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Escape the busy city and get your hands dirty - literally - while learning all about permaculture and how to cultivate your own produce on a farm just 30 minutes out of the center!

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Team Building

Tour Highlights

hands-on, team building activity in the setting of a eco friendly farm! Gain an understanding of sustainable farming practices, discover the skills required for creative vegetable gardening, build on your holistic thinking and explore the connections between man and nature as you get stuck into our Permablitz. Creating a "lasagna" garden using no dig, no-til methods you and your team will use natural materials to set up a nature- friendly garden, planting your own vegetables within hours!

  • Ideal for companies, student groups and larger groups in general especially for the purposes of team building and development of sustainable thinking. However, it can be tailored to accommodate differing sizes of teams.
  • Embark on a full-day experience (approx. 7h) in a unique Permaculture Farm, a fine example where sustainable thinking meets innovative practices, and the hosts love to share their understanding of natural ecosystems.
  • A truly stimulating, enlightening and fun way to discover permaculture and green gardening practices, while testing your skills and abilities!
  • Each team will design, build and plant their own “Lasagna” garden using natural materials.
  • A cooked lunch, all materials and transfers are included

What you can expect?

Permaculture is an integrated design science, like an umbrella, that encompasses theories and practices which aim to create systems that imitate effective patterns and relationships from our natural ecosystems. The objective is to design productive yet sustainable methods of farming that still meet with human needs. Permaculture food systems utilise existing natural cycles, while permaculturists will often work to change their waste-making habits, as well as, repair and improve damaged environments.PAfter a scenic bus ride your day kicks off at a very unique venue, an innovative urban farm near the Athenian coast. This farm is a permaculture model space, a natural technology incubator, as well as a place to meet with your friends to exchange ideas, taste organic food, and learn from nature.

Upon arrival, you will enjoy an iced herbal tea and a guided tour around the farm while the farm’s owner will give you an insight into their innovative permaculture practices. From their chicken tractors and worm farm to the solar toilet, a philosophy of collaboration respecting both nature and human labour emerges.

Following the farm walk, you get introduced to your specific assignment for the day: what is a “Lasagna Garden Project”, the history & science behind it, factors that need to be considered and instructions for setup.

Now the true collaboration starts with the groups splitting up in teams where each design their own garden and arrange their materials. People work together to find solutions to challenges in the garden. All team members are encouraged to make suggestions and undertake all kinds of tasks.

As everyone gets their hands dirty building their food garden and planting their vegetables, teams get to explore their group dynamics. Physical fitness and health is developed hand in hand with applied sustainable thinking.

The resulting work will become a part of the farm's' ongoing environmental educational programmes for Greek school children and their teachers. Your teams’ efforts will be rewarded with a delicious farm-to-table lunch. The meal is prepared with organic and free-range ingredients from the farm and trusted small Greek producers to offer a taste of goodness from around Greece.



  • All materials used in the Athens treasure hunt
  • Services of our excellent, well-trained instructors
  • All taxes and VAT


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The activity is available in English.



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