Acropolis - credits: Romas_Photo/
Acropolis - credits: Romas_Photo/

As you may have heard, Athens won the Silver in '2016 Best European Destinations Race'. This fact better illustrates how much this city has to offer to visitors whatever it is they want to experience. Either you are a history buff, an adventure seeker or an art lover, Athens is one of the best places to visit in Greece. Even if you want just to escape from your 9-5 routine to a new, exciting destination for a couple of days, Athens still should remain your no1 choice. Do you want to know why? Then, keep on reading!

Fascinating history & sightseeing

The Parthenon - credits: Anastasios71/

The Acropolis & the Parthenon need no introduction. These cornerstones of western civilization embellish the Greek capital with a touch of glory and greatness. Theruins in Athens are innumerable, giving you the opportunity to dive into the stimulating history of ancient times.

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Numerous options for accommodation

Great Britain hotel Athens Leonid Andronov shutterstock copyPopular hotel in the center of Athens - credits: Leonid Andronov/

Athens has plenty of choices to offer or accommodation that cover all types of budget & preferences: either you have a fondness for luxury and prestigious lifestyle, or you're just seeking for a cozy bed and breakfast or a hostel, you will surely find the what suits you best. 

A great market

Traditional market - credits: Milan Gonda/

It always feels nice to look at the memorabilia you brought back home from your trip. Apart from shopping at Andrianou Street, Athens has plenty of authentic places where you can shop imaginative gifts both for yourself and your loved ones. Prefer some traditional Greek products such as ouzo, olive oil & olives, spoon sweets or even Greek coffee, to bring back a little taste of Greece

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Vivid nightlife

Athens at night - credits: Anastasios71/

You will not meet more outgoing people than the Greeks. Every night the city pulse is vivid & cheerful, inviting you to have fun as well. Visit the areas of Psirri, Monastiraki or Gazi and search among the numerous sophisticated bars in Athens to find where you can enjoy your drink. If you want nothing more than to relax while drinking your wine, a bar with an astonishing view of the Acropolis is probably the best choice for you. The best way to enjoy the Athenian nightlife is to become a nightcrawler along with us, by joining our Athens by night walking tour.

Excellent food

Souvlaki - credits: gioiak2/

Food is a significant reason why people are visiting Greece. And to be fair, they are right. Greeks have a long-standing tradition for mastering the art of food. Whether you prefer meat, vegetables, fish, homemade meals or just souvlaki, you will definitely satiate your appetite. We suggest that you try the traditional Greek dishes like mousaka, stuffed tomatoes or fish at a taverna away from the touristy places. An excellent option to try delicious Greek meze in the heart of Athens is 'Lesvos' the cozy restaurant in the alternative neighborhood of Eksarxeia, where you'll have the opportunity to taste delectable local dishes made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Named after the homonymous Greek island, 'Lesvos' brings an island breeze to the center of Greece's capital. The dishes of grilled octopus and fried courgette balls are exquisite! If you want to try fresh fish, meze and ouzo from Lesvos, look no further! 

Welcoming people

Man enjoying sunset by the sea marjan4782gmailcom shutterstockWelcoming man enjoying a sunset - credits: /

Maybe you already know about it, but we're here to confirm. Greeks do have philoxenia in their DNA and they are always happy to welcome their guests and make them feel like home. They will share their food, drinks, opinions, and feelings with you as if you were an old friend. Don't miss this chance during your visit: be sociable and chat with a local; you will be surprised by the welcoming and heartwarming people you'll meet.

If you believe that 'best things in life are not things' and want to enjoy an unforgettable experience, then you should consider joining one of our Athens tours and activities. All our services are carefully designed in order to help you experience Athens like a local and are addressed to travelers that want to feel like an explorer, rather than a tourist.