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Endless sunshine, long, golden-sand beaches, whitewashed cobblestone alleys, and blooming bougainvillea plants come together to make up an image no one can forget. The Greek islands are undoubtedly the masterpiece of Greece, and whoever has the opportunity to visit them, leaves with a promise to return again and again. The Greek islands inspire striking photographs, books, poems, and summer holidays made of dreams. 

With more islands than one can count, there is something for every traveler regardless of the type of vacation their after. From cosmopolitan destinations full of culture and nightlife to secluded islets in the middle of nowhere that promise peace of mind, you are bound to fall in love deeper than you ever thought possible. In this category, you will learn about the Greek islands in depth, get local insight, and have at hand all the information you might need for a trip to the Greek islands that will leave you speechless and everyone around you green with envy.

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