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The historical capital of Greece is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world for a good reason. The multifaceted Athens is a landmark in itself. Rich in culture, heritage, and archaeological sites, it never ceases to amaze people who visit the city, offering them striking sights and enchanting memories.

From the world-renowned Acropolis Hill and the picturesque streets of old neighborhoods such as Plaka to the urban aesthetic of Monastiraki Square and the vibrant, alternative Psirri district, Athens boasts plenty of things to see, do and experience, ensuring you get what you came for, and then some. Here are some posts about the magical experience of visiting Athens that will help you get insight into the hidden gems of the city and plan your trip accordingly!

A Guide to the Acropolis Museum
Key Takeaways The new Acropolis Museum exhibition spaces with an area of 14,000 sq.m, hosting 4,000 exhibits found on the rock of the Acropoli...
Athens With Kids: The Family Travel Guide
Key Takeaways The starting point of your visit to Athens with kids should be the exploration of Athens' landmarks and archaeological sites. Many m...
Rafina Port in Athens: The Survival Guide
Key Takeaways Rafina port is a densely populated area in eastern Attica, Greece, and is the second-largest port in the prefecture after Piraeus and...
Piraeus Port; a Comprehensive Guide
Key Takeaways Among the best places to see and explore near Piraeus Port are Kastella, Mikrolimano, Pasalimani, and Marina Zea. In the Archaeologi...
Athens Flea Markets and Thrift Shops
Key Takeaways: The biggest and best of Athens flea markets is the Monastiraki Flea Market. The Scavenger’s Flea Market is a kind of immediate re...
Athens by Night: Things to do in Athens at Night
Key Takeaways Athens boasts the most high-spirited nightlife in the world, with endless and diverse entertainment options. Arguably, Athens by nigh...
Top 3 Local Athenian Neighborhoods You Must Visit
Key Takeaways Athens is a city that is constantly evolving, and there are several up-and-coming local Athenian neighborhoods you must visit, such a...
Visiting Athens on a Cruise: Tips & Things to do
Key Takeaways Athens is a popular port of call for cruise travelers due to its rich culture and history, beautiful beaches, and delicious food and ...
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