mykonosVoid - credits: facebook.com/Void Mykonos

Architecturally designed by Dimitris Tsigos, Void Mykonos combines the elements of elegance and minimalism in a perfect package that offers Void's guests the opportunity to enjoy Mykonos' nightlife to the fullest.  

housed in a luxurious venue in Lakka, with its long rounded structures of organic design, the contrast of white and black colors, and the impressive LED sculpture on the ceiling, is another addition to the Mykonian clubbing map that will make your summer nights a story waiting to be told.

Cavo Paradiso

cavo paradisoCavo Paradiso - credits: facebook.com/Cavo Paradiso

We cannot talk about Mykonos nightlife without mentioning Cavo Paradiso, the most fundamental dance club on the island and the one that offers exactly what one expects from a club and then some; a cosmopolitan and fun atmosphere along with delicious drinks and endless music hits!

Nicknamed the 'Temple of fun,' one can understand the sheer enthusiasm Cavo Paradiso is met with, having gained worldwide recognition in its almost 30 years of operation and having won the most fanatical patrons, who are also its best advertisers.

The many years of continuous presence on the world dance clubs scene and the "medals" for the years in competitions for the best clubs in the world through international magazines such as Djmag, Mixmag, and others speak for themselves.

Perched on a rock, it has built a Mykonos nightlife legend for years as a place of summer-dancing - a pilgrimage for clubbers everywhere, hosting the most famous and highly paid DJs that entertain the massive crowds until the morning!

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Cavo Paradiso, on the left side of the hill, on Paradise beach, is an attraction of the island in itself. Traveling to Mykonos and not spending a night there, while for many people it is - and not unfairly - one of the main reasons they travel to the 'island of the winds,' would be a pity.

Every year, the most famous and sought-after DJs of the planet parade from its decks while fans of the electronic scene await the announcement of its program, eager to spend unforgettable nights.

David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Alesso, Afrojack, Artbat, Benny Benassi, and David Morales are just some of the great names that have played music in Cavo Paradiso's wild parties.  

A unique advantage of Cavo Paradiso, apart from all others, is the sunrise. The famous sunrise of Cavo Paradiso is a meeting point in the early hours of the morning for the visitors of the island, as well as for the DJs, who are enchanted by the sight of the sun emerging at dawn, as well as by the unparalleled view of the Aegean and especially of Delos, of Naxos, Paros, and Antiparos.  

The best beach clubs


scorpiosScorpios - credits: fa cebook.com/Scorpios

Mykonos is the king of beach parties since almost every beach on the south side of the island has a DJ, a restaurant, luxury sunbeds, shisha, and crazy hours. But, indeed, the most famous beach club on the island is Skorpios.

Nestled on a sunny southern tip of Mykonos, overlooking Paraga beach and Kavos bay, Scorpios Mykonos has a bohemian-luxury artistic identity, with relaxed design and style, which, combined with impeccable service, offers the perfect place for the guest to spend relaxing days and nights and is definitely a must-visit spot when on the island.

This is no ordinary beach. It is a whole market, a new movement in holistic beach relaxation, with bars, restaurants, music, a cultural multi-venue, and art galleries.

Skorpios Mykonos' elegant restaurant, with 200 comfortable seats, faces an outdoor terrace with sea views, the perfect place to gather under a shady pergola, where long, leisurely meals can be reserved until the afternoon or evening.

The impressive menu is mainly Mediterranean with an emphasis on vegetarian and healthy foods. It is curated by a famous Greek chef, Athinagoras Kostakos, armed with enthusiasm and a team of forty people in his kitchen, serving at least a thousand people every day, maintaining the high standards of an excellent kitchen.

The bar staff has a very good knowledge of the cellar, consisting of many rare labels, which they will be happy to advise you on.

Be careful, though, Scorpios Beach Club guests are strongly advised to make reservations well in advance as demand is extremely high, especially on Sundays.

Skorpios of Mykonos is also known as a center of art and culture in Mykonos, where visitors can buy clothing from Caravana, an eco-brand that aims to preserve the ancient traditions of craftsmanship, as well as handmade jewelry and accessories, designed by M. Cohen and VK Lillie, favored by celebrities worldwide including Johnny Depp, Gerard Butler, Chris Hemsworth, Jared Leto, Mark Wahlberg, and Robert Downey Jr.  

Scorpios also has its own helipad to facilitate those of its guests who want to make an impressive appearance at the club, as well as a small boat jetty that offers an easy solution for customers who need a transfer to their boat.


nammos mykonosNammos - credits: facebook.com/Nammos Mykonos

Well-known stars from all over the planet, the biggest names in showbiz, shipowners, businessmen, and models visit Nammos' sunbeds every summer. At the same time, the live music concerts the beach club organizes with the most prominent Greek and foreign singers are considered global events.

However, the incredible story of Nammos begins about half a century ago, in the mid-60s. Specifically, in 1967, a couple lived an orchard with a tavern where Nammos lies today. Psarrou Beach next door was a fantastic beach, which at the time was known to few and was visited by even fewer, who arrived in the area by boat.

In 1985, when the couple's Kyriakos took over, everything changed! A young and active Mykonian had ambitions to fill his beach and restaurant with the cream of Athenian society. It was then that Mykonos slowly became the ultimate tourist destination for the elite of Greece.

However, in 2002, an unexpected incident, with a violent fight between businessmen, resulted in the total destruction of the establishment. That's when two Mykonians and an Egyptian entered the game, buying the establishment and breathing life into what today we know as 'Nammos.' In the years that followed, the Mykonian beach bar/restaurant became famous worldwide!

Today, 'Nammos' has been transformed into a luxury 'village' with its own mall, glamorous boutiques, spa, gym, and restaurant. It provides high-level services, from the beach to the restaurant, and leaves satisfied even the most demanding guest. 

With the sunbeds on the golden sand, the cool drinks and cocktails offered to enjoy in the company of the best music, the authentic yet relaxing atmosphere it exudes, as well as the unique design that characterizes all its spaces, Nammos has all those features that make up the most idyllic beach bar on the island of Mykonos and -why not?- the whole of Greece.


principote mykonosPrincipote - credits: faceboook.com/ Principote Mykonos

Principote is a jewel of Mykonos, a bohemian chic restaurant bar that operates from morning to night on the beach of Panormos perfectly in harmony with the natural beauty of the landscape as if it were a continuation of it.

It was elegantly designed by the distinguished Greek architect Thanasis Kyratsous and is nothing like the other beach bars on the island.

The element of wood dominates the setting, and the tables between them are comfortable, creating the ultimate zen feeling in the space. Impressive nautical ropes, elegant sofas, and beautiful round tables against the backdrop of one of the most charming seaside settings on the island make Principote a sight for sore eyes. 

The well-tuned service complements the setting, and a visit to Panormos when you are on the island is really worth it. The bohemian luxury and unpretentious charm of Prinicpote serve the establishment's ultimate goal: reviving the Greek Cycladic spirit through a multinational elegance and a tendency to modernize, which, after all, characterize the Mykonos nightlife in general.


alemagou mykonosAlemagou - credits: facebook.com/Alemagou Mykonos

Alemagou is not the usual beach bar you expect to find in Mykonos. It is a different place, an exceptional experience under the hot summer sun. A place for bohemian types everywhere to visit the 'island of the wind.'

The All day bar, located in Ftelia, Mykonos, is very relaxed but at the same time elegant, laid-back, but at the same time cosmopolitan.

In Alemagou you can spend your whole day. In the morning, you can indulge in the warm embrace of the sun and the cool breath of the sea. Let your hair down and marry your feet to the sand. Once the sun starts to go down, the bar and restaurant are the best options for a fantastic summer evening.

Alemagou's architecture opens a dialogue between past and present, between forms, shapes, texture, and light. There, you will spend unique sunny, salty moments that no postcard can capture.  

Alemagou's restaurant is based on the simplicity of Mediterranean cuisine, and experimentation is almost absent. On its long list of assets, we cannot help but mention that Alemagu has a boat that can take you to the private beaches of the island and make your stay in Mykonos even more special.

Super Paradise Beach

super paradiseSuper Paradise Club - credits: facebook.com/Super Paradise

Located 6 km southeast of Mykonos Town, Super Paradise Beach is the most alternative and unconventional beach on the island.

Super Paradise Beach is the must-see for a great day out, with a lifeguard on duty, boutiques, and a restaurant offering mouthwatering local food. Relax your body on the sunbeds and soak up the sun or simply spread your towels on the soft golden sand and feel its warmth on your body. There's always plenty of room to soak up the sun however you like at Super Paradise Beach!

Enjoy a dip in the sea and relax early in the day while getting ready to experience the ultimate beach party as time ticks by. At noon, the music in Super Paradise beach gets louder, and the party in the Super Paradise club begins.

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Super Paradise Beach is a great choice to drink some fresh fruit cocktails, fill your stomach with fruit salads with Greek honey and yogurt, replenish your energy needs and keep on celebrating in a huge open-air club!

Over the years, Super Paradise club has made its name synonymous with 'partying' in Mykonos, with Tropicana beach bar following. Packed with clubbers, jet-setters, models, and VIPs, don't be surprised if you spot a celebrity in the crowd or dancing next to you. 

Super Paradise calls for fun in the sun amongst an eclectic crowd. Meet a great mix of personalities and bodies, enjoying the Beach Club atmosphere. Relax in a relaxed atmosphere early in the day and get ready to party as time goes by.  

The music gets louder, and the Beach Club becomes "the stage." Whether you're dancing on the platforms or enjoying a cocktail, find yourself at the hottest beach clubs in the nightlife in Mykonos.

Final Thoughts

Mykonos is one of the most cosmopolitan islands on the planet, known for its wild nightlife, famous international DJs and parties that last for days, expensive restaurants, and unimaginably luxurious beach hotels, romantic hotels, hotels in Mykonos with private pools, and all kinds of scenic accommodations. It is actually just as famous as Santorini, which makes traveling from Santorini to Mykonos a perfect idea.

Along with all this, the beautiful island manages to be picturesque in its hidden corners, it has the bluest seas and many beautiful beaches, opposite it is Delos, famous since ancient times.

It is one of those places that you want to visit at least once in your life so that you can cross it (and its beach parties) off your bucket list. Believe us when we say that if you go, it is inevitable that you will want to come back!

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