Couple walking in Monastiraki, Athens - credits: Milan Gonda/
Couple walking in Monastiraki, Athens - credits: Milan Gonda/

If traveling with your significant other sounds awesome, then traveling with them to Athens must sound like a dream come true! The capital of Greece can offer quite the romantic setting for couples to enjoy and here, we will share the best spots to include in your couples' itinerary!

Downtown corners in Athens

Aeropagitou Street - credits: PitK/

You don’t have to go far away from the city center to find a charming place to spend time with your partner. Areopagitou street is a buoyant road full of street artists who will accompany you with their music while promenading, or they will draw a nice portrait of you. Despite being almost always crowded, this road has many spots where you can sit in privacy and enjoy the trees’ shadow during the day or, later, the night sky. Descending Areopagitou st. from Plaka to Thisseion, you will find many bars and restaurants, with roof gardens offering breathtaking views of the Acropolis, where you can savor fine Greek wine or dine al fresco.

The seaside

sunset of Saronic gulf Athens photography shutterstockBeautiful sunset of the Saronic Gulf from Athens - credits: photography/

Athens has the advantage of being a capital with suburbs that are next to the sea and as a result, you will need less than half an hour to reach the seaside by bus from the city center. The captivating coastline that starts from Piraeus and ends in Sounio offers an abundance of places like parks, restaurants, and marinas which are perfect for romantic strolls. Starting from Marina Zeas in Piraeus or from Mikrolimano that is southernmost, you can relax in a café watching the sloops passing by and the city lights submerging into the calm waters. Approximately 5km to south from the previous spot, Trocadero is a place which is worth to visit with your significant other. This marina is like a small picturesque village as it is paved with red bricks and in the evening, when the sun is setting, the lights from the yachts are lightning the sea and make it looks like a huge swimming pool. Either you are just walking around or you decide to sit somewhere this place promises unforgettable romantic moments.

Athens Sailing Experience: Semi-private Cruise with BBQ Lunch

If you continue to the south, you are going to reach Alimos or Kalamaki area that has numerous beach bars where every summer night is a party! It is probable that you will attend a theme party as well. Having a chilling cocktail and dancing bachata till the morning on the sand will revive all of your senses. In case you prefer being just the two of you, you can always swim in the refreshing waters even at night as the seabed is covered with fine sand making it safe for a night exploration.

beach bar DisobeyArt shutterstockVibrant beach bar - credits: DisobeyArt/

For the more sentimental souls, the Athenian seaside offers some discreet spots like the so-called 'Limanakia'. These are some tiny rocky gulfs in Vouliagmeni district, which are ideal for couples that want to swim or sunbathe almost privately during the day or just sit under the night sky sharing unique moments together.

Last but not least is Sounio: the place to be o gaze at the sunset. The fascinating colors of sunset combined with the sapphire sea and the impressive Poseidon temple are creating an idyllic background even for the most cynic of visitors.

Cape sounio Aerial motion shutterstockAerial view of Cape Sounio - credits: Aerial-motion/

Wherever you choose to go with your partner, Athens can guarantee that you are going to have the time of your life, not only because of its dreamy views and the fascinating experiences it offers, but also because of the people you are going to meet, whose positive and amorous energy is ontagious!