The 7 Best Hotels in Heraklion, Crete

Melina Thalassinou
Table of Content
Table of Content
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Key Takeaways

  • The top hotels in Heraklion, including GDM Megaron Historical Monument Hotel and Lato Boutique Hotel, offer unique experiences, historical significance, and stunning views.
  • Heraklion, Crete, is a captivating holiday destination renowned for its spectacular sights and rich cultural experiences.
  • Heraklion is a vibrant city where ancient history, delightful cuisine, and archaeological treasures combine, making it a top choice for tourists.
  • Heraklion offers diverse accommodation options, from luxury five-star hotels to eco-friendly and family-friendly choices, catering to every traveler's preference and budget.

dom boutique hotelDom Boutique Hotel - credits: Dom Boutique Hotel

Are you looking to stay in the iconic city of Heraklion? This beautiful city on the island of Crete is an excellent destination for a holiday.

While Crete itself is a top-rated tourist destination, Heraklion is a no-brainer when it comes to its spectacular sights. Known for the glorious Knossos Palace just outside the city, Heraklion has ancient roots that make it special.

There is also plenty to do in Heraklion, making it a top tourist choice. This capital city has a rich culture, delicious food, and amazing archaeological treasures to dazzle you. It’s no wonder why so many people visit this vibrant place yearly.

Interested in all this magnificent city has to offer? Look no further. If you want to go on vacation in superb comfort, keep reading to find the best hotels in Heraklion, Crete.

GDM Megaron Historical Monument Hotel

gdm megaronGDM Megaron Historical Monument Hotel - credits: GDM Megaron Historical Monument Hotel

The GDM Megaron Hotel is one of the top picks for accommodation in Heraklion.

This luxury five-star hotel offers impeccable service and a quality Cretan experience. What makes this hotel so different and special is its connection to the past.

During the 1930s, the Megaron was a center for political, social, and philosophical life in the city.

Renovated in 2003, it’s become a historical monument and charming hotel for those who love pampering themselves.

Why We Love It:

  • The hotel overlooks the old harbor and Venetian Fortress and sits in the shopping and business districts.
  • You can tour within walking distance of the Archaeological and Historical museums.
  • GDM Megaron takes social responsibility by reducing water and energy consumption and aims to promote minimizing waste wherever possible.
  • The hotel has decorated 58 spacious and modern rooms in hues of azure and white that overlook the Aegean Sea.

Lato Boutique Hotel

 Lato HotelLato Boutique Hotel - credits: Lato Boutique Hotel

Lato Boutique Hotel is a gorgeous, recently-renovated four-star hotel with modern finishes and guaranteed comfort.

Overlooking Koules Fortress, the hotel is near many attractions like the Central Market and the Historical Museum of Crete. 

This makes staying at Lato Boutique means you’re close to fun places and activities. You also benefit from a breathtaking view of the sea of Crete.

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Why We Love It:

  • The hotel has a beautiful rooftop restaurant and bar that serves creative Cretan cuisine.
  • Lato Boutique is small-pet friendly! Meaning you and your beloved pets can share the hotel experience together.
  • While your pet may not enjoy a hot oil massage, you certainly will at Lato’s holistic spa.

Galaxy Hotel Iraklio

galaxy hotelGalaxy Hotel Iraklio - credits: Galaxy Hotel Iraklio

The Galaxy Hotel artfully blends a luxury experience with modern comfort. Guests can expect elegant minimalism in all 127 rooms with neutral decor that evokes both comfort and style.

This five-star hotel has been in business since 1978 and focuses on offering ultimate Greek hospitality – or philoxenia.

Why We Love It:

  • You will find the hotel in a quiet area just outside the center of Heraklion, perfect for those looking to relax in peace.
  • Galaxy Hotel aims to honor food sourced directly from the Cretan Sea and combines local, handpicked ingredients in its cuisine.
  • What’s more, you can also enjoy all of your dinners in private, emphasizing the feeling of luxury.
  • Their stylish pool deck has a refreshing setting where you can reset after exploring the city. That includes zesty cocktails and exotic finger foods while you relax on deck.

Olive Green Hotel

Olive Green HotelOlive Green Hotel - credits: Olive Green Hotel

Olive Green Hotel is an eco-friendly hotel in the heart of Heraklion. Their philosophy is one of tranquility and prosperity, and it shows in the ecological and contemporary character of the hotel.

With prominent greenery and interior design, which features wood, metal, and concrete, the hotel has a natural feel.

Why We Love It:

  • The hotel implements international sustainability criteria in the way they run the establishment.
  • This includes complying with new environmental regulations limiting water and energy waste while using cost-saving initiatives.
  • The hotel is family and small-pet-friendly, making it perfect for visiting Crete with kids, and one of the best pet-friendly hotels in Heraklion.

Legacy Gastro Suites

Legacy Gastro HotelLegacy Gastro Suites - credits: Legacy Gastro Suites

Legacy Gastro Suites offers 12 completely new five-star suites designed in a 1950s style. All of the suites are unique and thematically linked to this decadent design. 

Each suite provides supreme comfort with a blissful Mediterranean Sea view.

That’s not all, as this luxury establishment blends the best of Greece’s gastronomic traditions with Crete’s cultural heritage, resulting in unique and delicious Greek food.  

Why We Love It:

  • The suites are as gorgeous as advertised. With plush velvety chairs, silky soft sheets, and Achilleas Kritikos-designed furniture, you’ll feel that 50s atmosphere and enjoy a good night’s rest.
  • The hotel also overlooks Heraklion’s central Eleftherias Square and is a short walk from the Heraklion Archaeological Museum and around 15 minutes from the Natural History Museum (two of the best museums in Crete).

Dom Boutique Hotel

dom boutique hotel 2Dom Boutique Hotel - credits: Dom Boutique Hotel

Dom Boutique Hotel is a lovely four-star hotel in Heraklion, located in the city center. The establishment is in close proximity to many of the city’s famous landmarks and activities.

Dom Boutique boasts a comfortable and unique atmosphere curated by interior designer Valia Lemonaki, making it idyllic for resting after a full day of sightseeing.

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Why We Love It:

  • The hotel changes with the seasons. In winter, you can find yourself snuggled up at the fireplace to enjoy breakfast.
  • While in summer, you can cool off in their common area with a cold coffee or cocktail.
  • The 24-hour reception and concierge service offers expert care. Not only will the staff help you plan your tours and excursions, but they also ensure your safety and comfort as their guest.
  • The hotel includes a doctor on call, a babysitting service, and mobility ramps for wheelchair users, so you’re covered in any case.

Aquila Atlantis Hotel

AQUILA ATLANTIS HOTELAquila Atlantis Hotel - credits: Aquila Atlantis Hotel

The Aquila Atlantis Hotel is a five-star hotel that offers premium contemporary accommodation.

With unobstructed views of the harbor and close proximity to Heraklion’s attractions, the hotel sits in a prime spot in the city.

The hotel comes with excellent facilities and services for both leisure and business travelers. 

Why We Love It:

  • The indulgent massage and beauty treatments that the hotel offers melt your stress away.
  • Aquila Atlantis provides guests the chance to golf at the Crete Golf Club. The golf course offers 18 holes, and you can play in a natural environment.
  • Guests on business can make use of the Heraklion’s largest conference venues. The multi-purpose spaces are available in the hotel and can be used for a number of events, business-related or otherwise.

Final Thoughts on the Best Hotels in Heraklion, Crete

olive greenCouple in an olive grove in Heraklion - credits: Olive Green Hotel

We’ve summed up some of the best hotels in Heraklion, so you don’t have to. With all these wonderful options, you shouldn’t have any trouble planning your trip.

Many more hotels in Heraklion deserve an honorable mention, such as the Castello City Hotel, the Metropole Urban Hotel, the Marin Hotel, the El Greco Hotel, and the Mirabello Hotel, to name a few.

They all offer spacious rooms and modern amenities, from buffet breakfast to an outdoor pool, a private pool, private balconies, and excellent customer service.

However, the above are, in our opinion, the best luxury hotels for your stay when visiting Heraklion, Heraklion Old Town, and Crete Island in general.

Even if they're not cheap hotels, they are worth the money! After all, you wouldn't want a cheap hotel to ruin your whole trip.

Heraklion is just one of many stunning places to visit in Greece. From the moment you step foot on the Heraklion International Airport or ferry port, you will notice that there is magic in the air.

If you’re interested in discovering more about the country, why not see how to island hop for your next adventure?

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