Greek Food Blog

The wine production of Greece has been -and continues to be- one of the largest, most important and most impressive wine productions across the world. Not only enjoyed by the lucky locals, the Greek wine varieties are also being exported across the international markets, reaching distant civilizations and gaining praise, recognition and multiple awards. Here is a guide to the most popular Greek wine varieties you should make sure to try when visiting Greece!

The scrummy Greek diet, which is based on healthy, fresh ingredients and counts thousands of years of existence, consists of a number of traditional dishes, with every region having its own signature mouthwatering delicacies to take pride in. The island of Corfu is no different. Apart from its vast history, impressive Venetian architecture and striking natural beauty, its cuisine is something to write home about, and this is exactly what we’re about to do; here are the top traditional dishes of Corfu you can’t miss!

Food is an integral part of Greek culture. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. It’s not just a means to survival for us, it is a sacred part of the day where nutrition meets tastiness. We take our munchies seriously. We may have talked about the Sunday dinner tradition in Greece, but what about the homemade dishes that make up the Sunday dinner? Find below the most popular Greek homey recipes that no self-respecting Greek home omits from its weekly diet plan.

Used to the warmer climate, as soon as the temperature starts to rise in Greece, the locals start living their best life! Along with the bikinis, sunglasses, and cold coffees, a must for the summer months, are the Greek summer recipes that are equal parts light, nutritious, and delicious! Check out the best Greek summer dishes you should try during your stay in Greece and enjoy original Greek flavors under the brilliant sun - we promise there won't be a salad in sight!