Famous Athens Night Club
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Have you ever felt like dancing but you couldn’t find the right place to go? This article is what you need in order to avoid this discomfort in Athens. Providing you a list of dance clubs in Athens will make it easier for you to choose the perfect place to be. Are you fancy dancing swing, rock & roll, disco, Greek folk and rebetiko, POP, Latin, house? There are several alternatives! In Athens you can find clubs and bars for any taste… as it is widely known; dance is part of Greeks’ DNA! So, take your notes and join locals in dancing the night away.

swingSwing party
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Swing and Rock and Roll

Swing music is getting more and more popular in Greece in recent years. Rock & roll is one of the old-time-classic kinds of music, always popular to those who have good vibes and need some tempo to release their energy. Young people join both swing and rock & roll dancing lessons. So, parties of that style are quite trendy today. Not all people who attend these parties are experienced dancers, but they undoubtedly love being there; it doesn't matter if they know the right steps, they just follow the music! The good thing is that sometimes, such parties are organized by dancing schools. Thus, there are some teachers offering a helping hand to the beginners, showing them some basic steps.

Our Suggestions:
Blue Fox (Rock and Roll music)
(open every day, every second Thursday Rock & Roll parties)
Lost 'n Found
(Wed: swing parties, Fr-Sat: Rock and Roll parties, plus extra live concerts/events)
Kokkini Svoura
(swing and Rock n Roll night every Sunday)

Bachata party
Photo Credits : Enzzo de Cuba


In case that you choose to attend a latin party in Athens for the first time, you will definitely be amazed. It’s the dancing couples, it’s the alluring music, it’s the gripping atmosphere, it’s a combination of all these, that makes the attendees to have a warm feeling in their chest. When the rhythm of bachata, salsa, kizomba, tango, samba or any other latin dance calls you to dance, you simply cannot reject it. Embarrassment is easily defeated when being in a bar full of people who have passion and love for dance.

Our Suggestions:
Enzzo de Cuba
(Mon-Sun: latin parties)
(open Wed-Sun)
(open Wed-Sun)

oinomageirioGreek Taverna
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Greek folk dances and Rebetiko

Taverns and traditional restaurants are places where one can dance rebetiko folk music in Greece. Truth is that there are numerous taverns and restaurants where live concerts take place in Athens, but most of these places lack dance space. We searched and we now provide you with the best recommended taverns in Athens where you can not only savor tasty food and wine, but feel like a local dancer, as well. Keep in mind that taverns usually have live music on Friday and Saturday night.

Our Suggestions:
Μεταξύ μας
Επί τω λαϊκώτερων
Οινομαγειρείο της Αλεξάνδρας
In case that you´d love to try Greek folk dancing, but you need an amusing lesson in order to be more confident, the Greekdancing lessons of Greeking.me is what you need.

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Disco is the kind of music that everybody loves, no matter when they were born. In our city, you can find several bars which host disco parties every now and then. However, there are only few discoteques in Athens; the oldest and most well-known are Vinilio and Boom Boom. If you happen to be there, don’t hesitate to wear some disco outfit; people who go to discos want to have fun to the fullest so the atmosphere is quite humoristic; be prepared.

Athens Highlights Evening Tour with Meze Dinner

Our Suggestions:
Boom Boom
33 Strofes
(all discoteques are open every Friday and Saturday night)

rock-n-rollParty at Rock & Roll
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Dance Clubs (International and Greek music)

This is one of the main reasons why Athens never sleeps. Dance clubs are open from around 11 p.m. until sunrise and people love that! Kolonaki, Kerameikos, Syntagma, Monastiraki, Marousi and Kifissia are the places with the most dance clubs in Athens. Not a chance to make a list which includes all the dance clubs of Athens; probably no Athenian has been to all of them! Ready to explore Athens by night?

Our Suggestions:
Rock & Roll
Block 146
Why sleep?

 80's 90's 00's music in Plintirio bar
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Only Greek POP music

Are you into it? If you like the option of mixing with the young people who paint the town red every weekend, then these are the clubs that you were looking for. Don’t forget to check their opening hours and be prepared for being together with lots of people, loud music, silly dancing & some amazing meomories!

Athens Nightlife Tour in Koukaki Neighborhood

Our Suggestions:
Ola ellinika
B Pathologiki


Island Club 
Photo Credits : Island Club & Restaurant

Beach bars

Besides the reasons why Athens is such a popular city, a fact that makes it even more attractive is that the sea is just a few kilometers away from the city center. You may have planned your vacation in Athens and dream of the beauty downtown; yet, nothing constrains you to stay away from beach bars. If you drive to the coastal road (Poseidonos Avenue) you can choose to dance the night away in whichever club or beach bar you like; there are 5 to 8 big beach bars every year, but there are always changing name, so, the beach bars below may not be named like this the upcoming summer. They mainly host djs playing house and POP music.

Our Suggestions:

Jazz bar
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Many are the nightclubs in Athens, but Jazz clubs keep attracting more and more customers these days. People around 30's and more really enjoy Jazz bars. So if you are one of those who prefer quality rather to quantity, this kind of bar is fit for you.

Our Suggestions:

Half Note 

These are some of the places where Athenians enjoy nightlife. Truth is that if one wants to go out and dance in this city, he will find a perfect place to go, that’s for sure. There are so many bars and clubs that people sometimes choose to go barhopping. However, when dance is what you look for, it is useful to know the right place to be. It should be noted that most of the times, dance clubs and bars are open (or they just have enough people) on Thursday – Sunday. Thus, the advice is to go online and review the hours of the place you want to be…and if it's open it is high time you enjoyed dancing!

As Martha Graham once said; dance is the hidden language of the soul!