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Have you ever felt like dancing but you couldn’t find the right place to go? This article is exactly what you need to get you out of this sticky situation. Providing you with a list of dance clubs in Athens, we are here to make it easier for you to choose the perfect place to let your hair down and dance your troubles away! Do you fancy dancing to the music of swing, rock & roll, disco, Greek folk and rebetiko, pop, Latin and house music? Thankfully, the list of the best places to dance in Athens is quite long; you can find clubs and bars for any taste! Take notes and join the locals for a wild night in town. After all, dance is part of Greeks’ DNA! 

swingSwing party
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Swing and Rock and Roll

Swing music has been getting increasingly popular in Greece during recent years, while rock & roll is one of the old-time-classic genres of music, always favored across generations. The combination of the two popular kinds of music- and dance- is today on trend amongst young crowds, with both swing and rock & roll dancing lessons raising in popularity as well. As a result, parties combining swing and rock and roll have become the talk of the town, popping up everywhere with great success! Not all people who attend these parties are experienced dancers; you don't need to know how to dance or now the right steps, you just need to follow the music and have a good time!

Our Suggestions:
Blue Fox (Rock and Roll music)
(open every day, every second Thursday Rock & Roll parties)
Lost 'n Found
(Wed: swing parties, Sat: Rock and Roll parties, plus extra live concerts/events throught the week)
Kokkini Svoura
(swing and Rock n Roll parties scattered across the week)

Bachata party
Photo Credits : Enzzo de Cuba


If you choose to attend a latin party in Athens for the first time, you are in for a treat! The dancing couples in combination with the alluring music and the enchanting atmosphere, will make you warm and fuzzy inside! When the rhythm of bachata, salsa, kizomba, tango, samba or any other latin dance calls your name, it's simply impossibleto resist! Embarrassment is easily defeated when being in a bar full of people, who have a passion and an endless love for dance.

Our Suggestions:
• Enzzo de Cuba
(open Sat-Thurs for daily Latin parties)
(open Wed-Sun with Batchata parties every Thusday, along with additional Latin parties/events throughout the week)
(open Wed-Sun)

oinomageirioGreek Taverna
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Greek folk dances and Rebetiko

Taverns and traditional restaurants in Greece are not just for food. They are places where one can dance rebetiko and other Greek folk dances to the sound of Greek traditional music, acompanied with an abundance of local wine. There are numerous taverns and restaurants in Athens, where live concerts take place, however most of them don't have enough space for dancing. Lucky for you, we have done our reaserch and now we can present you with our recommendations for the best dancing taverns in Athens, where you can not only savor traditional, local food, but feel like a local dancer as well! Keep in mind that taverns usually offer live music on Fridays and Saturdays at night. Alternatively, you can join us for a Greek dancing lesson and dinner, where you will be able to learn the steps of the most popular Greek dances and experience a scruptious Greek feast!

Our Suggestions:
Μεταξύ μας
Επί τω λαϊκώτερων
Οινομαγειρείο της Αλεξάνδρας

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Disco is the kind of music that everybody loves, no matter when or where they were born. Unfortunately, there are only few discoteques in Athens, with the oldest and most well-known being Vinilio and Boom Boom. However, despite being less popular, you can find several bars hosting disco parties every now and again. If you find yourself there, don’t hesitate to wear a disco outfit; there is no room for shyness when feeling the grove; if you do it, do it right! 

Our Suggestions:
Boom Boom
33 Strofes
(all discoteques are open every Friday and Saturday night)

rock-n-rollParty at Rock & Roll
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Dance Clubs (International and Greek music)

Dance clubs are one of the main reasons why Athens never sleeps. They are open from around 11pm until sunrise, which might sound a bit extra, -and it is- but its just how Greeks like to do it! Kolonaki, Kerameikos, Syntagma, Monastiraki, Marousi and Kifissia are the neighborhoods with the most dance clubs in Athens. We couldn''t possibly list all of them here; they are far too many! However, we have made a list that showcases our favorites. We're party animals at heart!

Our Suggestions:
Rock & Roll
Block 146
Why sleep?
Death disco - despite the misleading name, no, it's not a disco.

 80's 90's 00's music in Plintirio bar
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Only Greek pop music

Greek pop music is something you either love or you hate, with even local Greeks being divided on the matter. If you'd like to try the Greek pop music scene and mingle with the young locals who paint the town red every weekend, then these are the clubs that you are looking for! Don’t forget to check their opening hours and be prepared for a large -sometimes even overwhelming- crowd, obnoxiously loud music, silly dancing and amazing meomories!

Our Suggestions:
Ola ellinika
B Pathologiki


Island Club 
Photo Credits : Island Club & Restaurant

Beach bars

Having the benefit of being only a few kilometers away from the sea, the city of Athens offers a wide selection of beach bars, where you can marvel at the scenic landcape, enjoy the music and dance till you drop! Apart from its rich histroy and heritage, Athens' beauty extends to its seaside scenery, generously offered to anyone willing to visit its coast. If you drive by the main coastal road (Poseidonos Avenue) you will be surprised by the amount of choice of seaside bars and clubs you will have in hand. There are approximately five to eight big beach bars opening during the summer season every year, which mainly host djs playing house and pop music. The sea mist, accompanied by upbeat tunes and delicious drinks, make for a combination that you'll dream about long after your return to your country!

Our Suggestions:

Jazz bar
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From the mysifying voice of Amy Winhouse to the heart-warming classics of Frank Sinatra, the Jazz scene is an integral part of the nighlife of Athens, with Jazz clubs attracting an increasing number of customers year after year. Usually a taste reserved for people in their 30's, if you appreciate the elegance of Jazz music and the much more laid-back vibe of Jazz bars, here, you can find our top picks!

Our Suggestions:

Half Note 

Athens' nightlife is a much-discussed topic and now you know why. These are only some of the places where Athenians spend their nights. One thing is for sure: if you've got the mood, then Athens' got the place! There are so many bars and clubs to go, that barhopping should definitely be on the table. If you're still unsure of how to spend your nights - and days- in our beautiful country, we highly suggest you join us on a tailor-made tour of Athens just for you! This way, fun is always guaranteed!

As Martha Graham once said; dance is the hidden language of the soul!

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