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Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • The duration of travel from Athens to Mykonos depends on the mode of transportation.
  • Flying is faster and more convenient, but ferry travel offers a more scenic and cheaper option.
  • The time of year, budget, and travel style should be considered when deciding which mode of transportation to choose.
  • Spending at least two to three days in Athens and three to five days in Mykonos is recommended to explore their respective attractions.

athens streetsAthens Street - credits: Pixabay.com

Are you planning a trip to Greece, or have you already booked your tickets and are now waiting in anticipation?

Either way, traveling between cities is something any worthwhile traveler yearning for a fantastic trip does when planning a dream Greek getaway. 

Whether you prefer air travel or a thrilling trip on a ferry, the journey from Athens to Mykonos is sure to be an unforgettable experience. You can take our word for it.

parthenonParthenon Temple on the Acropolis in Athens - credits: Pixabay.com

Athens and Mykonos are two of the most popular destinations in Greece, each offering its own unique charm and experiences. Therefore, transporting from Athens to Mykonos will allow you a genuine glimpse into the Greek lifestyle.

Begin your journey by visiting Athens, the birthplace of Western civilization, a city filled with history and culture.

From there, you can book your ferry tickets, set sail from Piraeus ferry port, and visit Mykonos, an island paradise famous for its sparkling beaches and vibrant nightlife.

12-Day Trip to Athens, Tinos, Mykonos & Naxos

sunset in mykonosSunset in Mykonos - credits: Pixabay.com

Alternatively, you can head to Athens Airport (and possibly stay at one of Athens airport hotels) to fly from Athens to Mykonos and the romantic hotels in Mykonos, in no time. Just make sure to book in advance, as the earliest you book, the more likely you are to find cheap flights with all airline companies, even local stars, such as Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air, and Sky Express.

Planning how to get where you need to be in advance allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. 

It must be fun being Lady Luck’s favorite, as this guide will help you do exactly that. Let’s explore the different options and find the perfect way to experience the best of what Greece has to offer.

How to Get From Athens to Mykonos

athensAthens - credits: Pixabay.com

The ancient city of Athens and the island paradise of Mykonos are separated by around 114 miles (183km) across the beautiful Aegean Sea. When heading out to Mykonos from Athens, here are the two best ways:

  • A scenic ferry ride, either high-speed or traditional (slower but cooler)
  • A quick flight if you want zero hassles on your adventure

Take a Ferry From Athens to Mykonos; ferry tickets vary in prices

greece ferriesGreek ferry leaving Piraeus Port - credits: Pixabay.com

If you're looking for a leisurely and enjoyable ride, a ferry from Athens to Mykonos is definitely the way to go, and the Athens ferry port is your starting point.

These scenic ferry routes offer stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the Greek Islands, allowing you to soak in the beauty of the country's coastline from the ferry boats. 

And just like the food in Greece, there’s a lot to sample. You can expect to see crystal-clear turquoise waters, rocky cliffs, and possibly even spot dolphins swimming in the ocean, even if you depart from Piraeus port, which is located close to downtown Athens.

The best part is that the costs are generally budget-friendly, with ferry prices ranging between $20 (€19) to $45 (€42) for standard ferries. High-speed ferry companies are a bit more pricey, with a ferry ticket costing between $60 (€56) and $85 (€79).

greek ferryGreek Sea - credits: Pixabay.com

If you are wondering about getting the best price, remember that timing and pricing go hand-in-hand. Depending on the season and how far in advance you book, the cost and availability of ferries can vary considerably.

Mykonos ferries depart from either the Piraeus Port or the Rafina Port in Athens. A high-speed ferry will get you to Mykonos in approximately 2.5 hours.

A traditional ferry will get you there in between four and five hours, allowing you more time for sightseeing.

A day trip by ferry from Athens to Mykonos is another great option, especially if you want to immerse yourself in the island’s history and culture.

On this day trip, you can travel in a smaller, intimate group and spend the day sightseeing with a guide in Mykonos.

Time for our top tips for jumping on Mykonos ferries:

mykonos windmillsMykonos Windmills - credits: Pixabay.com

  1. If you’re a scenery-chaser, grab a seat on conventional ferries
  2. To reach the island in no time at all, opt for a high-speed ferry company
  3. Chuck your budget out the window because ferries are a cheap way of traveling
  4. For a culture trip, head out on a day trip ferry
  5. Finally, keep an eye on the weather; Mother Nature can be unpredictable, and ferry schedules are subject to last-minute changes

Flights: Athens Airport to Mykonos Airport

athens airportAthens Airport - credits: Pixabay.com

Direct flights from Athens to Mykonos are a quick and hassle-free way to get to the island.

There are generally two daily flights from the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (also known as Athens International Airport) to the Mykonos International Airport.

You can transport to Athens Airport from central Athens easily by public transportation, whether it is by bus or the Athens Metro Line.

Mykonos Traditional Cooking Class with transportation

The flight will get you to Mykonos in less than 40 minutes, plus a 10-minute drive from the airport to Mykonos Town, the heart of Mykonos nightlife.

When it comes to prices, it again depends on how far in advance you book your flight and for what time of year.

port mykonosMykonos Island - credits: Pixabay.com

During peak season, from June to August, prices can range between $75 (€70) and $120 (€112) for a one-way ticket from Athens to Mykonos.

If you book a flight during the off-season from January to March, you can find the cheapest flights as low as $40 (€37) to $50 (€46) for the same flight.

Car Rental in Mykonos

mykonos islandMykonos Island - credits: Pixabay.com

Once you arrive in Mykonos, you might want to consider renting a car. This will give you the freedom to explore the island at your own pace without being reliant on public transport.

While driving in Greece might be challenging due to the narrow roads and winding turns, it is also an opportunity for adventure.

A road trip? In Greece? Why not? You can take your time, discover local tavernas, and stop at a scenic outlook to snap some Instagram-worthy shots. 

When Is the Best Time to Book Transportation From Athens to Mykonos?

\mykonos restaurantMykonos restaurant - credits: Pixabay.com

When it comes to transportation, the earlier you book, the better. This especially applies to peak season, when flights and ferry tickets can sell out quickly. If you are planning to rent a car, book it as soon as possible to ensure you get the type of car you want.

If you’re looking to stretch your travel budget, consider traveling in the off-season (January to March), when prices are typically lower.

However, keep in mind that some ferry services might not be available during this time as these companies cater to tourists.

On the other hand, prices might be higher during peak season (June to August), but there are plenty of available options for getting to and around Mykonos.

Final Thoughts on Traveling From Athens to Mykonos

ferryboat greeceTraveling by ferry boat in Greece -  credits: Pixabay.com

The best way to travel to Mykonos from Athens will depend on your personal preference, budget, and itinerary. Whether you choose to travel by ferry or by flight, you will be able to experience the beauty and charm of Greece.

Getting from Athens to Mykonos can be an adventure on its own. If it’s not, you’re doing it wrong. The journey offers spectacular views of the ocean and the Greek Islands, and the natural beauty is breathtaking from both the plane and the ferry.

sunset mykonosGreek ferry boat during sunset in Mykonos - credits: Pixabay.com

Don’t forget to book your transportation early to ensure you get the best deal and a smooth and stress-free journey from Athens to Mykonos.

Now, all that is left is to pack your bags and embark on your adventure. Get ready to indulge in delicious Greek food, relax on the Greek beaches, and enjoy your perfect getaway in Greece.

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