Pocket WiFi in Greece: Best Options for Travelers 

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • Pocket Wi-Fi devices, also known as mobile hotspots or portable routers, provide convenient and portable internet access wherever you go in Greece.
  • Pocket Wi-Fi devices in Greece typically use 4G or 5G networks, offering reliable and fast internet connectivity.
  • Pocket Wi-Fi devices allow multiple devices to connect to the internet simultaneously.
  • Renting or purchasing a pocket Wi-Fi device in Greece can be a cost-effective option, especially for travelers who require continuous and reliable internet access throughout their trip.

yard wifi in greeceYard in Greece - credits: Pixabay

Imagine relaxing at a cafe with a cup of Greek coffee overlooking the sparkling Aegean Sea.

You probably want to share this moment with friends and on Instagram, but your stunning photos will have to wait until you have an internet connection and everyone knows you cannot rely on the free Wifi most service establishments offer.

Unless, of course, you have portable WiFi in Greece. As you plan your trip to the Greek Isles, consider renting or buying a pocket mobile hotspot to ensure internet access wherever you go. 

What Is Portable Wifi?

computer wifi in greeceInternet in Greece - credits: Pixabay

As the name implies, portable WiFi is a device you can take with you to provide an internet connection anywhere you go. It's a personal hotspot that connects your phone, laptop, or tablet to the internet. 

To use portable WiFi, you need a device that typically isn't much bigger than a credit card.

Connection speeds and strength vary by provider, but most portable WiFi devices in Greece work well enough to keep you connected throughout the country.

Streaming movies might not be possible, but you should be able to check your email, get directions, buy tickets, and browse the internet in Greece at affordable prices while exploring Greece

Why You Need Pocket WiFi in Greece 

tablet wifi in greeceKid playing with their tablet - credits: Pixabay

For most, a mobile device is a necessity. Even if you don't intend to make phone calls while visiting Greece, your phone most likely serves as your camera, google maps, translator, calculator, and more.

You need a reliable connection to order transportation from a rideshare service or buy advance tickets to the best museums in Athens.

It's easy to find public WiFi in most major cities, particularly in hotels and restaurants, but the unlimited Wifi that is promised isn't always reliable, especially in remote areas. 

wifi in greece 3Typical Cycladic aesthetic - credits: Pixabay

Once you leave the hotel reception, you might not find a public WiFi connection when needed. Public internet can also present a security risk around the world if you don't use a VPN, especially in crowded tourist areas.

One way to overcome this challenge is to purchase a local SIM card that allows you to use your wifi enabled device on the company address's local network.

SIM cards in Greece are affordable and easy to find, but they require purchasing the right plan with an adequate data allowance so you can stay connected.

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Most programs also include local and international calling minutes, which you may not need or use, so make sure to look for the one with unlimited internet instead. 

If you don't plan to make phone calls while you explore the many regions of Greece and the Greek islands, pocket wifi may be the better option for a good signal and fast, unlimited internet. 

wifi in greeceThe Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens - credits: Pixabay

Travelers can purchase or rent a portable wifi device and a data plan that best meets their needs and price.

Many companies offer unlimited data plans for specific periods (such as seven days), so you have peace of mind that you can get internet service whenever and wherever you need it. 

What to Look for in Portable WiFi in Greece 

wifi in greece 4Internet in Greece - credits: Pixabay

When shopping for pocket WiFi in Greece, consider the following factors. 

  • Location: If you're searching online for WiFi rental before your trip, ensure the device you select will work in Greece.
  • Some devices only work in certain countries or parts of the country. Confirm that you'll be able to use your pocket WiFi in the places you plan to visit. 
  • How long you will need pocket WiFi in Greece: Most WiFi rental device providers charge a daily fee for the hotspot device plus the data plan. Universal pocket WiFi that you can use in many countries is a good investment if you travel a lot. Some devices even provide a wireless internet connection on airplanes.
  • Depending on how long you plan to visit Greece and how often you travel, it may be most cost-effective to purchase the device outright rather than renting.
  • Your data needs: Knowing how you plan to use the internet connection during your trip to Greece determines how much data you need to purchase.
  • If you only plan to check ferry schedules or get directions, you won't need as much data as you would if you plan to upload hundreds of photos. 

The Best Pocket WiFi in Greece

athens wifi in greeceAthens - credits: Pixabay

To stay connected during your trip to Greece, whether you're soaking up the sun on the beaches of Santorini or driving in Greece through the countryside of Peloponnese, check out these reliable pocket WiFi options. 

1. TravelWiFi

Enjoy a reliable wireless internet connection anywhere in Greece by renting a TravelWifi Portable Hotspot.

Plans in Greece start at $7.95 per day for the device and up to 1GB of high-speed data per day. Up to five devices can connect to the hotspot simultaneously, making this an ideal solution for families or groups traveling together. 

TravelWiFi hotspots don't cut off your internet connection if you use more than the allotted data each day. You can still connect, albeit at a slower speed. 

wifi in greece 2View of Santorini - credits: Pixabay

2. Solis Lite

If you travel frequently, the Solis Lite may be the most convenient and affordable option for pocket wifi in Greece and beyond.

After you purchase the device for $139.99 and download the app, you can choose from European data plans ranging from $6 to $49 per month.

The device provides unlimited high-speed internet, accommodates up to ten devices at once, and can charge devices. 

3. My WebSpot

MyWebSpot offers easy and convenient pocket WiFi rentals in Greece.

For about $9 per day, you can get a personal hotspot that provides unlimited internet and up to 3GB of high-speed internet per day. The hotspot can accommodate up to five devices at a time. 

How to Arrange Pocket WiFi Rental

hellas wifi in greeceGreece - credits: Pixabay

The best way to ensure connectivity when you arrive in Greece is to arrange a hotspot ahead of time. This requires four simple steps:

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  1. Choose a provider. 
  2. Choose the device you want to use, and enter the dates of your trip.
  3. Select a data plan (without hidden costs). 
  4. Decide whether you want the device delivered to your home or your hotel. Ordering advance delivery gives you time to set it up, and you may be able to use it on the plane to Greece.

Final Thoughts

santorini wifi in greeceSantorini - credits: Pixabay

If a reliable unlimited internet connection is a priority when you travel, consider renting pocket WiFi in Greece. If you need additional help planning your vacation, contact a travel planner from Greeking.me at (518) 406-8975.

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