Originality, ingenuity, and innovation are three attributes that perfectly describe the Greek spirit. Those qualities couldn’t help but be applied to Greek fashion as well, with online Greek brands making their name known, establishing a loyal local and international following through their high-quality products, clever marketing methods, and extremely personable customer service. Check out below the top 5 online Greek fashion brands you should invest your time and money on!


nefeli copy

This juicy, delicious, fashionable fruit is a trendsetter! A firm favorite of the whole office, Myfashionfruit offers an impressive range of stylish clothes, unique jewelry, clever accessories, and everyday items at prices that won’t break the bank. With their primary campaigns called ‘#weareallbeautiful’ and ‘to my body, thank you’, it highlights the need for diversity within the fashion industry and promotes women to feel good inside their own skin and indulge in self-love. And as if that wasn’t enough, this brand is defined by its environmental conscience, setting a great example for everyone to follow; metal straws, eco-friendly bottles, and reusable sandwich wraps are only some of their fun goods that advocate for a minimum-waste lifestyle. Environmentally conscious, socially aware and with a knack for attention to detail, Myfashionfruit is a brand that everyone loves to love!


 MG 8517

With a name that translates to ‘attitude’ in Greek, Yfos offers its customers just that: the means to a great attitude in life. Straying from the minimalist approach of Myfashionfruit, Yfos’ clothes are all about bold prints, colors, and patterns, catering to a daring crowd and covering their outfit choices from day to night. It offers a contemporary outlook on everyday clothing items, following the hottest trends of each season and putting their spin in all-time classic lines and styles. Focusing on encouraging individuality, Yfos is known for its unique garments with a range so wide, anyone can find something they like. The cherry on top is the friendly staff that is eager to help you out with your purchases.

Eating the goober


Audacious and unconventional, Eating the Goober is out there and we’re here for it! ‘‘Super goober’ was the magic peanut that would miraculously transform Goofy, the cartoon character, into ‘Super Goof’. Metaphorically, ‘Eating the Goober’ represents the effort to reveal our very own superhero alter ego’ the website quotes, making its intentions loud and clear and my love for it to grow bigger. Eating the Goober sells unusual women's clothes, sandals, and upcycled bags that resemble pieces of art. Geometrical shapes, uncommon lines, muted colors, Japanese elements, and a lack of patterns are the trademark qualities of the brand that caters to those who seek to stand out. With respect to animals and the environment, Eating the Goober uses recyclable, eco-friendly and vegan materials that are provided by small local businesses; who doesn’t love an ethical brand?



Its distinctive laid-back bohemian style makes Karavan a beloved brand for all hippy-hearted customers, with luscious fabrics and big prints, often following an Aztec aesthetic. While its prices are a bit higher than the rest of the brands featured, its clothes are remarkable and can be worn not only for an everyday stroll but also for special occasions, making the most important moments of your life even more beautiful. Designed in Greece with high-quality materials provided by small local craftsmen and artisans, Karavans’ clothes are inspired by nature and its wild beauty while being geared towards “modern-day nomads”. It is no coincidence that Karavan is one of the most recognizable Greek indie brands: its creativity and unmatched style are something to write home about!

Break a Stone


Moving away from clothing, and into accessories territory, if you like jewelry and are into a genuine and effortless style that drips of sophistication and a rock-n-roll attitude look no further than Break A Stone! Handmade jewelry inspired by nature, fairy tales and the dynamic of today’s women, Angelica Karali, the face behind the striking creations, uses rocks, metal and semi-precious stones to craft unique jewelry that catches the eye. The bohemian, rough-around-the-edges style of the Break A Stone offerings are not what you’ll find in a typical jewelry store, but then again, nothing about Break A Stone is typical. Straying away from classic lines and cliche designs, this speaks to the heart of those who appreciate the beauty of grunge.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Greece and you want to explore your shopping options beforehand or you’re interested in Greek fashion in general, the brands mentioned above are where it’s at; put them high on your bucket list and put their products inside your basket to get the best taste of Greek fashion!

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