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Authentic,  local experience
Authentic, local experience
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Carefully crafted itineraries
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Customization & flexibility
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Fun & knowledgeable guides
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As a modern traveler, you want to live an authentic, like-a-local experience, to avoid the tourist traps and enjoy the real vibe of Greece.

By choosing a tailored travel experience, you can create a customized trip based on your desires and needs.



Greeking.me is built on the idea of the substantial communication between tourists and locals through interactive experiences, encouraging them to respect and embrace Greek Cultural Heritage.

From the beginning of our business endeavor, we aim to involve local people in our cultural venture and provide visitors with opportunities to love the real Greece.

  • We support the local economy by partnering with local producers, artisans, and agriculturists to provide locally-made goods to our clients. These local partners are fundamental to our company's strategy and value proposition which is largely based on the preservation of the local culture.
  • Our team is made up of local archaeologists, licensed guides, food instructors, and travel experts who are eager to share with the rest of the world the beauty of their homeland.
  • Our company mostly operates digitally, producing low waste.
  • Our purpose is to reveal the natural beauty of many neglected areas of Greece – the less known and the not easily accessible places – not only to offer an extraordinary experience to our customers, but also to boost the local economy.
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As a modern traveler, you want to live an authentic, like-a-local experience, to avoid the tourist traps and enjoy the real vibe of Greece.
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Located in the middle of the Cycladic complex of islands and between the popular destinations of Paros and Mykonos, lies Naxos, the largest island of the Cyclades and the once center of archaic Cycladic culture.

Legend has it, that young Zeus was raised in a cave of mount Zas -or mount Zeus-, the tallest mountain in Naxos and the Cyclades, while Naxos is widely known as the place that hosted the marriage of Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of wine.

Blessed by the Olympian gods, Naxos, has always been a popular destination of Greece because of its beauty and vibrancy. It is also one of the best Greek islands for families, offering an abundance of choice in things to do, see, try and -of course- taste.

You want to know why Naxos is such a family-friendly island? Below, we’ve listed every single reason, just in time for you to book your summer vacations with your loved ones in our glorious island!


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