Top Greek souvenirs to bring back home!
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Your visit to Greece is not complete unless you bring back home a selection of Greek souvenirs for you and your loved ones. If you stroll around Monastiraki Square, you will find many typical Greek souvenirs to buy, having the opportunity to drive a hard bargain for a better price! However, if you are not looking for just any souvenir, but something special, here we have a list with our top greek souvenirs!

gogreek products
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 #1 GoGreek products

We love GoGreek products. We even buy them ourselves for our personal collection! It is a new concept, that promotes the philosophy, mythology, tradition and history of the Greek land, through a variety of Mediterranean diet products and artifacts. Their ouzo and olive oil miniatures are worth every single cent you spent on them, as it is an authentically Greek product and the perfect memento from your holidays in Greece.

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(Loukoumia - c

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#2 Greek delights

Well, you may know them as "Turkish delights" too, or "loukoumia" (lou-kou-mee-ah) as we call them in Greek. Though their exact origin is unclear, it is a sweet that its flavor will bring back home with you memories from Greece. Syros is a greek island famous for its loukoumia, but you can also find them easily at most tourist shops downtown Athens. Grab a gift set with greek delights in various flavors -including rose, mastic, cinnamon, lemon and more- to offer your loved ones a gift equally as sweet as your time in Greece!

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#3 Greek spices and herbs

Oregano, thyme, cumin and rosemary are some of the most popular greek herbs and spices that you can buy as a souvenir, used in abundance in the Greek cuisine. They are available in plenty of shops across the country, such as Bahar in Sofokleous Street in Athens, where you can find a vast variety to choose from. It is a practical and useful souvenir, which may not last forever, but will sure make your life a lot tastier! 

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#4 Greek olive oil and other local products

Greece is famous for its local products, so what could be a better choice for a souvenir than one of them? A spoon sweet, a bottle of olive oil, a jar of olives, cheese, halvas and honey are products that can be easily found in Greek shops or even at the airport. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to try a selection of local products before you buy them, you can join us on our olive oil tasting and farm tour in Athens and see for yourself what all the hype is about! Go and get yourself a real taste of Greece to bring back home!

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(Greek souvenir of the emblematic owl - credit:

#5 A wise owl!

The owl is the symbol of the ancient Greek Goddess Athena and can be the perfect gift for your children. Use the owl figurine as an opportunity to recount to them  the story of Athena; kids always love listening to myths and fables! What's more, it's a tasteful piece of decor that will pretty up your home, reminding you of your fun times in Greece!

greek komboloi compressed(Traditional Greek komboloi - credit:

#6 Greek komboloi

Greek Komboloi, probably known to you as worry beads, has been a part of Greek culture for centuries, a remnant of the Turkish occupation. Traditionally consisting between 23 and 33 beads, it is said that the sound produced from the dangling komboloi, as well as the fidgeting motions one demonstrates while holding it, act the same way as a stress-ball, relieving one's anxiety and build-up tention. If you feel like bringing back to your country the Greek stress-reliever, you can do so for under 10 euros in most of the tourist shops around. Depending on the materials, the prices can climb to much more than that, with some of the most well-made komboloi costing hundreds of euros. If you want to pick a Greek komboloi from a wide selection of offerings, a visit to Kombologadiko in Syntagma, is exactly what you need! There, you can find unique Greek creations for all tastes and budgets!

copper pot for greek coffeessed(Traditional Greek coffee pot - credit: Pinterest)

#7 A copper pot for Greek coffee

Traditional Greek coffee isn't just a beverage, it's a whole experience; one you can recreate at home if you buy a traditional copper pot for Greek coffee, or briki in Greek. In Greece, it is believed that making your food and drinks in copper pots, makes them taste better. You can test this theory yourself! You can find copper pots all around Monastiraki and Psirri, either in vintage stores or in the few copper workshops still survivng. Just make sure there is no 'made in China' label at the bottom of your pot and you're good to go!

Of course there are many more Greek souvenirs than the ones we mentioned, such as handmade sandals and bottles of ouzo or greek wine. If you want to discover those and much more, you can explore Adrianou Street, where most Greek souvenir shops are located, through our Morning Stroll in Athens. This 4-hour walking tour of Athens includes the highlights of the city, such as Syntagma Square, Plaka, Anafiotika, Monastiraki and Psyrri, giving you the opportunity to get to know the city inside and out!

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