Family walking on Athens' streets towards the Acropolis- credits: Page Light Studios/
Family walking on Athens' streets towards the Acropolis- credits: Page Light Studios/

Are you visiting Athens with kids? Did you know that Athens offers an unlimited number of family activities that make the ideal destination for your yearly family holidays? If not, then, get on board and follow us to the amazing kid-friendly world Athens has to offer to your little ones; there won't be a minute wasted!

Athens landmarks

Tourists at the Herodion theater Kirk Fisher shutterstock
Families admiring the Odeon of Herodes Atticus on the Acropolis of Athens - 
credits: Kirk-Fisher/

If your kids have read anything about Greek mythology at school, they will be extremely curious to see what this fuss is all about and tell their friends how amazing the Acropolis and the Parthenon are. The first thing you need to do with your kids when you start to explore Athens is to wander around the city center and visit the landmarks of Athens. Climb the rocky hill of Acropolis, stroll around Plaka neighborhood and admire the largest temple in Greece, the temple of Zeus. You can also join our family-friendly mythological walking tour of Athens and let your kids -and yourself- be amazed by the enigmatic nature of ancient Athens.

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Play and learn

Children art museum Ioan Florin Cnejevici shutterstockChildren's art in the making - credits: Ioan Florin Cnejevici/

How about making the learning process fun while visiting Athens with your family? Many museums in the city offer creative and fun activities for children. Firstly, visit the Acropolis museum and take part in any of the family programs or team up with the kids to do the activities from the family backpack provided by the museum. Then, let your kids admire their peers’ work in 7.000 pieces of children art in the Children Art Museum They can also get the opportunity to cook their own cookies or make huge water bubbles in the Children Museum.

One more thing to add in your museum tour is to walk the oldest street in Athens Tripodon Street in Plaka Area, to discover the Museum of School Life and Education; your kids will go back in time, play old children games and make their own pottery toys. Also, a nice way to spend your Sunday morning is to go to the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre, where you can keep your kids busy with interactive programs that raise awareness about important issues like diversity and recycling.

Next spot in your museum list is the Benaki Museum, which offers a variety of educational programs adjustable to kids with special needs. Of course, don’t forget to pop in the one and only Emotions Museum of Childhood in Greece where your children can participate in a variety of activities that will help them to explore their emotional world.

Acropolis for Families Tour

Discover Nature

national gardens Anastasios71 shutterstockThe National Gardens of Athens - credits: Anastasios71/

For nature lovers, Athens has some hidden assets to offer. Take your kids and wander through the labyrinth-like National Garden of Athens next to Syntagma Square, where they can play in the playground, feed the ducks and discover more than 500 different plants from around the world. The Botanical Museum, a small zoo, and a Children’s Library, also located in the National Garden, are worth a visit, too.

Make sure you visit the Attica Zoo Park and meet animals from all over the world; let your kids live the “Junior Falconer” experience and get a certificate at the end of the experience. Continuing your love-for-nature-oriented journey, drop by the Goulandris Natural History Museum and let your kids participate in educational activities about the natural environment.

Lastly, a must-see attraction is the Planetarium Eugenides Foundation; unravel the mysteries of the universe and walk through the stars!

Go active

playground park Milan Gonda shutterstockGreek playground park - credits: Milan Gonda/

If your kids love to be on the move all the time, you should definitely make the most of the beautiful sandy beaches near Athens; prefer more family-friendly beaches like Varkiza and Vouliagmeni with shallow waters so kids can play more safely. Children and toddlers will also enjoy the Playground Flisvos Park in Palaio Faliro which is also suitable for children with special needs.

For even more fun, don’t miss out on 'Allou! Fun Park'- the biggest fun park in Greece! It is the best place to go with your family in Athens; kids can go through super-fun activities like 'Bloom Bloom Boats' and the 'Youpi tower''. Lastly, if your family enjoys dancing, join us for a Greek folk dancing lesson; learn to move in the rhythm of Greek folk music like Zorbas and taste a rewarding Greek dinner at the end of the session.

So many options and so little time! I feel you. So if time is not your ally on this visit to Athens, just make sure you catch a glimpse of the ancient Greek spirit with the mythological tour. Alternatively, walk through the National Garden of Athens and watch your kids mingle with the sand and the therapeutic salty water of the Greek seas.

One last survival tip! After all these exhausting activities, don’t forget to find some time to refuel. Souvlaki - Greeks’ top fast food - will give you all the energy you need and the Greek traditional dessert of loukoumades, served with nutritious honey, sesame and a pinch of ground cinnamon, will instantly boost your energy levels. Kids will love it!

We hope you enjoyed our Athens for families guide. Feel free to contact us for any tailor-made family tours or for an amazing treasure hunt that will make your visit to Athens, unforgettable!

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