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Discover one of the many fascinating ancient archeological sites in the Peloponnese followed by an essential wind-down session where you will taste the area’s most prestigious wines!

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Join us for a truly decadent tour filled with exquisite wines, delicious Greek food, dramatic mythology and breathtaking scenery in a region considered to be the crown jewel of Greek viticulture; Nemea. Visit the site where Hercules slew the fearsome Lion of Nemea, enjoy wines at two prestigious vineyards and end your day with a hearty 5-course dinner accompanied with award-winning wine from this fertile region.

  • A 6hr tasting tour designed to immerse you in Nemean viticulture and show you the ancient sites of the region!
  • Led by an expert guide and archaeologist, oenologists and vintners.
  • Hear exciting tales of ancient Greek mythology and explore impressive archaeological ruins.
  • Enjoy wine tasting at two different wineries, accompanying cheese platters, a take-home map of the wineries and a 5 course dinner at the end of your day in Nemea.
  • A perfect blend of mythology, history, gastronomy and the ultimate tour for any wine-lover!
  • Can be organised as a day trip from Nafplio, Athens or for those staying in the Nemea region- simply let us know!

What you can expect?

Begin your day in Nemea at the Temple of Hercules built to honour the site where our fearless hero succeeded in the first of his twelve labours. Hear from your expert guide how Hercules defeated the Nemean Lion whose golden fur was impervious to any attack from a mortal weapon. From the mythological feats of bravery, we take you to discover another talent the ancients had, other than story-telling: winemaking! At a local winery taste 3-5 of their best wines from deep reds to refreshing whites to summertime rosés, while you learn about modern Greek wine and taste a variety of cheeses from across Greece.

We continue on to the ancient site of Nemea where your local, expert guide and archaeologist will show you the Temple of Nemean Zeus, the pride of the ancient Macedonian’s building programme. Discover why Nemean Zeus was not of the same character as the fulminating Olympian Zeus and see the impressive Ancient Stadium that was built in 330 B.C and still holds games to this day!

From the intrigues of the ancient era, it is time for your next foray into modern Greek wines. At your second winery, we give you an introduction to the deep, ruby red variety of Agiorgitiko. A captivating wine with aromatic complexity and a smooth finish, you will discover for yourself the excellence of this variety as you taste 3 to 5 different wines accompanied by cheeses specially selected to complement these labels.

In the warm surroundings of a manor house -once the seat of Lazopoulos, a family of vintners- sit down to a delicious 5-course dinner of traditional dishes made with fresh, local produce. As the sun sets enjoy your evening with good food, good company and of course, the finest wines of the Nemea region.


The Lion of Nemea

The Lion of Nemea used to terrorize the area around the sanctuary, north to Argos. Hercules managed to locate the beast lurking inside a cave system. Then, he blocked the entrances, securing that the lion could not escape, and entered it to face the beast. He found it and tried to shoot it down with his arrows but almost immediately he realized that something was really wrong. The arrows bounced off the skin of the lion and seemed to be useless against it. Its golden fur was so tough that was practically impenetrable by any weapon. Hercules had no choice but to deal with the animal face to face. He stunned it with his club and strangled it with his bare hands using his supernatural strength. Once dead, Hercules tried to find a way to skin the lion and take its pelt. He tried everything unsuccessfully but then, Athena advised him to use the claws of the beast. Them alone were capable of piercing through the tough hide of the divine lion. Hercules wore its hide and returned to Tiryns to show it to Eurystheus, who terrified banned him from entering the city again.



  • Guided tour with an excellent licensed guide
  • Entrance fees to the archaeological site
  • Two wineries visit & Wine Tasting of 3-5 labels with a cheese plate in each Winery
  • Services of an excellent local guide
  • Map of the wineries


  • Anything else you would like to order or purchase

FOOD SUBS: We CAN provide food substitutions for vegetarians.


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The tour is available in English.


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