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Discover the authentic charm of Naxos tours that take you through its vibrant center, and traditional villages, immersing you in Naxian cuisine and culture.

Synonymous with high-quality Greek cuisine and known for its luscious vegetation and magical beaches, Naxos is a star of the Cyclades islands that maintains a traditional quality and genuine serenity everyone seeks. The island is just as great for those who want to spend hours under an umbrella on a golden sandy Naxos beach and those who prefer to explore every inch of it.

Our favorite experiences in Naxos


Lusciously green and ever-exciting, getting to know the true face of Naxos is as easy as ABC if you trust the locals. From a food tour and a cooking class to tastings and highlight walking tours, Naxos will become a favorite destination you will revisit time and time again. Below, we have the most fun and exciting tours and experiences that will make your time on the island otherworldly!

In the verdant hinterland of Naxos island, a peaceful traditional seaside, mountainous villages, labyrinthine alleys with arches, medieval towers, fascinating museums, and cool squares with plane trees and traditional cafes await visitors who want to discover the authentic side of the island. Touring these settlements is an experience not to be missed, so discover our tours in Naxos below and pack your bags for a lifetime trip!

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Here are some top itineraries including Naxos that promise a true Cycladic experience with tours of picturesque villages and expansive beaches for the ultimate relaxation.
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