Family in the Acropolis - credits: NadyaEugene/
Family in the Acropolis - credits: NadyaEugene/

Once you start exploring Athens' city center, you cannot help but marvel at the most sacred and important landmark in Greece, the Acropolis of Athens alongside its imposing monuments! Of course, the Acropolis should be on top of everyone's list, however, when traveling with kids, keeping them occupied and entertained is a nearly impossible task. That's where we come in for the rescue! Here, you will find all the tips and tricks you need to know to make visiting Acropolis with kids an enjoyable experience! 

Visiting mythical Acropolis with kids

family athens NadyaEugene shutterstockFamily visit at the Acropolis - credits: NadyaEugene/

Trust me when I say that a visit to the Acropolis could be an unforgettable and exciting experience for the whole family! Once you climb up that hill, take a moment to admire the breathtaking view of the city; it's time for you to start exploring! The monuments of the Parthenon have many stories to tell of a very unique and complex past that stretches across millennia.

However, apart from a rich history, they hide a world of secrets and fascinating stories told in Greek mythology! Through an Acropolis mythological tour, our expert guide will show you the way into a magical world of adventure, courageous heroes, mighty Gods, epic love stories and strange creatures, all related to the very hill you’re standing on! Let your imagination enter the realms of fantasy and introduce yourself the beliefs of the ancient Greeks; your little ones will be left with their mouths hanging open

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The secrets of the Acropolis

Athens forum by night pillers depositphotosThe Acropolis and the Roman Forum at night - credits: Athens-forum-by-night-pillers/

It is common knowledge that every myth hides a truth, and so, there are hundreds of gripping true stories waiting to be discovered and shared. Knowing about Greece's past helps you get a better grasp of its present and human nature as a whole. Let the history of Athens be unraveled through easy to comprehend stories in a fun learning experience!

You can dig much deeper than the average visitor in the hidden stories of the Acropolis with a revealing Acropolis tour. Be inspired by the stories of emblematic personalities that have influenced the course of the world's history and used to stand on the very spot you stand on thousands of years ago! Go back in time with intriguing fun-facts and get an insight into the life of the people who have lived through the centuries!

The 3D ancient Acropolis

Acropolis ipad hephestus temple rossandhelen depositphotosThe Acropolis reconstructed through #D technology - credits: rossandhelen/

To enhance your experience on the Acropolis and update it with modern technology, you could also opt for a 3D upgrade of your Acropolis tour. You and your family will have the chance to take a glance at the ancient glory of the site! Using the provided iPad, you’ll get to see the Acropolis' monuments exactly as they were during the 5th century BC: imposing and enchanting!

You will have the opportunity to see their interior as it used to be and watch the statues come to life, demonstrated with their original vivid colors! Let your walk to the Acropolis become an exciting time-travel experience! Kids will love it!

Have fun at the Acropolis Museum

Acropolis museum serkan senturk shutterstock copyThe Acropolis Museum - credits: serkan senturk/

Following your visit to the sacred hill, the Acropolis Museum is the next stop in your tour, as it hosts every artifact found on the hill and on the surrounding slopes. Although children tend to get bored during a museum visit, you will realize that the Acropolis Museum is far from a boring site.

As kids explore the many floors of the museum, they will come to encounter many surprises; the amazing glass floors through which they can take a look at the excavation area below their feet; the LEGO model of Acropolis; Gandalf the wizard approaching on his carriage, Alexander the Great close to a souvlaki van parked outside an ancient temple, and the most loved Athenian hero, Theseus, fighting the terrifying beast, Minotaur! Just make sure you are equipped with special backpacks for families that include family trails, games, and activities! You can either borrow them free of charge from the museum or purchase them from the museum shop.

Acropolis for Families Tour

Useful tips and things to bear in mind for families:

1. As it can get extremely hot - especially during summer - you should be equipped with hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
2. It is better to carry water and snacks with you just to be on the safe side. To embark on your adventure adequately fueled, you can arrange a Greek breakfast and Acropolis tour, and start your visit to the archaeological site with an incredible and nutritious Greek food experience.
3. Don’t forget to wear your most comfortable shoes! Visiting the Acropolis includes some hiking, as you need to ascend the hill. Furthermore, the area of the actual site and the surrounding slopes are quite rocky and uneven.
4. For the same reason, the archaeological area is not stroller-friendly, so it would be easier for you to use another way to carry the baby, such as a baby sling. Thankfully, in the Acropolis museum, you can find baby strollers available free of charge.
5. Be informed about the operating hours and the ticket prices (some people are entitled to a discount, while entrance might be free on specific dates). For the archaeological site of the Acropolis, visit the ministry site by clicking here and for the museum visit the official museum’s site by clicking here.
6. The archaeological site of the Acropolis along with the Acropolis Museum are easily accessed and the best way to get there is by the nearby metro station 'Acropolis'.
7. The museum and the Acropolis site offer toilet facilities. You can also find baby changing rooms in the Acropolis Museum.
8. It is advised to try and pack light and void carrying too many things. During your entrance to the museum, there is a baggage control system and a cloakroom to deposit your bags. In the archaeological site, you are allowed to enter with small handbags and backpacks.
9. Last but not least, don’t forget your camera, so that you can capture all the amazing things you’ll see and the precious moments of your family! 

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