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Greek history & culture

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nea Moni is a medieval monument that reflects boundless creativity, humbling sanctity, the human genius and the consequences of fanatic destruction, all in once. Follow us on the island of Chios and discover the intriguing story of this monastery, a monument bestowed from the Byzantine Era to the rest of the world.

Is ancient Greek mythology dead, a collection of ancient stories with no connection to the modern world or does it remain a pivotal and integral part of everyday life, surrounding the world we live in? In a try to answer this question, the following article explores some of the aspects of life where ancient Greek mythology is very much alive!

Demeter (literally meaning Mother Earth) is one of the most ancient deities of the Greek pantheon. Dearly loved by ancient Greek people, Demeter was commonly thought to be a benevolent deity, tending to the people's needs but with her dark side too when challenged. Many myths and legends orbit around the figure of Demeter often symbolizing different qualities of nature. One of them is the moving story of Demeter and her beloved daughter Persephone.