Monastiraki Square on a rainy day - credits: Alexandros Michailidis/
Monastiraki Square on a rainy day - credits: Alexandros Michailidis/

You know it, I know it, it’s time to say it as it is: summer is gone and fall is upon us. Now, that doesn’t mean we have to bid the sun goodbye entirely; in Greece and Athens in particular, the people are lucky enough to enjoy good weather year-round. However, on the rare occasion of rain, we need to make sure you are prepared and equipped with knowledge that will help you make the most out of your time in the city. Here are some suggestions for things to do on a rainy day in Athens!

But first, coffee

coffee grinder Radek Ziemniewicz shutterstock copy copy
Traditional greek coffee in the making - credits: Radek-Ziemniewicz/

Running a risk of becoming a cliche, I find few things in life better than hanging out in a cozy coffee shop with a hot beverage in your hands gazing at the rain falling down on the streets. Yes, it sounds like a scene from a rom-com, I’m fully aware, but that doesn't take away from its actual beauty. A rainy day in the city offers the ultimate opportunity to visit some of Athens’ best coffee shops where you can enjoy a traditional Greek coffee or a more contemporary offering that will introduce you to the coffee culture in Greece. There is no reason for you to hurry, sip leisurely on your coffee while people watching and by the time you’re done, the sun will probably be once again dominating the Athenian sky and your day will be able to continue according to plan.

Go -indoors- shopping

The Mall Athens PitK shutterstock compressed copyThe Mall Athens - credits: PitK/

As if you need an excuse to indulge in shopping, a shopping mall is arguably a very efficient shelter against rain, one that will keep you entertained for hours on end and will probably help your weather-induced blues. The shopping scene in Athens is diverse enough to cater to all of the potential shoppers, both local and foreign, and shopping malls are the easiest way to explore it. Without having to take weather and distance into considerations as malls collect most brands under one roof, you can take a look at the offerings and find what you’re looking for; from unique Greek fashion designers and the top Greek souvenirs to international, well-established brands, there is no way you’ll leave empty-handed. In no particular order, Athens Heart Mall, Attica, Athens Metro Mall, and The Mall Athens are the best malls in Athens to explore in your pastime. 

Get your culture on 

Karyatides acropolis museum saiko3p shutterstock copyThe Caryatids sculptures at the Acropolis Museum - credits: saiko3p/

While the rain is pouring there are no excuses left for you to avoid visiting some of Athens art galleries and museums. They kindly shield you from the rain and offer you a world of culture and knowledge! From the most popular to the less-known museums in Athens, there is something that will pick your interest whether you’re interested in history or not. The Acropolis Museum, Museum of Cycladic Art, the National Archaeological Museum, and the Benaki Museum are the obvious choices and for good reason; the offer you the opportunity to navigate through Greek culture across the ages, helping you get a better grasp of Greece and its people. Additionally, a visit to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, home for the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera, located between the busy commercial area of Kallithea and the bay of Faliro, will offer the perfect example of the symbiotic connection between nature and man in Athens, with the impressive architecture meeting the nature, the culture and the art of Athens.

Catch the next blockbuster

Cinema dimitris k shutterstock compressedAn Athenian cinema - credits: dimitris_k/

There is no way that rainy weather doesn't make you instantly think of watching a movie while hugging an enormous tub of freshly-made popcorn. Thankfully, you won’t need to say goodbye to this favorite pastime during your stay in Greece, especially when the weather is less than great. Due to the rain, you may not be able to enjoy one of Athens’ famous open-air cinemas, however, you’ll be able to enjoy a conventional cinema and watch either the brand new release or a cult-classic while eating your favorite snack. In Greece, no movie is being shown subbed but rather subtitled, therefore you will have no problem watching the movie you want in its native language. Choose between Cine Ideal, Cinema Athinaio, known for its impeccable hand-painted movie posters, and Alkyonis Art Cinema, some of Athens’  most emblematic cinemas, accurately representing the city’s vibe and get the authentic Athenian cinema experience!

Rain boots and a brolly will make your heart jolly

rainy plaka kavalenkava shutterstock copy
Rainy Plaka - credits: kavalenkava/

Thing is, that more often than not when it rains in Athens, it doesn’t last. Athens doesn’t suffer from extreme weather conditions; it doesn’t get unbearably cold and the storms are not that forceful if and when they occur. Therefore, there is nothing that a pair of good rain boots and an umbrella won’t fix. Don’t be afraid to take a walk around the city, visiting the vibrant Monastiraki Square, walking down Ermou street, and having a walk around an Athenian park. What’s more, rain shouldn’t stop you from joining an Athens walking tour and exploring the very best of what it has to offer. This way, you will discover non-touristy things to do in Athens you wouldn’t be able to learn about any other way; whether you want to delve into sightseeing, culinary experiences or nocturnal adventures, Athens will comply with your wishes and needs!

Don’t let a little rain ruin your trip to Athens! It may not be ideal and visiting the Acropolis may not be feasible, but here is a world of things to see, do and experience in Athens on a rainy day. You can always access our Athens travel guide. All you need is a positive attitude, appropriate attire, and an umbrella! compressed copy