Athens during nighttime - credits: Anastasios71/
Athens during nighttime - credits: Anastasios71/

Athens has a very vivid nightlife; even the most demanding traveler would be satisfied by the numerous bar and club choices! Here, we present you the ultimate guide of our favorite bars around Athens' center to enjoy your drink after a long day of fun activities and city exploration! 

#1 Brettos bar

Brettos bar in Plaka - credits: Aleksandar Todorovic/


Brettos Bar in Plaka is the most colorful bar in Athens! It is a very popular hangout spot for those who want to taste different varieties of wine, with its wine list consisting of more than 150 labels! There are also many cocktails and local liquors to choose from.

The decoration of the bar is very original, with many colors, and pleasant upbeat music in the background. What more could you possibly want?

#2 To Lokali

to lokaliTo Lokali - credits:

'To Lokali' is not purely a cafe, nor a restaurant or a bar. It is all three; 'a Greek pub' with original ideas and an idyllic yard,  perfect for hosting your nighttime adventures. It serves Greek brunch with eggs, pancakes, and various careful sandwiches from 10 in the morning.

In his kitchen, the chef prepares delicious Greek recipes and uses alternative ways of cooking to highlight the taste of dishes that you would never expect from a place that also makes excellent cocktails. 

#3 Couleur Locale

Couleur Locale - credits:

Despite Couleur Locale's French name, the bar is located in the heart of Athens center, in the Monastiraki area. It has a 'secret' entrance through a gallery, very close to the square. The terrace is open in the summer months so, in case you are in Athens during that period, you are going to enjoy your cocktail with an extraordinary view of the Acropolis.

Athens Night Tour With Cocktails and Souvlaki

In Couleur Locale, you can drink your favorite coffee in the morning and drink at night, in a relaxed environment filled with good music and happy faces. The reasonable prices make it a must during your visit toMonastiraki.

#4 Gazarte 

Gazarte is one of the most famous bars in Gazi. It's actually a multi-use facility,  as besides the bar it houses a bookstore, a cinema, and a rooftop garden, where some of the best of the city's live music events often take place.

If you stroll around Gazi, we strongly suggest you visit Gazarte for a drink or even a morning coffee. Make sure to check the live music events program beforehand, and while you're at it, don't hesitate to catch a gig!

#5 360 Athens Cocktail bar-restaurant

360 bar in Athens - credits:

The first time we visited 360 Athens, we felt like discovering a hidden gem. Its entrance is inside the Monastiraki flea market and you have to take a lift to reach it. 360 Athens is an industrial space with a restaurant serving creative dishes of the Greek cuisine on the 2nd floor and a bar on the 3d, where you can enjoy more than 50 different cocktails. 

The view to the Acropolis from both floors is breathtaking and a prior reservation is mandatory, as it would be difficult to find a table, especially during the weekend. 

#6 Six d.o.g.s

Six d.o.g.s - credits:

Maybe the most famous courtyard in the town. Located in Athens center, close to Monastiraki Metro station, Six d.o.g.s attracts a diverse, mainly young, crowd. It is popular for its cocktails but you can also taste its menu, which is based on seasonal products.

You can also visit Six d.o.g.s for a coffee after your shopping in Athens center, as it opens early in the day.

#7 TAF: The Art Foundation

TAF - credits:

Located in the heart of Athens, TAF: The Art Foundation is a truly amazing gallery that offers many kinds of art to its visitors. Interesting art exhibitions, green mountain tea in the morning or breezy cocktails in the evening, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere are waiting for you once you open the small wooden door at 5 Normanou St. 

From a cool cafe in the morning to a vibrant bar with excellent music at night, TAF can keep you entertained all day long! This bar is a well-kept secret loved by the locals and it is totally worth the visit! 

#8 Black Duck Garden

Black duck garden - credits:

Now let’s head to a place that not only looks like a classic 70’s style house but also carries a fascinating past! Interestingly, the spot where the Black Duck Garden is located nowadays used to be only a small part of the 'Garden of the Old Palace', where King Otto and his wife, Queen Amalia, had temporarily resided in 1836. 

The bar belongs to the garden of the Museum of the City of Athens and while being respectful to the historic importance of the space, it welcomes guests for drinks, beverages, and an excellent selection of Mediterranean dishes. 

#9 La Soiree de Votanique

La Soiree De Votanique - credits:

They say that less is more, and that is exactly what this venue is about. Simplicity and cheerfulness are two elements that characterize La Soiree De Votanique. Tentative and friendly staff and delicious finger food are definitely going to be a great fit for a warm evening in spring and summer. 

What's more, the cool urban vibe and unmatched aesthetic of the place will make you want to visit it again and again!

#10 Upupa Epops

Upupa Epops - credits:

Upupa Epops is the scientific name of a Eurasian hoopoe or 'Tsalapetinos' in Greek. Now, why did the owners of the bar choose that name, we have no idea, but it's cute nonetheless.  Once you walk in the door, you can’t help but notice the vintage urban aesthetic that is dominating the bar. 

Upupa Epops was awarded in 2018 for its cocktails and is now waiting for you to taste them. Fun fact: each and every juice or syrup that you are going to find there has been carefully made in-house, in order to keep authenticity and quality to the highest level. 

#11 Fuga Garden

Last but not least, we have a great surprise for you. The Athens Concert Hall has included an amazing bar-restaurant with a breathtaking garden. Fuga Garden has a great view that brings you closer to nature,  despite it being located in the center of Athens, and gives you the opportunity to taste simple yet carefully selected dishes.

Having exquisite alternative cocktails that are totally worth trying, Fuga Garden is the ultimate 'after-work-drinks' space or a great location for a romantic dinner. Make sure to discover its beauties during your stay in Athens!

The best Athens wine bars

Although Greece’s wine history dates back to ancient times during festivals celebrating Dionysus, the God of wine and fertility, establishments solely dedicated to wine are actually a relatively modern addition to Athens. The amount of locally-made wines is endless, and in combination with traditional small bites, it’s a must-have experience for any foodie and wine enthusiast. 

Athens by Night Food Tour & Wine Tasting

In a trendy area of the city near Syntagma Square, 'Oinoscent' is a locally-adored bar where you can try wines from all over Greece and the world. Founded in 2008 by two brothers, the establishment describes itself as the 'first wine bar of Athens'. Their wine cellar contains 700 labels, and the knowledgeable staff can let you samples from which you can choose your favorite, while they can also recommend what kind of food to pair it with.
'Cravin' is almost hidden between the streets of Thiseio, but it’s well worth the visit! The large open windows in the most beautiful neighborhood of Athens, the welcoming casual environment, the nostalgic melodies of jazz and swing, the incredible selection of Greek and International wines, and the excellent food, are only some of the reasons that make 'Caravin' stand out. The small, but cozy venue gets crowded during evening hours, so it’s best to book a spot ahead of time.
'By the Glass' is a stylish wine bar housed in a refurbished decadent mansion near Syntagma Square. On Sundays, it hosts brunch sessions with live jazz music. Enjoy food delicacies like salmon tartar, sea bass burgers with caviar, or Greek charcuterie boards. Drink Greek wines or other local spirits, as well as international alcoholic drinks.
'Tha se Kano Vasilissa'. This expansive space with high ceilings used to be an industrial factory building and is now home to the obscure wine and whiskey bar. There is no sign on the door outside, so it’s mostly frequented by locals who know the location. It’s well-liked for its retro lounge ambiance with jazz music playing in the background.
sommelier Aleksei Lazukov shutterstock
Glasses of wine - credits: Aleksei-Lazukov/Shutterstock
Conveniently located just steps from the Acropolis Metro Station, 'Wine Point' is also one of the first wine bars in Athens. Every wine bottle or wine glass is accompanied by a selection of meat, bread, and cheese, with no extra charge. You can taste and choose from a list of over a hundred Greek wines.
If you like your wine accompanied by live music, check out 'Fabrica de Vino' in Kypseli. It’s an off-the-beaten-path spot in a grungy neighborhood with hundreds of wines to choose from. The interior decor is eclectic and retro, like a dining room from the 70s. In addition, the food plates are very budget-friendly.
wine tasting bar Jose Ignacio Soto shutterstock
Sommelier serving wine - credits: Jose Ignacio Soto/Shutterstock
What are you waiting for? Make sure to enjoy the refreshing breeze and explore local neighborhoods in Athens during the evening before heading out to one -or more!- of these amazing hidden places. Whether you are with your significant other, you are having a bachelor/bachelorette trip or the whole group of friends has decided to start a nightlife adventure in Athens, these spots are not to be left out of your itinerary!