Monastiraki square - credits: anshar/
Monastiraki square - credits: anshar/
The travel costs may be holding you back from touring the world, a task that is admittedly difficult to pull off with little money. That's way, in this article, you can find great tips on how to explore Athens on a budget without sacrificing high-quality experiences and comfort. It's time for you to make your dreams come true!

Firstly, what people are usually most worried about when it comes to vacation budgeting, is the accommodation expenses. If we were to recommend a budget accommodation, we could say that 'Circus' and 'Athenstyle' are two of the best value-for-money hostels in Athens.
Apart from the accommodation expenses, the cost of everyday visits and Athens tours add up to a considerable amount you should have in mind. Lucky for you, although museums of historic cities are usually expensive, the tickets for entering the brilliant Museum of Acropolis are probably some of the most inexpensive museum tickets in Europe; the general admission is 5€ and the reduced admission is 3€.  Don’t forget to check the hours and ticketing details of the Acropolis Museum. Keep in mind that museums in Greece, in general, and Athens, in particular, have similar policies regarding entrance fees. Therefore, don’t hesitate to mention that you are over 65 years old, a university student or that your kid is younger than 12 years old.
Deciding on what to eat in Athens is a big issue, and understandably so. You've spent hours daydreaming of the moment when you would taste original mousaka. Greek cuisine is delicious and people love going to traditional restaurants –known as taverns. Alas, when locals go to taverns, we never order just two or three dishes. Greek food must be savored! The question is how can one follow the locals’ example without spending a fortune?
Here is the solution for your problem; you just need to go to a nice local tavern  in inexpensive neighborhoods of Athens like Exarchia, Psirri or Petralona. 'Rozalia', for example, is a lovely tavern usually full of Athenians, located just a few meters away from the central square of Exarchia. High-quality food, inviting atmosphere and low prices make up for the perfect combination. You can even accompany your food with some wine for just 1€ per glass!
3-Day Culinary Trip to Athens
Exploring Athens by night can be one of the highlights of your whole trip! If you want to enjoy your night without spending too much money, choose to have your drink during happy hour or go to the aforementioned alternative neighborhoods for some beer, wine or rakomelo. In Exarchia, there are numerous beautiful, artistic café-bars where you can drink beverages at truly affordable prices. It is no coincidence that this neighborhood is home to multiple Greek artists.
Below, we enlist the happy hour timeline of some popular café-bars of Athens:
Mama Roux (downtown)
Tuesday – Friday , 18:00 – 20:00
Margarita, Mojito, Caipirinha, Daiquiri for 5€ or/and 1 Fischer beer + 1 for free
Mama Roux - credits:
Sensimilia (Panormou)
Every day until 23:00 drinks for 5€ and cocktails for 6€
Every Wednesday , it´s ladies night, and women can have 1+1 in the first floor
Sensimilia in Panormou - credits:

Life (Halandri)
Every day, 18:30 – 22:00
Alcoholic drinks & cocktails for 5€

Life in Halandri -  credits:


Transportation in Athens is not as costly as it usually is in European capitals. However, one needs to purchase a special ticket in order to reach the airport, the price of which is 10€ per transit. So, if you plan to stay in Athens for less than 4 days, it may be useful to acquire the special touristic ticket which is valid for any transport (round trip from/to Airport included) within 3 days and costs just 22€. There are a couple of alternatives even if you stay longer in our city! Don’t forget to ask the helping desk in the Athens metro station or read the details, so that you make the most cost-efficient choice for your vacation schedule.

Airplane landing in Athens - credits: Ivan bastien/
Besides its charm and beautyAthens can also be a really affordable destination, making it possible for you to have the time of your life on a budget and inviting you to keep coming back.

After reading this post and our Athens travel guide and acquiring useful information about the Greek capital you have no reason to hesitate! Pack your suitcase and book your tickets to Athens; there are several low-cost airlines landing in Athens, such as Easyjet and Ryanair. You won’t regret it; Athens is the place to be - even on a tight budget!