Athens Riviera - credits: Aerial-motion/
Athens Riviera - credits: Aerial-motion/

Have you ever wondered if you can enjoy both magnificent historical sites and beautiful beaches in Athens? The answer is yes, of course, you can! Along with all the astonishing ancient temples and monuments, it has to offer, Athens is a city surrounded by the beautiful sea. As a matter of fact, one can find more than 80 beaches in the region of Attica, with 13 of them having been awarded a 'blue flag' by the FEE! Here, we will introduce our top 10 beaches near Athens, where you can enjoy the glorious sun and crystal-clear waters of Greece without leaving its capital!


Karavi Schinias

Karavi Schinias - credits:

Karavi Schinias beach and water sports club is located 42km north-east of Athens, with its 100-meter-long sandy beach having been awarded a 'blue flag' in the past. Karavi is a beach club where parking, beach bars, restaurants, beach volley courts, and water sports facilities are only a few of its offerings, presenting a diverse scene that both families and younger crowds can enjoy. Open from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm, the clear, refreshing waters, along with the abundance of conveniences one can find there, make it an optimum destination for a dive near Athens.

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Paralia Brexiza - credits:

Brexiza is just a 5-minute-drive from Nea Makri, having also been awarded the 'blue flag' in previous years. It is a local-favorite beach destination near Athens not only for its clean waters and smooth sandy shore but for its central spot and organized nature, which offers the luxury of beach showers and designated lifeguards. Being located near various taverns and cafes, Brexiza offers the perfect opportunity for a day trip from Athens! The beach has been named after the ancient monument of the area, so if you're up for a cultural adventure don't miss the opportunity to stroll through the region's heritage.


Yabanaki Beach in Varkiza - credits:

Varkiza Resort, in which Ybanaki beach is located, presents an all-day experience by the sea, being one of the most favored social spots in the summertime. Yabanaki has a long sandy shore and shallow water, perfect for kids to play around. It has been awarded a blue flag -have you noticed a theme running through our beaches?- and offers a number of water sports for its more adventurous visitors. The beach itself has specially designed corners across its premises to satisfy all tastes and needs, consisting of a V.I.P area, an ice cream corner, a baked-goods corner, comfortable cushioned sunbeds, taverns and beach bars. Your swimming will be accompanied with upbeat music, which will guarantee that you'll have a fun and memorable experience, however, the beach can get too crowded and sometimes too loud, so try visiting it early in the morning to avoid the rush hour as you pass by Athens riviera.


Daskalio Beach - credits:

55 km away from Athen's city center, southeastern of Attica, around an alluring landscape consisting of fig trees, country houses and blooming nature, you will find Daskalio, a hidden gem even most Athenians are unaware of. Passing by the first little port that is clearly quieter and family-friendly, you get to a second one, designed for you to enjoy a game of beach volley, with a huge nettle decorating the middle of the beach. The bar of the area is fond of old-school RnB and Hip Hop tunes, while also serving beer in plastic cups, as well as intricate cocktail mixes. Each sunbed costs 2,50 €, only a small price to pay for the hours of total relaxation you'll be awarded!

 Kokkino Limanaki

Kokkino Limanaki beach - credits:

Kokkino limanaki beach (meaning “' little red port' in Greek) is just 1.5km away from Rafina. Its name occurred due to the red rocks, which protect the beach from the summer northerly winds. It is known as a quiet, shaded beach perfect for people looking to escape the bustling city. This is the reason why it is a beach usually preferred by families. Despite being quite remote, you can find there a restaurant called 'Balcony', which serves both delicious seafood and meat dishes. From there, you can also the striking view from the balcony that is located on the rocks of Kokkino Limanaki.

Porto Germeno

Porto Germeno Beach - credits: Stylianos Fourtoulakis

Porto Germeno is a 1-hour-drive from the city center (about 60 km), but definitely worth the hassle of the trip! After passing Alepohori and Psatha you will find one of the most beautiful beaches of Attica; clean, quiet, naturally shaded, with a  stunning view – simply dreamlike! However, it’s not just the amazing beach that attracts people there, it’s also the incredibly tasty food one can enjoy after swimming. With several taverns offering fresh seafood and other traditional Greek delicacies, Porto Germeno is an absolute must-visit for sea-lovers and foodies alike! 

Asteras Vouliagmenis

Akti Vouliagmenis - credits:

This is one of the most popular beaches and water sports club in Athens, due to its close proximity to the city center. It is accessible by public transportation and offers a large variety of things to do within its facilities. Its large size prevents it form from becoming too crowded easily, while according to the policy of Asteras Vouliagmenis, the visitors never outnumber the capacity of it. However, on the weekends, it gathers large crowds looking to escape the summer's heat. The lovely sandy beach and refreshing, blue waters, along with the fact that the beach is only a breath away from the city center, make Asteras a temptation you have to give in!

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Lagonisi - credits:

Lagonisi has been awarded 3 blue flags over the years for the beaches of Grand beach, Mediterraneo, and Kochilia! They are all part of the Lagonisi resort, 40km from Athens' center. Decorated with palm and pine trees, these sandy beaches have an exotic vibe that easily conceals the fact that they are located near Greece's capital. The entrance fee for Lagonisi resort is compensated by the many facilities it offers, putting the visitors' comfort and welfare first. And as if that wasn't enough, Lagonisi is easily accessible by car or public transportation as well! You have no excuse to leave out o your 'to-do' list!


Psatha Beach - credits: Stelios Hontas

Psatha is often characterized as 'the paradise of Attica'. One needs to drive along the coastal highway to get there, but the scenery will make up for the long journey. It’s a pebbly beach famous for its clear -yet cold- waters, giving you the choice of either lying on the sunbeds offered by the beach bar or staying away from the crowd and lying down on top of your spread towel for free. In case you want to opt for a sunbed, keep in mind that some of the beach bars charge the swimmers, while others offer them for free to their customers. It’s arguably a beach of unique beauty and one of our personal favorites!

Kape Beach Legrena

Kape Beach Legrena - credits:

Despite being only an hour’s drive from Athens, Kape Beach Legrena is a beach that as soon as you step foot on it, it feels as if you've been transported to a Greek island. The island-esque vibe it gives off may be attributed to either the magnificent view of the Aegean sea one can enjoy from the beach, or its small pebbles and crisp clean waters that get abruptly deep, allowing for a truly magical swimming experience. The once 'lucky find', has grown popular over the years, which unfortunately translates to the beach getting crowded, especially on the weekends. It's not as easily accessible as the other beaches mentioned above and you need to walk down a short, but a somewhat steep, path, however, it's more than worth your effort!

It is clear that Athens is a place where visitors can enjoy sunbathing and swimming alongside sightseeing and cultural exploration. Wonderful beaches on the coastline of Attica make their swimmers feel like they are instantly transported in an enchanting Greek island. So, before you book your ticket to a Greek island, think it over and read our Athens travel guide; you may find amazing beaches and beach bars in Athens. Saving time from your transfers means more hours of sunbathing or city exploration, while our tailor-made tours will ensure you discover the beauties of our country efficiently and, most importantly, easily!