Crete Hotels

Due to its size alone, Crete can be considered the “queen” of the Greek islands. Add to it its unmatched charm, flavorful cuisine, alluring beauty, and impressive diversity in landscapes, vibes, accommodation, and entertainment offerings, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

The island of Crete is a staple for those who want to combine as much as of quintessentially Greek elements as they can during their trip to Greece. As expected, its size and popularity have resulted in Crete boasting an impressive collection of top accommodation choices in every one of its regions.

Adult-only hotels, luxury villas, seaside resorts, and suites made of dreams all come together to make Crete even more tempting of a Greek holiday destination.

Below you will find a handpicked list of our top picks for accommodation in Crete that will ensure the most pleasurable stay on the island that would do our Cretan grandparents proud!

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