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Visiting Athens

The Museum of Cycladic Art in Athensresides in an exsquisite neo classical building and displays an impressive collection of Cycladic and Ancient Greek Art.It is a foundation whose stated mission is the study of Aegean civilization, research on prehistoric, classical and modern Greek art, as well as its dissemination and promotion.

Living in the South of the Mediterranean certainly has its perks. Not least the fact that you can wager that every evening will be warm and dry throughout the summer, giving you a wealth of options for how to spend your evening. An absolute must-do is to join the locals and head to an open-air cinema. Films, old, new, classic or indie, are incredibly popular with Athenians and this is why so many large cinema companies operate in Greece. Whether it is on the weekends or on a weekday evening after work, people of all ages love to escape for a couple of hours of cinematic entertainment. You may be thinking that it is no different from your country's approach to the movies, however, you will discover that an outdoor cinema experience is much more than just watching a film outdoors.

We love blogging about the neighborhoods of Athens. Each one has its own beauty and it’s great to spend some time discovering their unique characteristics. We advise people visiting Greece to find time and explore some places like Nea Smyrni, Kolonaki, Exarcheia or Gazi. These are some of the best districts to spend your morning or evening in Athens like a local. Of course you have to visit the Acropolis area and the other touristic spots, but it is always great spending your day in some places often skipped by visitors. This is a nice way to taste the real Athens.

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