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Visiting Athens

We love blogging about the neighborhoods of Athens. Each one has its own beauty and it’s great to spend some time discovering their unique characteristics. We advise people visiting Greece to find time and explore some places like Nea Smyrni, Kolonaki, Exarcheia or Gazi. These are some of the best districts to spend your morning or evening in Athens like a local. Of course you have to visit the Acropolis area and the other touristic spots, but it is always great spending your day in some places often skipped by visitors. This is a nice way to taste the real Athens.

We know it's difficult to pronounce : dza-dzee-kee. But we also know that it is so easy to make!
That's exactly what gave us the motive to organize and host our innovative event right in the heart of Athens, in Monastiraki Square.
On Sunday 4 October, we gathered together with one purpose; to show you, in real time, how to prepare this delicious Greek recipe. The procedure was divided in 4 simple steps. Firstly we put the Greek yogurt in the bowl. Next, we grated the cucumber. We then added the smashed garlic. And, finally, we sprinkled with olive olive and salt. You made it; your own, homemade, traditional Greek tzatziki!

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