Enthousiastic corporate team high-fiving - credits: ArturVerkhovetsky/Depositphotos.com
Enthousiastic corporate team high-fiving - credits: ArturVerkhovetsky/Depositphotos.com

Athens, the capital of Greece, offers a variety of choices in things to experience not only to the locals but also to whoever steps foot in the city. Businesses and corporations cannot be excluded from those who can relish the benefits of Athens' bustle. Looking after their employees, corporations can take advantage of the city’s multiple alternatives, providing them with the opportunity to develop team-work skills and improve intracompany communication. Organizing team building activities in Athens is the best way for employers to increase productivity from within, supporting the core of their businesses. Are you looking for ideas? Thankfully, we've got plenty!

Care to dance?

Greek folk dance - credits: vverve/Depositphotos.com

Do your employees enjoy a bit of dancing? Well, it might be the time to dance the antic hay and take them to a Greek dance lesson! It is common knowledge that dancing is beneficial for people, since physical exercise raises the levels of serotonin – the hormone of happiness – and contributes to tension relief. Business teams can also enjoy the perks of dancing; apart from the individual benefits of this activity, it is a fun way to boost team’s morale, coordinate the team members’ movement to accomplish a common goal and bridge the gap between the management team and the employees. It is also an excellent ice breaker!

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Hunt where the ducks are: treasure hunt in Athens

With or without bicycles and tablets, your employees can get physical exercise and challenge their brains while working within a team! Athens Treasure Hunt is the ultimate activity for the development or enhancement of problem-solving skills, while it can also improve decision-making by bringing your team together to work towards a shared goal. The employees can either form several teams or work as one team to reach the 'treasure-filled chest'. Cooperation is vital in order for a team to successfully complete its tasks before the company as a whole can reach its objectives. It is the ideal activity for a new project kick-off or for a smooth transition in case of team restructuring within the company.

Athens Scavenger Hunt

Why not butter your team up with an Athens food tour?

Greek cooking class - credits: Alexxxey/Shutterstock.com

Apart from bringing home the bacon, employees should feel motivated and creative in their working environment; and that’s a hot potato. So why don’t you spice things up and take your team out for a food tour or a Greek cooking class? Participating in activities that include tasting or preparing food has its own perks. Indulging in tasty delights and new flavors can motivate the members of your team to expand their horizons. Looking for the appropriate ingredients to cook a dish and socializing with food vendors develop employees’ morale and confidence in opening themselves to new experiences and perspectives. Food workshops provide opportunities to forge bonds between the team members and boost creativity in a fun and enjoyable environment. Take advantage of the rich food background that Athens has to offer and soup up your employees’ working routine with a food adventure!

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Team building activities in Athens is one of the most important investments you can make for your employees. They get the chance to discover themselves, their strengths and weaknesses in a non-corporate and stress-free environment. What do you get out of these Athens tours? Happy employees, bonded together to ultimately lead your business to success.

Not sure what kind of team-building activity would be the cream of the crop for your team? Feel free to contact us for customized activities or events designed based on your company’s needs and budget.