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Greek food guide

The luscious Cretan cuisine has been associated with health since the early 60s, due to the Seven Countries Study, a study that showed Cretans having the best health conditions and the lower rates of coronary heart disease and cancer mortality than all other populations studied.

Although rich in flavor, the Cretan cuisine is rather sparing regarding its variety of ingredients. The traditional dishes of Crete can be cooked with just a handful of products, with the flavorsome result being achieved through the art of processing simple materials, rather than through the concoction of intricate food combinations.

Now that we’ve waxed lyrical about the unmatched value of it, it’s time for you to get practical insight into the piquant Cretan cuisine. Here, we have gathered our favorite Cretan recipes that you absolutely, positively, urgently need to try.

When one thinks of a Greek meal, a variety of pictures may come to mind. A juicy souvlaki, a warm plate of moussakas, or a roasting lamb on a spit are perhaps the first that one would think of. Although these are very much part of the modern Greek diet, it by no means makes up the majority. In fact, the average daily diet of a Greek person will almost always consist of some sort of vegetarian food throughout the day. It can be argued that some of Greece’s most traditional and very tasty dishes are meat-free and there is a huge range of them. This makes Greece a great place for vegetarians, there are countless options!

Our Athens for Foodies tour is a real head-first dive into the Greek gastronomy that tourists often miss on their trips to Greece. There is so much more to the Greek cuisine then moussaka and souvlaki; in-fact, during the tour, you will learn that moussaka is one of Greece’s most recent food inventions! That being said, this tour will not only satisfy your palate and your belly, but you will also leave intellectually satisfied as this is a 4-hour tour of Greek gastronomy history which is very influenced by the historical and cultural progression of the country.

Greece may be best known for her caribbean-like beaches, ancient history and avid nightlife, which is all well deserved, but make up only some pieces of the beautiful Greek puzzle. An often underrated piece of Greece, which some may not be as familiar with, is her cuisine and the all round quality of food that the country has to offer.